Do you have any tips for anal masturbation for men? :3

I could tell you what I would do if I were a man :)

First I would then experiment to see what I liked the best.  I would start with my fingers.  I’ve seen some pretty hot gif’s of guys fingering their asses while jerking off and it’s a quick way to know if you like penetration/prostate stimulation. 

Best Positions For Prostate Stimulation

I’d take some lube and rub it around my asshole…perhaps using the other hand to rub my taint (your prostate from the outside).  I’m a visual person and love doing this in front of a mirror.  Massage it slowly.  Warming up the area can feel amazing and will make penetration easier.  When I couldn’t take it anymore I would work a well-lubed finger in just to the knuckle, crooking it towards my balls.  (Your prostate is approximately 2 inches inside and is described at as chestnut sized bump).  Some guys like a gentle thrusting motion and others prefer intense constant pressure.  So I’d play around with the different stimulation to see what felt the hottest for me.  Once I got comfortable and masturbated with some anal stimulation a few times I’d move onto toys.  Here are some different types to experiment with. 

1. Anal prostate toys
2. Suctioning dildos
3. Anal beads
5. Plugs

All men should explore their asses in my opinion…whether it’s solo or with a partner.  The male s-spot could be an untapped wealth of pleasure that you never knew you even had.  Many men find that after some exploratory prostate play they are open to pegging.  I love all types of anal toys as a woman so I can just imagine what it would be like with the addition of a g-spot to my ass!  So men, if you haven’t before…try it!  Ladies…encourage your men to try it too!  :) xoxoxo



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