Putting On A Show


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So as some of you may have read my wife and I had had an intense three-way with a ex-boyfriend of hers that had had some heavy guy on guy action. Turned out the Derek was bi and probably more into guys that girls. He had recently become involved in a relationship which apparently precluded him playing with my wife anymore. I thought it also meant that he could not play with me any more but I was about to find out I was wrong.

My wife was arranging a bachelorette party for her friend Jane. I knew she and Jane were pretty open about most things. For instance Jane delighted in slapping my ass and loved the idea that my wife pegged me (I wondered if her new husband was going to be excited that that excited her). My wife had told me what nigh the party was and I figured that I would just make my self scarce but a week before she informed me that she expected me to be there to “provide entertainment”. She would not clarify what that meant and for the whole week my mind raced.  Would I be pegged publicly?  Would I be expected to service Jane or the other ladies?  Neither of those ideas seemed bad to me.

The evening of the party I was finishing up cleaning the house when I heard a knock on the door, I was surprised to see Derek when I opened the door. With him was a very buff handsome black man that Derek introduced as his boyfriend, Jeff. My wife appeared as I was offering them a seat in the living and said “Ah I see the rest of the entertainment is here”. For a few seconds I was confused until she clarified “honey you Derek and Jeff will be providing a live sex show for Jane’s party. My mouth must have just dropped open because all three of them began laughing, but my dick got hard as a rock at the thought. To her credit my wife did pull me aside and make sure I was down with the idea. I told I was and she said she figured I would be and could not wait to see us three in action.

The set up was that Derek, Jeff and I would be in the living room on the sectional with other couches and chairs arranged for viewing. We would get started around 10 after the ladies had had some drinks in the lounge so they could filter in while we were already playing.

I took Jeff and Derek upstairs to change (we were to all wear underwear that would be removed after the ladies came in, my wife likes a bit of a show). I got Jeff and Derek a drink and we hung out up stairs drinking talking and listening to the sounds of the party downstairs. Jeff turned out to be a nice guy and I was glad I got to talk to him a bit prior to the act. He asked if I was nervous and I said I was. Turns out he had been a stripper in the past and had done a few things like this. Derek suggested that we let Jeff lead the way and that since he was normally a top that would make things easier, I agreed. Around 9:30 we started stripping down to change into our “costumes”. Derek as I mentioned in the past was olive skinned withe black hair, he had shaved his pubes and he thick uncut cock looked oiled. He put on a pair of black silk briefs. Jeff stripped down reveling and thick toned body. His skin was dark brown and he clearly shaved his chest because he smooth and his skin shown. As he tugged off his pants my eyes opened wide be cause his cock was quite a sight. Flaccid it was easily as long as my was erect, the base was as thick as Derek’s and it was thick for its full length until it tapered quickly in to a neat circumcised head. Jeff, laughed at my reaction “Don’t worry I’ll go slow” he said. “You’ll never be the same” laughed Derek “I bet not I said”. Jeff slipped on a pair of scarlet boxer briefs that perfect offset his gorgeous skin tone and showed off the huge bulge of his phallus. I got into my white boxer briefs and we all went down stairs to the couch.

Derek and I seated ourselves on either side of Jeff, who sat with his legs slightly apart and his muscled arms along the back of the couch. Derek and he began kissing, while Derek massaged Jeff’s chest. Not wanting to be left out I ducked down and started licking Jeff’s nipple, he “mmmmm-ed” his approval. After a bit Jeff turned to me and we began kissing while Derek applied his oral talents to Jeff’s other nipple. I let my hand drift down and settle on the massive budge of Jeff’s cock. It felt like a huge water pipe through his briefs. This went on for a bit Jeff, kissing one of us while the other licked, sucked and bit his nipples. All the while Derek and my hands were busy stroking Jeff’s cock and thighs through his shorts.At some point the ladies must have come in because I started hearing gasps at the live action. By this time I was so turned on and into it I doubt I could have been distracted.

