Surprise Foursome


Anonymous Submission

It's dark outside and we are driving in our car. As instructed you are wearing a short sexy black dress with no panties. A blindfold covers your eyes so that you don't know where we are headed.  We pull into the parking lot. I get out and open your door. I take your hand and lead you as you lean into me for guidance.
You hear me unlock a door and lead you inside.

"Where are we?" you ask.

"It doesn't matter" I reply.

"I think you should get down on your knees," I say. You slowly kneel down on the soft carpet beneath you.

"I need to take off these cloths" I say.

You ask, "Do you want me to....."

"No!" I snap back "Leave your dress on.....and the blindfold."

I walk up close to your face with my cock inches from your lips. "Show me how you make my cock hard" I say as I rub the tip against your bottom lip. You open your mouth wide and take the entire soft cock into your mouth. It doesn't take long for it to start growing around your wet, hot tongue. You start working on it like you need it to survive. "Good girl" I say "Let the fun begin".

With my cock still in your hungry mouth I grab your left hand and lead it upward. Suddenly you can feel another hard cock slide into the palm of your hand. With your other hand you reach for your blindfold. I grab your wrist just in time and whisper "Not yet baby." You let your hand drop from the blindfold. "I thought you might like another cock to play with," I say. "Show us how much you love a couple of hard dicks in your mouth."

You hesitate for a second but then you get right to work. Sucking one while jerking off the other. Then you switch. Back and forth between the two without a break, trying to milk both cocks of all the cum you can get. Suddenly you feel your dress being pulled up and two hands start rubbing your delicious ass cheeks. You stop and reach for your blindfold again. "No, no, no," I say, "not yet."

The hand on your right ass cheek moves slowly towards your crack and gently runs it's fingertips down over your asshole and right to your dripping wet pussy.

"She is so fucking wet!" says a female voice.

"Her pussy is so sweet. Have a taste" I say.

You feel the wet fingers leave your pussy and you can hear someone slowly licking and sucking their fingertips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....I need more," says the female voice.

You feel a head slide between your legs as you are still kneeling on the floor. A warm wet tongue starts running back and forth over your clit. You let out a moan and after a few seconds of enjoying your pussy being licked, you realize you still have a hard cock in each hand. You start rubbing the cocks together, licking and sucking both of them. Almost trying to get them both in your mouth at the same time. Then you start grinding your pussy on the mouth below you. You grind harder and harder until you explode in a hard, intense orgasm, your wet pussy dripping into the eager mouth below you.

You stop to catch your breath and steady yourself. "Stand up babe" I say. "We're not done with you yet!"