Dennis Saran

picturing myself
lying naked
as you enter the room
your eyes bright with mischief
your breasts peeking out at me
from behind a mist thin black lace teddy
your bright pink latex girl cock strapped on
standing out before you already slick with lube
held in place with shiny leather straps and glittering silver buckles
you kneel beside me on the bed
i and i lean up
to meet you with a kiss
returning my kiss you push me back gently
your lips and fingers roaming
exploring my chest and stomach
kissing pinching my nipples
dragging your fingernails along my torso
you kneel between my outspread legs
and my breath quickens
as you kiss the tip of my cock
and gently caress my balls
looking up to meet my eyes
you lick your fingertips wetting them
rubbing them on the outside of my asshole
while you stroke my fully aroused manhood
“yes” i whisper
as you take my cock into your mouth
and push one finger inside me
slowly stroking me with your lips and tongue
a second finger
deeper now with both of them
as you give me pleasure from within and without
i moan something that almost sounds like your name
moments later you withdraw your fingers
pushing my legs higher and farther apart
meeting my eyes again you whisper
“are you ready?”
“mmmmm, yes, fuck me baby!”
slowly you slip the tip of the toy into me
bracing yourself
by wrapping an arm around my upraised leg
playing with my cock with your other hand
you push deeper into me
looking up at you
i cover your hand with my own
speeding up the stroke
you start grinding your hips faster
our hands clasped together tightly
around my now throbbing cock
as you see my eyes roll back
and feel me start to spasm beneath your hand
you slow your hips
timing each thrust
to coincide with my orgasm
as ribbons of viscous white man juice
spurting out of my cock
onto my belly and chest
one last deep thrust
and we clutch together
to squeeze the last drops out
you pull out of me and lean forward
taking my face in your hands kissing me deeply
then arching your back
you begin licking hungrily
lapping my spilled semen from my body
when every last bit of it is cleaned up
you command me
“roll over and get on your knees
i’m gonna ride that ass hard!”
hastening to obey
turning away
knees apart
ass up
utterly submissive to you
you are gentle at first
then rougher
slapping my asscheeks
digging your fingernails into my hips
pulling me to you with each thrust
sounds from you are somewhere between a growl and a giggle
as you savor the blissed out groans and whimpers form me
clutching handfulls of the sheets
you withdraw and slap my ass
and i fall over to my side
you lie next to me
face to face
looking into each others eyes
you hand finding my cock
already hardening again
my own hand reaching around
fondling the delectable curve of your ass
slipping one finger between your cheeks
i kiss the edge of your ear
and whisper
“and now the tables will be turned my dear”
and the roles of Dominant and submissive are shifted
and a new round of the game has begun


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