So you all know about my love affair with my Magic Wand...well recently I took a follower’s advice and bought the g-spot attachment in hopes that I would finally be able to squirt, something I have been longing to do for a long time.  I had my first taste of it over the weekend and just like my first time with the wand itself I had an incredible orgasm that stands out from the others as an “OMFG, please let this go on forever” orgasm.  I’ve always been lucky enough to be able to cum easily from both my g-spot and clit…quite often at the same exact moment. I knew I loved this toy when I experienced the intensity my of clit exploding into a million pieces but it pales in comparison to having it set off a g-spot orgasm that literally doesn’t end.  Almost an hour after it I was still experiences mini quakes of bliss.  Like seriously…how awesome is this toy?!?  Though I have yet to squirt I will definitely have fun trying with my wand and the different attachments you can buy.  Next I want to try the attachment in my ass with my guy’s mouth attached to my pussy!  Can’t recommend it enough to all my followers as I know many men enjoy it too! :) xoxoxo



09/12/2014 4:48pm

my partner has the attachment and she just loves it. It gives her incredible orgasms. It doesn't take long to have her orgasm and it just seems to go in wave after wave. I love pleasuring her with it


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