How to rim


How do you rim? Like do you just lick around his anus or do you put your tongue inside him? how do you make it pleasurable?

First you spread his ass and just look…there is nothing hotter than being examined back there..feeling someone’s hot breath an inch away!  Then go in for a lick…trace around the rim with little teasing strokes.  Get him squirming before licking up the center with the flat of your tongue.  He’ll push back involuntarily because it feels so good.  Use your fingers to work his cock, balls and taint while you are rimming him. If you need him to hold his ass open so you have full use of your hands do it.  This is the ultimate for a guy…working over so many pleasure zones at once.  If you are feeling bold you can work your tongue inside…obviously that is a whole other sensation that will drive him wild…fucking in and out with as deep a stroke as you can manage (having a long tongue helps).  If not you can always get your finger tip wet and work that in while you are rimming him.  His prostate is an inch or so in and if you crook your finger towards his cock when it is inside of him he will let you know when you have found it.  Guaranteed to rock his world darling!  Have fun! xoxoxo



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