I want my guy to enjoy anal but he's freaked out by the idea of my fingers in there.  I sometimes want to just slip my finger in unexpected but I know he'll get really mad.  Is there anyway I can help him?

I hear you darling…it sucks that somewhere along the line assplay became synonymous with being gay for guys.  Such a silly notion.  Imagine as a girl feeling like a lesbian if you dared enjoy your gspot? It’s a body part they were born with and it’s pleasurable…so why the fuck would only a select group of guys be “allowed” to play with it?  So tempting to just tie him up and have at it!  You might want to try baby steps with him.  His taint is his prostate from the outside of his body and it can be very pleasurable…slip your fingers or tongue down there and don’t go any further while you are sucking his cock.  Incorporate it into your playtime for a while and get him use to your fingers venturing down there.  Once he is comfortable and enjoying that extra sensation you can try to slide your fingertip down to his pucker and just lightly rub it.  Don’t stick around too long but tease him here and there.  It may be that his fear is associated with penetration.  Stick to the outside.  If you can get him enjoying that and maybe rimming you are doing good.  If that becomes part of your regular playtime then after a while approach him about exploring his prostate.  Educate him on how intense it can make his orgasm just to have a finger in there.  I wouldn’t recommend just surprising him with a finger in his ass one day….everyone should feel clean and prepared for assplay or they won’t enjoy themselves.  Just some thoughts…hope it helps. :) xoxoxo



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