Rimming Safety


Hey there, I have a quick question about rimming. Does rimming always = penetration next? What are the safety measures before/after in preparation for rimming/rimming someone? Any cautions/concerns/ possible consequences when doing it with a friend/partner/stranger? Apologies if you've answered this somewhere, I checked the advice section and couldn't find anything unless my eyesight is getting worse haha.

No, rimming doesn’t have to equal penetration. It’s very pleasurable to just dance your tongue around your partner’s asshole without actually delving inside.  Risks can include upset tummy/digestive track if you happen to pick up some bacteria hanging around in that area. Hubby and I have never had a problem with it but if you have multiple partners you may be exposing yourself to more risk.  

Here are some good tips when considering ass to mouth:

1.  If you can, shower or bath before hand and use a (mildly) soaped up finger to gently clean in and around your anus.  Once you are out you can follow that up by doing the same with a baby wipe or thin cloth.  Be sure it comes away clean.  Enemas are an option as well though can remove a lot of good bacteria so do your research first.

2. Avoid rimming if there are cuts or sores around the giver’s mouth.

3. After rimming, a tongue that’s been exposed to an anus should never come in contact with a pussy or you risk transferring any bacteria present and causing an infection.  That is true of fingers, toys and cocks as well.

4. Rise with mouthwash after rimming as it may kill any lingering bacteria…especially if more oral play will take place.

Hope this helps hon! :) xoxoxo

I am a 25 year old male that loves your blog. I want to buy a butt plug from your store, but I have a few questions first. Is there any side effects from using a butt plug. Is it safe to keep it in for long periods of time?

Hey hon…butt plugs are very safe toys so long as you follow a few rules.

1. Keep them clean. Glass and silicone are the easiest materials and what I recommend (though not always the cheapest). 

2. Buy one with a larger flange/head.  I have heard that men are more prone to have the toys slip inside if they buy one with a head that is too small or more suited to a woman’s ass.  Here are some examples. Naughty Plugs

3. Start slow/small and work up.  By slow I mean insert it for 15 minutes and see how your ass likes it.  Some toys are more comfortable than others.  I have a few plugs that I can only wear during sex and others I can wear out of the house and sit/walk with in.  My maximum is 4 hours and then I am starting to feel my ass get a little uncomfortable…plus I am usually horny out of my mind by then and need it out to be able to concentrate on things.  Leave it in longer each interval and see where your limit is…it’s different for all of us. 

Other than that there are no side effects…except pleasure.  Your ass won’t stretch out of shape or whatever silly myths there are out there. 

I really appreciate you buying from my store darling!  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions! :) xoxoxo

Awesome news darling!  I hope she loves it.  Here are some great toys to warm her up and hopefully work up to your cock in her ass!  Good luck! :) xoxoxo

Small Plug

Small Vibe

Glass Probe/Beads

Anal Lube

Check out this link on how to ease your woman into anal:

Anal for beginners


Butt Plug Help


Hi, am a guy and I want to explore anal play when I jerk off. I have tried it but when ever I insert my butt plug and start playing anally I lose my hard on. Any tips?

Hmmm…are you experiencing pain or discomfort when you insert your butt plug?  Perhaps you have one that is too big or you are not spending enough time warming up your ass before working it in.  I know having a plug in can be intense for a bit while your ass adjusts to it.  Have you ever left it in for a time while you slowly edged to bring back your arousal?  It could also be that your ass doesn’t like the material or brand of lube you are using and it is irritating you.  Silicone and glass are my fav.  Also have you ever just explored your prostate with your fingers to see if you enjoy the stimulation?  If so then maybe you need a plug that is specific to prostate massage rather than one that just fills your ass.  Just some thoughts. :) xoxoxo

My girlfriend knows that I'm just as into guys as I am girls, and she's ok with me finding them attractive. She also knows that I like getting pegged, and have a strap-on. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any interest in trying it out. Thoughts?

I think pegging takes a bit to get use to for some girls.  Even I first dismissed it…mostly because all I would see on Tumblr was men in submissive scenes with really dominant women drilling them with giant cocks.  But I saw a few more passionate looking ones that I could see fitting in to my own relationship and comfort zone.  It’s possible you just need to show her that it’s about pleasure and not submission (even if that is your ultimate goal).  She is used to having you do the fucking and be in control…it can be very intimidating to suddenly be asked to switch roles so to speak.  Show her she can still be feminine and passionate while exploring your ass.  Here are a couple of useful links hon:

Passionate pegging videos

Passionate pegging positions

Introducing pegging in stages

Good luck hon! :)

What is it about having your tongue inside of a cute man's butthole that you like so much?

