I was looking for a smaller strapless girlcock since they are usually pretty heavy and tend to migrate out.  While I don't mind harnessing them I was also looking for one that wasn't as wide (hubby's preference).  I liked the look of this one...the little beaded end looked perfect to stimulate his ass without overwhelming it. 

We gave it a try this weekend and were pleasantly surprised with it.  It was the perfect size for his ass and it felt great inside me!  I did have to hold it and would probably harness it in the future but the g-spot stimulation was awesome.  

Now there isn't a lot of length especially if you factor in thicker thighs so this girlcock isn't for everyone but if your guy isn't into deep penetration and just wants his p-spot stimulated this little guy will do the trick! 

This set has it all!  Comfortable and sexy panty harness with "Peg Like a Queen" written on the butt.  The dildo is sized just right for new and intermediate pegging experience.  It's silicone, curved and had a bullet vibe that fits inside for extra stimulation.  Comes in S/M or L/XL so pay attention to sizing.  I'm wearing the S/M as I'm usually a 9/10 in pants...they are snug but comfy and I love not having to fuss with straps!

I wanted something smaller for going ass to ass with hubby.  The double dildos I own are just too big for him so I was excited to find this little gem!  It's the perfect size for grinding on and working back and for between us!

  • Width: 1.50 Inches
  • Length: 8.00 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free , Lube Included , Toy Cleaner Included
  • Materials: PVC
  • Color: Black
  • Shapes: Double Ended , Tapered , Graduated

This has quick become my go-to harness!!  It's so easy to slide on and fits tightly against me so that I'm in control of my girlcock!  It fits most harness-compatible dildos and the velvet lining makes it super soft against your skin!  The wide elastic band is strong so if you have any curves it might create some indentation in your silhouette.  It's great price and looks super sexy...no pesky straps!! :D

Product Details
  • Weight: 4.16 Ounces
  • Waist Size: 29.00 inches to 39.00 inches
  • Width: 1.25 Inches
  • Length: 39.00 Inches
  • Features: Adjustable
  • Materials: Faux Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Clothing Size: One Size Fits Most

I've been wanting a vibrating strapless dildo for a while and really like the look and size of this one.  I'm very happy with how well it fits up inside me and loved how much vibration I was able to feel from just the bullet vibe.  Hubby didn't feel them as much as me but they are more for me anyways! ;)

  • Weight: 14.56 Ounces
  • Width: 1.25 Inches
  • Length: 10.00 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 6.00 Inches
  • Features: Waterproof , Phthalate Free , Batteries Included
  • Functions: Vibrates
  • Materials: TPR/TPE
  • Color: Blue
  • Shapes: Phallic , Curved
  • Powered By: AG13 Battery
  • Batteries Required: 3

I bought this colorful dildo at the sex-hibition that I went to with hubby recently.  First off, it matched my tattoo!  Secondly, the shape and size is perfect for hubby! It comes in two sizes great for beginners and intermediate peggers and a bunch of colors! I know, I own way too many girlcocks....but it called to me!

Product Details
  • Weight: 10.70 Ounces
  • Width: 1.53 Inches
  • Length: 7.00 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.40 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free , Latex Free, Suction Cup , Harness Compatible
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Texture: Veiny
  • Manufacturer: NS Novelties

So I went looking for a bit bigger, realistic looking dildo and fell in love with the look of this one without paying close attention to the size of it.  Big no no when it comes to toy shopping!  I'm calling this guy my HUGE girlcock because it just barely fits my harnesses and got a firm NO from hubby when I laughingly asked if he was up for the challenge!  So alas, this one will be a solo toy for yous truly.  Not that I'm sad mind you...this made for an intense but extremely pleasurable playtime.  I felt so stretched open after I came it was amazing!!  If you are a fan of feeling full you will LOVE this bad boy! :) xoxoxo
So this was my first long awaited squirting girlcock!  Cumming on hubby had been a fantasy of mine for a long time.  Though this is a little big for hubby's liking I found there weren't many out there with a smaller width.  Hubby and I had some fun trying to figure out how in the heck to fill this sucker as the instructions we were sent seemed to be missing it.  After researching a bit on Amazon, I found lots of great tips on how to use it properly.  We ended up using a product called Fuck Water as out cum but many made their own mixture so that's it was cum looking bit thin enough to shoot out of the top...and boy can this thing shoot!  We ended up using a warm up toy on hubby and had some sexy oral play before I cam all over him....that was my fav part even if the cock was bigger than we'd like.  I will definitely keep my eye out for a more reasonable one but until that time I will definitely have fin with this one. 

Product Details
  • Weight: 1.48 lbs
  • Width: 2.00 Inches
  • Length: 9.20 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 8.50 Inches
I've always had a love of foreskin and was so excited to find a girlcock that looks like a beautiful uncut cock!  The best part is that the foreskin retractable to just below the head.  Feels very lifelike! 

Hand sculpted plushy soft Pure Skin dong. Ultra life like moveable foreskin peels back like the real thing. Sturdy suction cup base. Harness compatible. Maintenance free. Easy to clean. Safe and pure for body and pleasure made using phthalate free. Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Bulk weight 13.8 ounces. 6.75 inches shaft. 5.5 inches shaft circumference.

This harness caught my eye right away with it's remote controlled g-spot probe.  Inside the lining of the harness is a small probe with a bullet vibe inside of it.  My guy controls the vibrations as I fuck him..20 different settings!  The harness itself is very pretty on with it's lacy detail.  I really liked the 7" dildo on this harness even though it was not silicone as I prefer.  It was very life-like and did not have a strong odor.  Hubby thought it was the perfect size and curvature for his ass...he especially liked the vibrations.  A great addition to our toy box!