The heat coming off Jeff’s cock was amazing and it was tenting his briefs and straining to be released. I decided it was time for the unveiling. Derek saw me start tugging and Jeff’s waist band and quickly helped out with his side. Jeff lifted his hips and we smoothly pulled his briefs down and he kicked them away. Erect his phallus was even more impressive. As I said it was thick at the base, to thick for me to wrap my fingers around and not be able to touch fingertips but more amazing it got thicker in the middle. Erect he was easily nine inches in length and his cock was shiny and webbed with veins. We must have gotten him turned out with all the kissing and stroking because he was rock hard. From our audience came a mixture of gasps, low whistles and a few “hot damns” and “holy shits”.

Gripping Jeff’s penis by the base I leaned over and began licking the head. Derek leaned over as well and began licking the side of the shaft. We were conscious of our audience so tried to leave them a view of the proceedings. Jeff leaned back, his arms still spread, and watched the show as well. I circled the edge of his head with my tongue and a huge drop of pre-cum leaked out. I licked it up pulling my head back so it struck out between my mouth and the tip of his cock. Then I opened my mouth and sank that beast as deep into my mouth as I could and began sucking.

Jeff put one hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my face. In and out he worked his massive phallus my mouth was stretched open and he was hitting the back of my throat with at least three inches still showing. Derek went back to sucking Jeff’s nipples while I had my mouth fucked for at least ten solid minutes. I’m not sure what happened during that time since my view was of Jeff’s lap. I know someone took my shorts off at one point but other than that all I could make out was Jeff’s guttural groaning some sucking noises that were not me and various people sighing or moaning. Jeff finally released my head and I picked my head up to seeing his cock, completely slick with my spit, remain rigidly jutting up from his lap.

Jeff told me to kneel on the floor, I did. He stood with his back to me and Derek knelt in front of him. It occurred to me that I was about to give a rim job to a man for the first time, in front of a bunch of women including my wife, my dick got even harder than it was. While Derek took Jeff’s cock into his mouth and began to get his own face fucking, I spread Jeff’s cheeks and buried my face in his firm ass. I snaked my tongue out and began circling his rectum. I released his cheeks and grabbed his hips and started probing his tight hole with my tongue. I felt Jeff’s heavy scrotum sway against my chin as he fucked Derek’s throat even harder than he had mine. I forced my tongue into Jeff’s rectum and fucked his asshole with my tongue he growled his approval of Derek and my attentions. Jeff reached back and placed his hand on my head again pushing my face further into his ass so I was gasping for breath. I could hear Derek’s choking and gasping from the other side of Jeff’s hips and the moaning from the ladies in the audience. I was guessing there were a few hands down the front of shirts and pants in the rest of the room.

Finally Jeff released Derek and I and I fell back on my heels gasping. Jeff picked up the bottle of lube that had been left out and began lubing up his cock. He looked at me as said “Your first, hands and knees now,” he growled, clearly in charge. I assumed the position and he moved behind me and knelt. I felt the head of his massive cock placed against my twitching asshole. “I’m going to stretch you out,” Jeff said and pushed his cock into me. The small head let him get my asshole open but as his penis widen so quickly I was gasping in a combination of pain/pleasure almost immediately. True to his word he did slow down but he kept the pressure on. Working his cock in and out in small slow thrusts he slowly got my sphincter to relax. Little by little he was working his huge black cock into my ass and I was loving it. My rectum stretched further than it ever had even with my wife’s widest plugs. Finally we hit the apex of his cock’s width and the rest of his cock seemed to be sucked into me until I was left kneeling there coated in sweat gasping with a huge nine inch plus penis buried in my ass.

I looked up and locked eyes with my wife, she had her skirt up and three fingers buried in her pussy. As Jeff began slowly stroking his cock in and out of my ass she matched his rhythm. The thick shaft of his cock was massaging my prostrate with each pass and below my own stiff cock and pool of pre-cum was forming on the hardwood floor. Jeff gripped my hips firmly as he began to pick up the pace of his thrusting, my wife followed suit ramming her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. I looked over at Jane she had taken her pants off and one of the other women (Tiny the sort of mousy chick that worked withe my wife) was kneeling between her parted knees eating her out, Jane had her hands on the back of the woman’s and roughly pulling pressing the woman’s face into her. The rest of the women either had hands down their own pants or in some cases each others. Clearly Jeff, Derek and I were putting on a good show.

