Butt Plug Help


Hi, am a guy and I want to explore anal play when I jerk off. I have tried it but when ever I insert my butt plug and start playing anally I lose my hard on. Any tips?

Hmmm…are you experiencing pain or discomfort when you insert your butt plug?  Perhaps you have one that is too big or you are not spending enough time warming up your ass before working it in.  I know having a plug in can be intense for a bit while your ass adjusts to it.  Have you ever left it in for a time while you slowly edged to bring back your arousal?  It could also be that your ass doesn’t like the material or brand of lube you are using and it is irritating you.  Silicone and glass are my fav.  Also have you ever just explored your prostate with your fingers to see if you enjoy the stimulation?  If so then maybe you need a plug that is specific to prostate massage rather than one that just fills your ass.  Just some thoughts. :) xoxoxo



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