~Dennis Saran 

how to begin with him?
he claims to be strictly a "bottom"
submissive only
to his lovers desires
but i can see so much more within him
and so we begin as he wishes
each of us playing our prescribed roles
and i dominate him utterly
using him
to roughly satiate my lusts
and in the afterglow
my arms tightly around him
creating a safe place for him
only now
can the true seduction of him begin
drawing him out
coaxing him
with whispers
soft yet insistent kisses
awakening the beast within
summoning it forth
conjuring it
like a witch dancing around a banefire
and i feel his resolve weaken
and his desires harden
and his self imposed barriers fall away
i offer myself to him
as an untried virgin
willingly sacrificing myself
to his godlike passions
i kneel worshipfuly before him
and the switch is complete
he takes me
ravaging me
just as we have both so wished it
these roles we assign ourselves
these walls we build around our needs
were meant to come down
no barriers
no lables
our hearts free


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