Jeff continued to fuck my ass like it had never been fucked and the constant stimulation of my prostate brought me closer and closer to cumming. I could not believe I was going to cum from being fucked but it was getting closer. My breath came in rasps and my legs began to shake. Suddenly I tipped over the edge and cum began to shoot out of my cock and I cried out. Jeff pushed his massive cock in me fully and my asshole tightened up around his thick base. I came and came spurting streams across the floor that reached far beyond my hands. Spent I collapsed forward sliding off Jeff’s cock to lie belly down in my cum. “good job” Jeff said slapping my ass. Jeff looked up at Derek who had been watching from the couch stroking himself “your turn now”.

I picked myself up as Derek moved to assume spot on his hands and knees in front of Jeff. Jeff instructed me to hold Derek’s ass open, I knelt beside Derek and pull his ass apart, “lick his ass and get him ready for me” Jeff told me. I lowered my head as began licking Derek’s pulsating asshole. While I probed his hole and circled it with my tongue, Derek, groaned in appreciation. Suddenly I felt Jeff move in and his cock slid past my cheek and pushed my tongue aside as he plunged it into Derek’s ass. Derek gasped in surprise and I leaned back still holding his ass open for Jeff. Jeff reached over me to grab a hand full of Derek’s hair and pulled Derek’s head back as he sank his cock deep into Derek’s ass. I had thought my ass fucking was rough but clearly Derek’s was going to be the main attraction.

Jeff began stroking his cock, in and out of Derek’s ass as I held Derek’s cheeks apart. Derek clearly was more use to it than I was because he took the whole length readily. I pull his cheeks further apart so that on each of Jeff’s back strokes Derek’s ass gaped slightly before Jeff plunged his dick back in. Derek gasped with each penetration and I felt my cock start to harden at the hot scene before me. I looked up at our audience. Jane had finished with her oral session, in fact my wife was helping Jane into a leather strap on harness that had a big black dildo attached to it. They saw me looking and my wife said “Jane wants to try her bachelorette gift out on you since your all loosened up sweetie” Jane had a big grin on her face.

My wife instructed me to get down on all fours next to Derek. “No reason you can do two things at once” she said grabbing my head and forcing me down on my elbows. With firm pressure she forced my head around and under Derek’s torso til I was facing his hanging cock. I could see (literally) where this was going and so opened my mouth to receive his dick. Now I was on my elbows and knees with my legs spread and my ass in the air. My wife gave my ass a slap and said “mount up Jane”. A pair of hands pull my cheeks apart and felt the head of Jane’s girlcock positioned at my anus. With a firm deliberate motion she thrust into me. While her strap on was smaller than Jeff’s enormous beast but the act of cumming had caused me to tighten up. Jane however was new to using a cock and kept right on plowing ahead causing me to gasp around Derek’s cock as she jammed her cock in forcefully.

I always figured Jane for a vicious streak and she proved me right when she gripped my ass and sank her nails into my cheeks. She kept forcing her plastic phallus into me until she bottomed out on her hips. Jane growled and gripped my hips grinding her girlcock in may ass. Derek must have been getting quite the prostate massage from Jeff’s cock because he was filling my mouth withe pre-cum and moaning. Because of the angle my head was at I could not swallow easily and I began drooling as I bobbed my head on his dick making him moan louder. Jane began working her new toy in my ass, pulling out and roughly slamming her strap-on back into my ass all the while keeping up her vise-like grip on my ass. Derek took one hand off the floor and reached back to push my head back forcing his cock deeper into my throat so that each of Jeff’s thrusts caused Derek’s cock hit the back of my throat, I was getting my second face fucking of the evening.

