I'm confused and would like any input. I love to suck cock but I don't find guys attractive. I'm not sure what this makes me, and I'm not sure how to proceed. I should say I'm very attracted to women and love having sex with women. Any ideas?

Well darling you are one of many men and women like myself who prefer the opposite sex but have a desire to enjoy the same sex to some degree.  Obviously you’ve made it passed the hard question…should I suck a cock?  You love it but your desire ends there so no real relationship potential with a man.  Have you considered finding a woman (assuming you aren’t in a relationship) who enjoys bi men so that you can have your cake and eat it too?  Mmm…cake ;) xoxoxo


10/11/2013 12:26am

It's nothing most bi or new guys like the look n taste of a yummy cock it's just not having romantic feelings for a guy but in time you may.

01/08/2014 11:25am

I was the same way about penis, but after a few years I started to enjoy the idea of kissing and doing a full make out session with a guy. I do not find most guys attractive, but the ones I do, I think are super hot and would do most anything with them in the bedroom.

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