Why Foreskin is Awesome:

1. The foreskin itself is a hugely sensitive pleasure zone. It contains over 20,000 nerve endings and makes up over half of the penile skin. Uncircumcised men often report that the foreskin is the most pleasurable part of the penis. As well, when uncut men masturbate they don’t need lube - they can just stroke the foreskin up and down. The sliding motion during sex is also very pleasurable for both the guy and girl. The foreskin has tons of functions, basically.

2. The foreskin protects the rest of the penis. Imagine for a second, walking barefoot over gravel for a long period of time. What’s going to happen to your feet? They’re going to toughen and callous over. But what if you wear shoes instead of going barefoot? Your feet will stay sensitive. It’s the same with circumcision. Obviously men aren’t rubbing their penises on gravel (geez, I hope not) but penises do rub against clothing and bed sheets, etc. The glans (head) of a circumcised man’s penis is dried-out and keranitized from being exposed (the glans is supposed to be an internal organ when not erect)…and thus less sensitive. For an uncircumcised man, the glans is always protected and stays sensitive.


09/19/2016 9:02am

Erectile brokenness (ED) or weakness is sexual brokenness portrayed by the powerlessness to create or keep up an erection of the penis amid sexual action in humans.[1] A penile erection is the pressure driven impact of blood entering and being held in wipe like bodies inside the penis. The procedure is regularly started as a consequence of sexual excitement, when signs are transmitted from the cerebrum to nerves in the penis. The most vital natural causes are cardiovascular infection and diabetes, neurological issues (for instance, injury from prostatectomy surgery), hormonal inadequacies (hypogonadism) and medication symptoms.


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