I am a 25 year old male that loves your blog. I want to buy a butt plug from your store, but I have a few questions first. Is there any side effects from using a butt plug. Is it safe to keep it in for long periods of time?

Hey hon…butt plugs are very safe toys so long as you follow a few rules.

1. Keep them clean. Glass and silicone are the easiest materials and what I recommend (though not always the cheapest). 

2. Buy one with a larger flange/head.  I have heard that men are more prone to have the toys slip inside if they buy one with a head that is too small or more suited to a woman’s ass.  Here are some examples. Naughty Plugs

3. Start slow/small and work up.  By slow I mean insert it for 15 minutes and see how your ass likes it.  Some toys are more comfortable than others.  I have a few plugs that I can only wear during sex and others I can wear out of the house and sit/walk with in.  My maximum is 4 hours and then I am starting to feel my ass get a little uncomfortable…plus I am usually horny out of my mind by then and need it out to be able to concentrate on things.  Leave it in longer each interval and see where your limit is…it’s different for all of us. 

Other than that there are no side effects…except pleasure.  Your ass won’t stretch out of shape or whatever silly myths there are out there. 

I really appreciate you buying from my store darling!  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions! :) xoxoxo



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