I'm a very physical person. I love hugs, and I thrive off of attention. Currently I'm in a long distance relationship and it's killing me. I love my partner, and in only one month he'll be back, but I still find my self flirting with others to make the time pass by faster. Do you have any recommendations on how to make long distance work?

Yes darling…take up reading!!!  You can live vicariously through others…feel their love and passion and hot lip biting sex…all without doing anything that you may regret.  We all feel that need bubble up at times but if you love him and it’s just in his absence that you seek out others then you need to take control of yourself and find a new outlet.  Trust me when I say finding a good book will get you through your rough patch.  Here is my Goodreads list…I have read a ton and have reviewed my favs so check it out and behave! :) xoxoxo

I wrote an email to Hanes asking if they will ever make mens panties. What are your thoughts on major brands being too scared to try out such a bold idea? Is it sexist on their part or caused by sexism towards men in society? Just curious as to what you think. (: Read letter here.

If there is a big enough market for it then yes, I could see Hanes making such a bold move.  Would they be the first?  Probably not.  I could see them branching into it if a smaller brand name jumped into the market and was successful marketing such a product.  At the end of the day if there is a profit to be had, a major player will want a big piece of it. 

That being said, would the men who have an interest in sexier panties walk into department stores and surf the racks of lacy panties next to the guys there shopping for some briefs?  I have my doubts.  For most it’s a private fetish…if they are buying panties in public it’s under the guise of buying them for their wives.  Or they are being ordered online in the privacy of their own homes.  Why?  Because there is a huge stigma with a man expressing any signs of femininity.

So until that changes and men feel comfortable enough in society to purchase a more feminine style of dress marketed for men and sold in the men’s department, then I can’t see a major player like Hanes rocking the man panty market any time soon.  Baby steps though.       

I think your letter was well written…and you are right…many men do indulge and would love to have well made, readily available panties to buy.   Here’s hoping that more men around the world find their voice like you have darling :) xoxoxo

So my boyfriend and I are in an open relationship so he has a gf of six years that he lives with. He's into pegging and the femdom stuff as well as I but we still enjoy just our one on one time but it seems like he gets soooooo much more excited ment out of his ass play than actually having sex with me and I can't help but to almost get jealous. I just want him to love our sex and stuff not more but at least equal but I feel like his gf he gets regular sex out of all the time.

That’s tough hon…not uncommon though.  Am I right in saying that at home, his partner does not indulge his need for assplay?  If that is the case then he is probably starved for it with you.  It may be that he responds the same way when he has regular sex with his partner but because you’ve seen him in the throws of sex that really hits the mark for him then you are noticing the difference.  He may not even realize that his responses are that contrasted…to the point where you are feeling jealous.  You need to tell him how you feel and explain that in order to feel satisfied with the relationship sexually it can’t always be about pegging and femdom…that you have needs too…and one of those is good old fashion sex that is just as enjoyable.  Good luck darling! :) xoxoxo
Hey, love everything you post! Question... I'm married and I am faithful to my wife. However when it comes to sex she's very normal and unadventurous. So I spend a lot of time fantasizing about my gay/bi experiences when I was younger. I love and miss cock! And when I jerk off it's to gay/bi porn. However my gay/bi experience are linked to some baggage (meth) that I've moved on from so there's a stigma there. Am I forever doomed to have boring sex and jerk off to the thought of 69ing a dude?

No…no you are not :)  Many people will tell you that their fairly boring sex lives suddenly  turned a corner one day and that something breathed new life into it.  So there is always hope.  Take me for example…up until my mid 30’s my sex drive was meh and I wouldn’t say I was adventurous (with the exception of ass play).  Fast forward to today and look at what I am into.  Our sex life has never been better and we only anticipate it to get better from here on in.  I am not sure how old you guy are are how long you have been married but don’t give up hope.  Try and open up the dialogue about exploring more sexually with her.  If she loves you and truly wants you both to have a sexually satisfying relationship than she may come around.  Remember baby steps though.  No girl is going to go from lights out and covers up to “oh god, fucking give it to me!” in two seconds…so be patient.

Bi/gay porn is HOT and so is cock so I imagine it will always be a huge turn on for you.  We fantasize about what we don’t have.  We all have our go-to jerk off porn (mine’s gay too) but that doesn’t mean you can’t revive your sex life.  You may not have a certain kink you want to approach your wife about but the link below has some good tips on how to get the dialogue gong with her so check it out.  Good luck darling! :)