I like this girl and I thought she was somewhat innocent but I wasn't naive about it and one day I was looking at her phone and seen a dudes dick. Unfortunately he was bigger than me and it killed my confidence and I gave up trying to be with her. I just knew I couldn't compete.

Well for starters, checking out a girl’s phone is never a good idea…you are only asking for trouble by invading her privacy like that.  Secondly, you may be taking the pic out of context.  Just because it’s there doesn’t mean she only likes big cock.  I actually prefer medium cocks myself.  That doesn’t mean the odd big cock pic doesn’t find it’s way to my tumblr.  The whole size thing is a load of crap.  Big cocks are not the only ones that can satisfy a woman.  You need to work on being more secure and rocking what you’ve got.  Though I will let you in on a little secret…70-75% of women do not orgasm during vaginal sex.  So for the majority of women out there cock size does not equal a better lover…doing your homework and learning how to pleasure a woman makes you a better one.  True story. :) xoxoxo
I don't understand how a finger can get a girl off but a 5 or 6 inch dick can't?

A quick lesson in female anatomy can help that. Google g-spot and read up on it. It’s only a few inches inside a pussy and curved a bit in towards the pelvis. So a straight dick barely grazes it. A couple of fingers curved just right…fucking bliss darling. There is no magic spot deep inside of a pussy that only big cocks can reach…just our cervix…and for most women having a large dick pounding into it hurts. Do yourself and your future girlfriends a favor and do your research! Here’s another secret I’ll let you in on…there are tons of girls out there who aren’t able to orgasm from their g-spots…only their clits. So guess what? No matter what size dick you own it isn’t go to make a bit of difference to them. That’s why I say don’t put too much stock in dick size. Cover all your basis! Learn how to lick pussy and rim and finger her ass and talk dirty and locate her g-spot! :) xoxoxo