Holy crap...this bad boy was waaaay bigger than I expected when it arrived in my mailbox!!  My first thoughts where "oh hell no was my guy going to take this in his ass!"  After staring at it speechless for a while I decided wtf...let's give it a go.  After a few breathless minutes, I managed to work this guy into my pussy only a few inches.  I had never seen myself so stretched tight around an object before.  It's almost 3" in width and obviously a heck of a lot bigger than what I usually put in there.  After a few minutes I relaxed around this and was able to fuck myself with it.  It was intense but orgasmic none the less.  So boys and girls if you can handle girth...give this super inexpensive dildo a try!




08/29/2013 1:59pm

6 months or so ago I spent an amazing evening with a guy friend of mine (he's an underwear model and fairly popular male porn star) and his sexy GF. When I got to their place she had her collection of toys laid out, consuming half the kitchen table! Among the many different shapes and varieties, one single item clearly stood out among all others...and it was the exact same one you show here! I looked at both of them as I picked it up, surprised by how heavy yet life-like it was (like every guy has a 3+" diameter piece! lol) and said to them "just keep this damn thing over here on the table, don't get this anywhere near ME!!" But wouldn't you know it...2+ hours later, she was expertly and oh-so-proficiently working that monsters entire length in and out of me, in what is easily among the top 2 or 3 overall sexually gratifying experiences I've ever had! I was stunned how good she was with it; perfect pressure, tempo and pace. Far better than more than half the guys I've enjoyed this way.

11/27/2016 8:49pm

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