Hi, I'm a guy and I have always looked at guys and like envied their bodies, I think because I wanted to look more like them. You know with bigger muscles and all. But then when I look at girls I look at them the same way, like envious of their bodies and imagining that I look like them, with big boobs and all. I don't really look at guys or girls and imagine having sex with them. Do you think that this means that I'm like messed up in the head, what should I do?

I don't think it means you are messed up in the head darling.  It's natural to be admire the human form whether male or female...both bodies are beautiful in their own way.  I think were are all curious about what it would be like to be the opposite sex.  It's also natural to be envious of what you don't have so long as you can also appreciate and value what you do have I wouldn't worry too much.  As far as not thinking about either sex in a sexual way...well there are lots of people who are asexual.  I have no clue how old you are but I think you need to explore tha
t more.  Watch porn...all kinds and see if anything stirs an arousal in you and go from there.



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