So you all know about my love affair with my Magic Wand...well recently I took a follower’s advice and bought the g-spot attachment in hopes that I would finally be able to squirt, something I have been longing to do for a long time.  I had my first taste of it over the weekend and just like my first time with the wand itself I had an incredible orgasm that stands out from the others as an “OMFG, please let this go on forever” orgasm.  I’ve always been lucky enough to be able to cum easily from both my g-spot and clit…quite often at the same exact moment. I knew I loved this toy when I experienced the intensity my of clit exploding into a million pieces but it pales in comparison to having it set off a g-spot orgasm that literally doesn’t end.  Almost an hour after it I was still experiences mini quakes of bliss.  Like seriously…how awesome is this toy?!?  Though I have yet to squirt I will definitely have fun trying with my wand and the different attachments you can buy.  Next I want to try the attachment in my ass with my guy’s mouth attached to my pussy!  Can’t recommend it enough to all my followers as I know many men enjoy it too! :) xoxoxo

So I’m sure you’ve all seen this little toy on Tumblr…usually in conjunction with restraints and forced orgasms…or squirting.  Well I’ve been curious about this one for a while but as a girl who prefers fingers to vibes when it comes to masturbating I was worried that it might either be too intense or would make me dependent on vibrating toys to cum.  A few weeks ago hubby purchased this toy for me saying that we should at least give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.  He’d read a lot of reviews saying it was key in making a lot of women squirt.  I was cautiously optimistic.

We started off playing…hitting all the usual hot spots and building my arousal.  When I was squirming hubby handed me the toy…letting me be in control of it.  At first touch I was shocked at the instant sensations it shot through my cunt.  Even just placing it near my clit gave me jolts no where near what any other vibe can.  I couldn’t believe the sounds coming out of my mouth but you can’t not  feel your way through it.  Hubby slid his fingers inside me as I began dancing the head of the wand around my clit, every once and a while applying direct pressure and squealing out loud at the intensity.  I’m a fairly greedy girl when it comes to orgasms and I couldn’t stop the orgasms that rocked me.  I literally saw stars as my pussy exploded…I’ve never jerked and convulsed like that before. 

It took forever to come down off the peak and I believe I said a record number of omg’s as I tried to catch my breath.  We switched into a 69 on our sides and I began sucking his cock, still aware of the maddening ache in my clit.  He began licking the tender flesh while he slid a finger into my ass.  After a minute or so he handed me the wand and let me grind against it as he vigorously fucked my ass.  The peak hit so hard I pushed the wand away and just let my body go crazy.  Really turned on by the sight hubby flipped me over onto my back and slid his cock in deep.  I was astounded by how the pleasure just seem to keep building…you can’t help but want more and more.  After several strokes I was grabbing for the wand myself.  The moment it connected we both groaned…the vibrations so intense even he could feel them from inside me.  He fucked me harder as I let out a continuous stream of moans and squeals…I could feel my orgasm build from inside and my clit was a combination of “more, more, more” and “oh fuck no” but I wanted that peak again.  I pressed the head into my clit and held it there for a few breathless seconds as I exploded.  The orgasm started deep in my belly and spiraled out.  I’m pretty sure I threw the wand across the bed and just road every single fucking glorious wave of it.  Even after hubby pulled out I twitched and spasmed, my hand seeking out my pussy in a mindless haze of greed. 

As I lay there on the bed giggling at how uncontrollable my body’s response was I couldn’t stop squeezing my thighs together, seeking out the hundred’s of little pleasure sparks my nerve endings were firing.  I completely understood in that moment all of the images and video I’d seen of women on Tumblr being pleasured out of their minds with this wondrous toy.  I have since masturbated several times with my fingers and am happy to report they are still as affective as ever.  Sure I was masturbating to thoughts of all of the wicked things hubby could do to me with my new favorite toy but still…they worked ;)

So…to the women out there who have been curious…you need this toy.  To all of the men who want to bring their women’s orgasms to the next level…you need this toy.  I only wished I had purchased it sooner!  If it makes me squirt one of these days…I will be a slave for life!! 

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