Hey so i just started hooking up with guys recently. I really enjoy getting fucked in my ass and getting rimmed, but i'm having a small problem. I can't seem to get hard around other men. I can suck them, give them handjobs, play with their bodies but none of that gets me going. There is one guy that i meet up with that blows me and gets me hard but shortly after my erection goes away. Could this be because these are just hookups and I might need an emotional connection? Any tips?

I would say so yeah.  It may be that you need a certain level of comfort and trust with your partners that you are not getting with these guys.  Most people do.  The physical act is just part of what makes us aroused…if mentally you have a disconnect with the guys then it may be putting the brakes on your erections.  I’d spend more time getting to know the guys, before exchanging digits and hooking up.  Have a few online sessions where you role play and jerk off together or on cam.  If you decide to meet up then maybe takes things slower and let it progress naturally…but only if you are feeling excited by him.  Try exploring different types of guys and different dynamics like dom/sub play.  Good luck hon! :) xoxoxo


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