So there I was withe Derek using my throat as a fuck sleeve and Jane ramming my asshole as hard as she could with her new bridal shower strap-on and I realized I was rock hard again. I could tell this was Jane’s first time using a strap-on because she did not know quite how to drive the thing but she seemed to make up for her lack of skill with enthusiasm. She was pulling back now until most or all of her girlcock came free from my ass and then ramming it back in until her hip bones slammed into my ass cheeks. The whole time she was ramming me she kept up a stream of filthy talk tell me how I was her little whore and how much she was enjoying watching me get fucked in every hole. Meanwhile Derek was grunting and gasping pushing my head back harder and more forcefully and I could tell I was about to get a mouthful of cum. “That’s right you slut” Jane said “your about to get a load in that pretty mouth” Derek pushed my head back hard and I felt Jeff push his cock all the way in and then Derek began to cum in my mouth. He spurted into the back of my throat and despite me trying to swallow it he kept cumming so forcefully and with so much volume that it quickly filled my mouth and came drooling out. Derek kept fucking my mouth as he came and it seemed to go on until I was sure I would choke. Jane was enjoying the show so much she had stopped mid thrust in my ass. She reached down to grab my hair as Derek released my head and pulled my head up from under him so that I was resting it on Derek’s back, then she began to fuck my ass again.

During all this Jeff had still been fucking Derek and now my head was resting on Derek’s lower back just a few inches from where Jeff was plunging his massive cock into Derek’s ass. I had the feeling that was not the last cum I would be swallowing. Jeff looked down at me and without a word slid his cock out of Derek’s ass and put the head to my cum smeared lips. Until that moment the idea that I would go ass-to-mouth had never crossed my mind but I willing opened my mouth and allowed him to slid his cock in. Derek moved out of the way as Jeff me began to thrust into my mouth while Jane continued her assault on my ass. Jeff’s cock was even harder than before and I could taste the lube and salty pre cum as he forced it in and out of my mouth. He was massively turned on and because of that he was less in control than before. His natural inclination to be a top and a rough one was showing as he held my head so that he could force his cock in my mouth until I was choking and gagging. In stead of pulling back out he kept his cock there making small thrusting motions with his hips and I gasped and drooled around his thick shaft. “OH FUCK YES!” he said suddenly and quickly pulled his cock out of and shot a massive stream of thick cum into my still open mouth. His cock spasmed with the next jet and it splattered over my face and across my shoulder onto my back. He reached down and grabbed his cock at the shaft so he could aim the next spurt back into my mouth. A third, forth and fifth jet followed that each one with enough force to reach the back of my throat. At that point he thrust his cock back in my mouth and order me to suck him clean. I sucked and swallowed his jism while he ran his hands over my back and Jane continued to fuck my ass. “He is a good slut isn’t he” Jeff said to Jane and they high-fived over my cum splattered back.

No doubt tried from his exertions Jeff pulled his now limp cock from my mouth and made his way back to the couch where Derek was now sitting stroking his cock. Jane continued to work my ass but seemed to be getting tired as well. She pulled out one last time and gave my ass a slap as she stood. She walked around in front of me and bent over placing her hands on her knees “I want you to eat my ass, like you ate Jeff’s” she said. I got on my knees and spread her cheeks so I could see her little pink hole. I moved in and circled her anus with the tip of my tongue and she let out a little sigh of pleasure. Pulling her cheeks apart further I pushed my tongue into her hole using its strong muscles to push into her rectum muscles. “I am going to have to teach Daniel to do this” she said wiggling her ass a bit. I began to fuck her ass with my tongue while she dropped her head and her breathing became raspy. I probed and twisted my tongue as deep into her ass as I could enjoying her gasps and little grunts of appreciation.

I could tell Jane was getting into having her ass eaten because not only had her rectum relaxed to the point that I could easily tongue fuck it but she was bending over more and grabbing her own cheeks pulling them apart to give me better access. I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and pulled my head back to see my wife standing there. She was nude except for her leather strap on harness in which she had a toy I had never seen before. It was a huge purple dildo at least ten inches long and as thick for all of its length as the thickest point of Jeff’s cock and it was shiny with lube. “Let me take over” my wife said and I moved out of the way. My wife moved in behind Jane who looked back and when she saw the massive phallus my wife was sporting her eyes went round with surprise and her mouth dropped open. “I’m not sure I can take that” Jane said with a tremor of fear in her voice. “It’s will be OK, I will be gentle” my wife said guiding the blunt head of her dildo between Jane’s cheeks still slick with my saliva.