Why I like rimming:

1. I LOVE ASS.  (really the list should end here)

2. The delicate skin around your asshole is full of nerve endings that feel amazing when licked or massaged.  It’s an erogenous zone and a travesty to ignore.

3. It’s extremely intimate to have your tongue inside of someone’s ass.

4. It’s extremely naughty to have your tongue inside of someone’s ass.

5. I love having my ass rimmed…returning the favor is all part of the fun.

6.  It changes things up and adds excitement.

More people should try it!!!  You know you want to ;) xoxoxo

When being pegged I am always worried about soiling the toy. I can never quite relax because it feels like I'm going to... well you know... drop a Hershey's Kiss. What do you do to make sure the cost is clear? I assume a bathroom break but what else?

Let me assure you that half of that is in your mind.  The other half is a result of you tensing up expecting an accident.  Couples things I recommend:

1. Practice with a dildo on your own or wear a plug to get use to the sensation of being filled.  Rectums are meant to expel things, not the opposite so there will be a bit of mind over matter so to speak.

2. Read these cleaning tips.

3. Relax and have a good time.  If a little accident happens, it’s not the end of the world.  Have some wipes handy and talk to your partner about your fear.  She will put it to rest that it’s no big deal. 

Stage 1 - Make it about pleasure.  We all love pleasing our partners and if it's the sensation she thinks you are after and not her performance as a femdom then it takes the heat off her and she may come around to it sooner.  Don't jump right into, hey baby I bought you a strapon!  Encourage her to get comfortable with exploring your ass with her fingers and small toys...perhaps even her tongue.  Let her see that the extra stimulation drives you wild. 

Stage 2 - Watch an instructional pegging video together.
  Whether she admits it or not, she is probably concerned about hygiene and accidents.  The series of videos below are amazing!  One is about anal pleasure for men and the other is about pegging for couples.  Both are educational while still being humorous and sexy.  After the instructional part, you get several scenes to watch with various couples.  The pegging one is done in a fairly passionate light so they make a great introduction rather than showing her your fav hard core femdom pegging scene.  Instructional Video

Stage 3 - Buy a girlcock with her.  Let her be involved in picking out the type - harnessed or strapless.  Let her choose the stye - once she sees all the colors and shapes and stimulation options she will get excited.  Look for one that will stimulate her with either a g-spot stimulator or a vibe near her clit.

Stage 4 - Discuss positions. 
For some women it can be a shock to see their men on their hands and knees, ass up in the air.  Your aim is to make her comfortable with pleasuring you with her girlcock. Check out my list of beginner positions here.

Stage 5 - Don't make pegging the focus every time you fuck.  Vary things up!  A lot of guys who crave pegging want it all the time.  Remember she is just finding her grove so to speak and still needs you to take the reigns and fuck her like she craves.  Perhaps start with her pegging you and finish with you fucking her so she doesn't feel like she's missing out.

***(If your ultimate goal is for her to be dominant with you try the next step)***

Stage 6 - Introduce some pegging porn.  Once she is comfortable with pegging you a couple of times and seems to be having fun with it, hand pick a few pegging scenes that maybe show her where you'd like her to go with it.  Hopefully it will open up dialogue and give her some cues.  You can also substitute porn for a pegging fantasy you've written.  Only do this if you have confidence that she is open to being dominant as you will be revealing your dark secrets to her - harder to laugh off like a porn if she hates it. 

Stage 7 - Add in some props.  Start with things like restraints, crop, blindfold, etc.  Sometimes seeing your man restrained can bring out the inner dom in any woman.  Make it less about your submission and more about being her sex slave - to fuck and make her cum at her leisure. 
If panties and chastity are on your list really ease into those themes with caution.  Remember, anything worth doing may take time! 

Stage 8 - Encourage her to be verbal
Sometimes getting the first words out are the hardest.  Once she utters them, show her how much you love them (even if she is off target a bit).  The point is to encourage her to find her voice...the specifics of what she says can be tweaked later.  If you accomplish this stage you are well on your way to what you crave!

Me and my wife have been together for 17 years. Through the relationship I have always loved pegging. She started it years ago With a finger in my ass now I love it and she seems like it's a problem. Help!

My advice is to ask her why her desire to play with your ass has changed. Perhaps she may feel you want/need it too much, etc. Find out what is making her pull back and go from there. I have heard from a lot of men who want it all the time and their wives do grow tired of it. Always good to strike a happy medium and explore her kinks too. :) xoxoxo