Is it natural?


Do you think sex between two men is natural?

Sure.  We’re all just people with wants and needs connecting with one another…what’s more natural than that?  I remember when I was younger making out with girls and it felt natural.  People have too much crap in their heads.  Man, woman…makes no difference imho :) xoxoxo 

I wish every girl had your passion for bi guys. It's standard that guys find bi girls to be super turn-ons. But women tend to look at bi guys as "less than" or odd. It's a shame, and I hope more women are secretly like you and it's just social norms keeping them from admitting it. Great work!

Thank you :)  I think it’s becoming more and more standard to view bi guys as sexy and not odd.  I know I’m biased but I see the huge amount of women buying up bi/gay books like they are on crack.  It’s hot for good reason and I find that even mainstream authors are introducing bi/gay characters in their books which plants the idea.  That’s how it happen for me and I sort of woke up and went holy fuck yes…how did I not think this was hot before?? :)  Plus I have noticed that so many younger guys and girls seem to be interested and open to the idea.  So hopefully their generation will  embrace it! :) xoxoxox