I love your blog and always read your advice! You are brilliant. You may have been asked this before but what is it that turns you on so much about seeing two guys fuck? X

Aww…thanks hon :)  What do I love about manlove?  For starters…

* I love how sexual men are…their libidos match up better then m/f.

* I love the sexual tension between two curious men…I’ve read a lot of manlove books for this reason.  

* I love men who like things in their asses.

* Double the cum.

* Sex between two men two men doesn’t have to be pretty…just feel good.

* Mutual desire…specifically in porn…no FAKE orgasms.  

* Two cocks….mmmm…cocks.

* Passion between two men…especially kissing…oh fuck YES!

* I may have been a gay man in a previous life.

* There is just something undeniably attractive about two masculine bodies together.



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