I wrote an email to Hanes asking if they will ever make mens panties. What are your thoughts on major brands being too scared to try out such a bold idea? Is it sexist on their part or caused by sexism towards men in society? Just curious as to what you think. (: Read letter here.

If there is a big enough market for it then yes, I could see Hanes making such a bold move.  Would they be the first?  Probably not.  I could see them branching into it if a smaller brand name jumped into the market and was successful marketing such a product.  At the end of the day if there is a profit to be had, a major player will want a big piece of it. 

That being said, would the men who have an interest in sexier panties walk into department stores and surf the racks of lacy panties next to the guys there shopping for some briefs?  I have my doubts.  For most it’s a private fetish…if they are buying panties in public it’s under the guise of buying them for their wives.  Or they are being ordered online in the privacy of their own homes.  Why?  Because there is a huge stigma with a man expressing any signs of femininity.

So until that changes and men feel comfortable enough in society to purchase a more feminine style of dress marketed for men and sold in the men’s department, then I can’t see a major player like Hanes rocking the man panty market any time soon.  Baby steps though.       

I think your letter was well written…and you are right…many men do indulge and would love to have well made, readily available panties to buy.   Here’s hoping that more men around the world find their voice like you have darling :) xoxoxo