Okay, my gf and I have been together for almost a year now and I have been trying to find out what kinds of things she likes as far as sex goes(She likes spanking and doggie style is her favorite position are as much as I have found out). Is there any advice that you can give in this situation. There really is not much that I am not willing to do, so there is no worry of judgement coming from me, I would just like to know so I can please her better.

It may be that she doesn’t know all of the things that turn her on. Guys tend to surf porn more than girls and therefore are exposed to more things.  That’s a good sign that she likes those two things.  Spankings may mean she has a submissive side and might discover she likes things like hair pulling, name calling, restraints, nipple clamps, forced or denied orgasms, etc.  I would suggest finding some porn videos with a dom/sub theme and watch them with her.  Play with her during it and gauge her response to different the things going on.  If she seems responsive, you can explore with her a bit.  Lots of couples have joint blogs on here by way of exploring and opening up communication about things that turn them on.  It’s a great way to expose her to a bunch of kinks that may be a huge turn on for her.  I’ve found so many new things this past year that I didn’t even know existed ;) xoxox



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