How do you clean up before anal? Aren't you scared if he pulls out they'll be stuff on him??

No…that’s never been an issue.  Here are the steps I take:

1. Empty bowels (or make sure I have recently)

2. Using a soapy finger (mild soap of course) and some water I gently clean where I can reach. Your rectum is only so big and generally you can feel if there is anything hanging around in there.    

3. (A great tip I found online) Taking a baby wipe you can cover your finger, insert it into your ass and make sure it comes out clean.  You can add Vaseline to the tip of your covered finger to make sure it goes in easily. 
Repeat if necessary.  Great for if you know you are going to have someone rimming you.  You can even carry a travel pack of them…just in case ;)

Anyone else have some helpful tips let us know! xoxoxox

Follower Advice:

**To your young man asking for anal toy advice. a quality anal douching device is paramount from both cleanliness and safety perspectives. this one from Colt is perfect. the red-ribbed tube has an adjustable smooth top. and is removable down to a very thin tube for beginners. yet for learners, the ribbed tube can also double as an early starter. google "colt anal douche" amazon and all the major toy companies sell it. Amazon offers it for Under $15. tumblr won't allow links in the ask...

**Some help for the Anon with anal issues. I have found too, that if you have a shower head with a hose attached to it, if you remove the head so that it is just the hose you can use that to help clean yourself out as well in prep for anal sex. Mildly warm water and light pressure should be used. Just press it against your opening and allow the water to flow in until you feel a slight pressure. Hold for a moment until you are able to reach the throne and let nature take it's course.


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