I'm a very physical person. I love hugs, and I thrive off of attention. Currently I'm in a long distance relationship and it's killing me. I love my partner, and in only one month he'll be back, but I still find my self flirting with others to make the time pass by faster. Do you have any recommendations on how to make long distance work?

Yes darling…take up reading!!!  You can live vicariously through others…feel their love and passion and hot lip biting sex…all without doing anything that you may regret.  We all feel that need bubble up at times but if you love him and it’s just in his absence that you seek out others then you need to take control of yourself and find a new outlet.  Trust me when I say finding a good book will get you through your rough patch.  Here is my Goodreads list…I have read a ton and have reviewed my favs so check it out and behave! :) xoxoxo