So my boyfriend and I are in an open relationship so he has a gf of six years that he lives with. He's into pegging and the femdom stuff as well as I but we still enjoy just our one on one time but it seems like he gets soooooo much more excited ment out of his ass play than actually having sex with me and I can't help but to almost get jealous. I just want him to love our sex and stuff not more but at least equal but I feel like his gf he gets regular sex out of all the time.

That’s tough hon…not uncommon though.  Am I right in saying that at home, his partner does not indulge his need for assplay?  If that is the case then he is probably starved for it with you.  It may be that he responds the same way when he has regular sex with his partner but because you’ve seen him in the throws of sex that really hits the mark for him then you are noticing the difference.  He may not even realize that his responses are that contrasted…to the point where you are feeling jealous.  You need to tell him how you feel and explain that in order to feel satisfied with the relationship sexually it can’t always be about pegging and femdom…that you have needs too…and one of those is good old fashion sex that is just as enjoyable.  Good luck darling! :) xoxoxo