So my girlfriend finally decided to have sex and give her first bj... but when she was giving me head i couldn't come no matter how good it felt. but then i stuck it in her vagina and i swear i felt the urge to cum after a couple of thrusts and i had to pull out. any tips on how to teach her to make me cum from oral alone.. p.s i ended up having to jack myself off and have her put mouth on dick when i was about to cum for me to finish.

I’m going to assume this is your first bj?  Otherwise I’d suggest you just tell her what you enjoy and what puts you over the edge.  I’ve heard this from several guys lately and it’s strange to me because I was always under the impression that oral was the ultimate stimulation for a guy.  If it felt good I’m not sure why you couldn’t cum from it.  I can tell you what my guy likes…

1. Eye contact and moaning - he needs to know I’m loving it!

2. Variation…don’t just bob in place like a bobble head…the tip, underside and shaft should all be played with separately. 

3. That little trail of spit from my lips to his cock when I pull back and smile.

4. Working his cock in as deep as I can and swallowing.

5. Playing with his balls, taint and asshole while sucking his cock.

6. Telling him to cum for me.

7. Having him cum in my mouth or on my face.

If any guys have some experience with not being able to cum via oral…please feel free to share! :) xoxoxo