Is it natural?


Do you think sex between two men is natural?

Sure.  We’re all just people with wants and needs connecting with one another…what’s more natural than that?  I remember when I was younger making out with girls and it felt natural.  People have too much crap in their heads.  Man, woman…makes no difference imho :) xoxoxo 

I'm bi curious an I would like to do something with a guy if always wanted to be dominated an forced to suck a guys dick but I'm so nervous to push my self into doing this. How would I take the step?

Hmmm..well a lot of guys have success finding dominant women to bridge that gap.  They can help set it up, find the third guy and provide the force you need to enjoy your experience.  I would give Fetlife a try…it’s a great network for finding people with the same kinks.  There are also a bunch of other sources on my website:

Good luck hon :) xoxoxo

I'm confused and would like any input. I love to suck cock but I don't find guys attractive. I'm not sure what this makes me, and I'm not sure how to proceed. I should say I'm very attracted to women and love having sex with women. Any ideas?

Well darling you are one of many men and women like myself who prefer the opposite sex but have a desire to enjoy the same sex to some degree.  Obviously you’ve made it passed the hard question…should I suck a cock?  You love it but your desire ends there so no real relationship potential with a man.  Have you considered finding a woman (assuming you aren’t in a relationship) who enjoys bi men so that you can have your cake and eat it too?  Mmm…cake ;) xoxoxo
I wish every girl had your passion for bi guys. It's standard that guys find bi girls to be super turn-ons. But women tend to look at bi guys as "less than" or odd. It's a shame, and I hope more women are secretly like you and it's just social norms keeping them from admitting it. Great work!

Thank you :)  I think it’s becoming more and more standard to view bi guys as sexy and not odd.  I know I’m biased but I see the huge amount of women buying up bi/gay books like they are on crack.  It’s hot for good reason and I find that even mainstream authors are introducing bi/gay characters in their books which plants the idea.  That’s how it happen for me and I sort of woke up and went holy fuck yes…how did I not think this was hot before?? :)  Plus I have noticed that so many younger guys and girls seem to be interested and open to the idea.  So hopefully their generation will  embrace it! :) xoxoxox
I know you like guy on guy porn, but do you think women in general get off on it? Does the average wife or girlfriend secretly want their man to explore other men?

Not necessarily.  I think a lot of woman view gay sex as something that they are not a part of.  It doesn’t ever involve them…it doesn’t appear in mainstream porn like GG does.  I think also that women who don’t enjoy anal or bj’s might not think what goes on in gay sex is hot.  So it helps if your woman is a little kinky and open minded.  I have sounded out a few of my real life friends on this and they all kind of wrinkled up their nose at the idea.  A damn shame too!  I do belong to an online book club of about 50 woman who read nothing but gay books…so that’s a good sign :) xoxoxo