This was my first attempt at squirting.  I had read a bunch of reviews where girls had said they squirted for the first time with this toy.  I will say this...it is the closest I have ever cum to squirting.  I have never heard my pussy sound so juicy with this toy pounding my G-spot.  I don't bother with the vibrations and it always sends me over the edge before I squirt...whether that's good or bad I was never very good at not being greedy for pleasure ;)

For an inexpensive toy this is definitely worth buying...especially if you want that pussy of yours to make a big wet mess!

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08/27/2014 11:30pm

OMG!!! I totally agree with you on this. Ive never been a squirter and was so wanting to be but HOLY SHIT my pussy was drenched and I managed to squirt a bit by myself!!!! I keep on practicing cause I definitely want to be a squirter.


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