This set has it all!  Comfortable and sexy panty harness with "Peg Like a Queen" written on the butt.  The dildo is sized just right for new and intermediate pegging experience.  It's silicone, curved and had a bullet vibe that fits inside for extra stimulation.  Comes in S/M or L/XL so pay attention to sizing.  I'm wearing the S/M as I'm usually a 9/10 in pants...they are snug but comfy and I love not having to fuss with straps!

This has quick become my go-to harness!!  It's so easy to slide on and fits tightly against me so that I'm in control of my girlcock!  It fits most harness-compatible dildos and the velvet lining makes it super soft against your skin!  The wide elastic band is strong so if you have any curves it might create some indentation in your silhouette.  It's great price and looks super sexy...no pesky straps!! :D

Product Details
  • Weight: 4.16 Ounces
  • Waist Size: 29.00 inches to 39.00 inches
  • Width: 1.25 Inches
  • Length: 39.00 Inches
  • Features: Adjustable
  • Materials: Faux Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Clothing Size: One Size Fits Most

This is my new favorite panty harness!!  It fits like a dream and feels nice and secure holding my medium sized girlcocks in position.  Such a great price too!  XS to XL sizes!

Discreet 2 panel design to accommodate dual penetration. Reinforced O-ring stretches to accommodate most packers, dongs or probes. Soft, stretchy and comfortable. Comfortable soft lining. Internal strap to secure your packer in place. Packer not included. Internal pockets to add a favorite stimulator, not included. Washable. 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex.
This harness caught my eye right away with it's remote controlled g-spot probe.  Inside the lining of the harness is a small probe with a bullet vibe inside of it.  My guy controls the vibrations as I fuck him..20 different settings!  The harness itself is very pretty on with it's lacy detail.  I really liked the 7" dildo on this harness even though it was not silicone as I prefer.  It was very life-like and did not have a strong odor.  Hubby thought it was the perfect size and curvature for his ass...he especially liked the vibrations.  A great addition to our toy box!
This is my first panty style harness.  I recently tried a Rodeoh panty harness on at a local sex shop and didn't love the way it fit my body.  This model looked like it had more of a flattering cut to it and certainly the price was right to give it a try.  In the picture shown I am wearing it with a strapless dildo which doesn't weigh down the harness.  I did try it on with several of my dildos and found that it would support most of them under 6.5" in length.  The larger/longer ones just sagged straight down.  There is also a little pocket hidden behind the opening that allows for a small bullet vibe.

This one was super cheap but I was looking for something that had a hole straight through unlike my other leather one.  It' s faux leather with a velvet lining and is actually very comfy on.  It's adjustable nylon straps fit waist sizes from 19 inches to 45 inches and were easy to navigate. The opening is 1.5" in diameter and can be used with most harness compatible dildos.

Dildo Product Info:

Love this harness...the corset style fits more securely and gives you the fit and leverage you need to fuck your man as hard as you like!

Sportsheets Red Lace Corsette Strap On is a one size fits most harness. Slip into this gorgeous, lace up corset style, strap on, made of plush red lace fabric. Four way adjustable straps for up to 60 inch hips. Perfectly placed pocket that could hold a bullet vibrator, not included, for clitoral stimulation. Accommodates dildos with flared base; includes 3 interchangeable rubber O rings. Machine washable; Dildo sold separately. Includes: 1 lace up Corset. Style back, 4way adjustable straps fit up to 60 inches hips, 3 interchangeable rubber O rings: 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches and 2 inches. Materials: Polyester, polypropylene.

Scandal Bikini Harness looks great on but doesn't support heavy large girlcocks as well as smaller ones.

8" Black Suction Cup Dildo is cheap but does the trick!  It fills you up when you are looking for something a little more substantial.  Definitely works better with stronger harness to offset the weight of it. 

So I was looking for a harness that had a wide elastic band in place of the nylon straps that you usually find on harness.  This one appealed to me because of the curve and the nice veiny detail.  It's wider than I thought and when I tested it out in my own ass the ridges definitely make for a more intense ride.  Over all a good addition though if you have some curves girls this one fits tight so be warned :)   It is unisex so if you want your guy to wear it the inside is hollow!  Here are the specs:

Here is the perfect strap-on for the both of you. Perfect for woman-to-woman encounters or that special rear-end experience. Many men love a deep anal sexual thrill and this strap-on can provide that excitement. The hollow dong can also assist men with erection difficulty. This quality strap-on is your key to new and exciting encounters. Inner dimensions are 5 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide. Fits up to a 48 inch waist.  BUY HERE

So you can't beat this one for value...especially all you couples who are just starting out.  It comes with two sizes of dildos so you can work your way up.  There is also a cut out so he can have easy access to your pussy :)  

Product Description
  1. Crotchless adjustable t-back harness
  2. Fits up to a 49" (124 cm) waist
  3. Softer-than-leather material is ultra-flexible
  4. Includes a realistic 7 insertable inch (17.5 cm) dong with 1.5" diameter (3.9 cm)
  5. Includes a purple translucent 6 insertable inch (15.5 cm) slimline dong with 1.1" diameter (2.8 cm)