I stood up and moved around so I could watch Jane’s face as my wife started pushing her plastic phallus into Jane’s ass. At first my wife eased it in just a a bit and Jane gasped and bit her lip. After she had the tip in my wife placed he hands on Jane’s hips and began to slowly fuck her ass. With each stroke my wife pulled out just a bit and pushed in further than before and Jane’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth dropped open and her breath came in quick little gasps. “I’m gonna break you in good for you new hubby” my wife said growling between her teeth and she tightened her grip on Jane’s hips and picked up the pace of her thrusts. Soon almost half of the dildo was disappearing up Jane’s ass and she was groaning and whimpering. “I’m not sure I can take anymore” she whined, and I saw the sadistic side of my wife emerge as her mouth curled into a evil grin. “Oh your gonna take it all you little slut, I’ve seen Daniel’s (Jane’s soon to be husband) cock your gonna have to get use to this” my wife said laughing. With that my wife stopped her thrust at the maximum depth she had achieved so far. She took a good grip on Jane’s hips and started just pushing in. Jane’s mouth gaped open in a silent O and she shut her eyes. I took that moment to grab Jane by the hair and guide her mouth down to my cock.

I must admit I did think a little bit about how Jan’s had abused my ass as I forced her mouth down over my hard cock til I felt the back of her throat against the tip. I started fucking her face nice and slow as I watch my wife continue to relentlessly push her enormous dildo into Jane’s ass. Jane cocked and gagged but I kept right on fucking her pretty mouth, enjoying the feel of her saliva drooling out and down my swollen shaft. “Thanks for putting something in her mouth to shut her up” my wife growled forcing her girlcock deeper into Jane. I leaned over to see that there was only about two inched left to go before my wife had all of the dildo in Jane’s ass. As I watch with rapt attention those last two inches slid into Jane’s cute bum. “There you go honey” my wife said “told you you could take it”. My wife started slowing rocking her hips letting just a inch or so slide out before she pushed her dildo back in. She reached around Jane’s hips and slide her hand down into Jane’s crotch, I saw Jane flinch when my wife’s fingers found Jane’s clit and Jane groaned out her approval around my cock.

My wife and I made eye contact over Jane and smiled. I matched the bobbing of Jane’s head to the rhythm of my wife’s hips and she fuck Jane’s ass. My wife continued to massage Jane’s clit and Jane’s groaning grew in volume and she approached what was likely to be an explosive climax. I was getting there my self as Jane was now actively suck my hard cock and I thrust it into her drooling mouth, the slut knew how to suck cock. “The moment you cum, sweetie, my husband is going to fill that pretty mouth of yours and you better swallow it” my wife said to Jane. I hoped Jane would cum soon because I was getting close to the point of no return. I looked up to see what was happening in the rest of the room. The mousy girl (Tina) that had eaten Jane out was between another set of legs, Derek had Jeff’s cock down his throat again and the rest of the part was busy watching the show we were putting on most with only one hand free.

I turned my attention back to Jane. She was grunting and growling clearly close to cumming from the ass fuck and hand job my wife was giving her. “Are you gonna cum for us?” may wife cooed at Jane, her mouth full all Jane could do was groan louder than before. “Come on then” my wife said and increased her pace. That was all it took and a few second later Jane growled around my cock and her hands gripped my hips. She began to cum and my wife pushed all of her girlcock into Jane’s ass causing Jane to squirt as she came. Taking that as my cue I gave Jane’s mouth one or two more pumps and then let go with my load. I spurted hard into her mouth pulling out slightly so she could swallow it. Jane’s swallowed every drop of my load and kept sucking while the after shocks of her climax made her twitch and shiver.

I released Jane’s head and my wife stepped back slowly sliding her strap-on out of Jane. Jane stood up “that was fucking amazing” she said “best bachelorette gift ever”. We all looked around to see that most folks had finished up around the same time we had. Jeff, Derek, Jane and I slipped off for a quick rinse and change. When we returned everyone enjoyed a drink and mingled a bit and then the party began to wind down. Jane thanked us for throwing her such a unique bachelorette party “I will have to teach Daniel some new tricks, she said "I can send him over to help” my wife said pointing at me and they both giggled. Tina was one of the last to leave “see you next week” she said to me as she walked off. “What did she mean by that?” I asked my wife as I shut the door. “Oh you will find out” she said smiling….



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