Hey, love everything you post! Question... I'm married and I am faithful to my wife. However when it comes to sex she's very normal and unadventurous. So I spend a lot of time fantasizing about my gay/bi experiences when I was younger. I love and miss cock! And when I jerk off it's to gay/bi porn. However my gay/bi experience are linked to some baggage (meth) that I've moved on from so there's a stigma there. Am I forever doomed to have boring sex and jerk off to the thought of 69ing a dude?

No…no you are not :)  Many people will tell you that their fairly boring sex lives suddenly  turned a corner one day and that something breathed new life into it.  So there is always hope.  Take me for example…up until my mid 30’s my sex drive was meh and I wouldn’t say I was adventurous (with the exception of ass play).  Fast forward to today and look at what I am into.  Our sex life has never been better and we only anticipate it to get better from here on in.  I am not sure how old you guy are are how long you have been married but don’t give up hope.  Try and open up the dialogue about exploring more sexually with her.  If she loves you and truly wants you both to have a sexually satisfying relationship than she may come around.  Remember baby steps though.  No girl is going to go from lights out and covers up to “oh god, fucking give it to me!” in two seconds…so be patient.

Bi/gay porn is HOT and so is cock so I imagine it will always be a huge turn on for you.  We fantasize about what we don’t have.  We all have our go-to jerk off porn (mine’s gay too) but that doesn’t mean you can’t revive your sex life.  You may not have a certain kink you want to approach your wife about but the link below has some good tips on how to get the dialogue gong with her so check it out.  Good luck darling! :)