This month's challenge is all about soap and bubbles and sexy body parts   Copy one of the pics above or submit one of your own bath/shower long as there are bubbles!  Submissions will be posted below along with a #.  At the end of every month the contest will close and I will post a poll with the top finalists in each category for you to vote on.   Finalists will be based on aesthetics, photo quality and how well you captured the shot/theme no hard feelings please!  I will post the winning submissions on here and on Tumblr!  Thanks to all who take the time to participate...I hope you will again!
View Winners Here


Submission # 1 - by SK
Submission #2 - by bowmore
Submission #3 - by Markle2008
Submission #4 - by
Submission #5 - by Bigcock2323
Submission #6 - by Soccermom22
Submission #7 - by Watch Us Together
Submission #8 - by TantricTimeSlider
Submission #9 - by Freeforallsexshare
Submission #10 - by ddetroit5401
Submission #13 - by Jmaass
Submission #15 - by Christo
Submission #16 - by anon
Submission #17 - by


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