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I thought I would share the story of my favorite fantasy!!!

I had been dating Melinda for a few months and things in our relationship, and sex life, were very exciting and fresh. She was an exceptionally good-looking woman. She sun bathed nude so her essentials were all bronzed from the warm Florida sunshine. She is a bright and witty woman and full of adventure. The kind of woman that brings home literature about white water rafting, rock climbing, sky diving and so on. Her adventurous nature wasn’t only for activities out of bed; she was more uninhibited than any woman I had been with. She was never afraid to try new things and she always encouraged me to do the same.

She was very prone to giving me lots of attention in the bedroom. Her oral delights were beyond compare. She craved it.  She could suck my cock for the longest time and then get behind me and tongue my ass. She loved to ride me while I lay on my back. She had finally, with lots of encouragement, gotten me to eat her pussy after I had cum inside her. I didn’t like it at first, but after I got used to it, I wanted to do every time we had sex. The one thing she had brought into our sex life that had been a truthfully eye opening experience was the night she did me with a strapon dildo. She knew I loved to have toys inside me but I had never actually been taken like I would take her. We had entertained ourselves with some light bondage and spankings. I loved to be spanked while she did me from behind with her strapon.

Anyhow, this one particular Friday evening she announced she had a special surprise for me that night. I tired to pry it out of her, but she held her ground. She had prepared a nice light meal for dinner, saying she didn’t want me to be so full I couldn’t enjoy the delights she had in store for me. After we finished dinner, and I had done the dishes, she asked me to leave the house for a little bit while she got everything ready. I asked how long and she said thirty minutes should be fine. I left the house more curious than ever, drove around town for a while unable to think of anything other than what she might be planning. For the life of me, I had no clue.

When I arrived home, I found the house completely dark. No outside lights and just a glimmer shinning through the rear window. I immediately panic thinking she had been playing a game on me, and that she had left. My heart had sunk. I opened the front door and stepped in. I heard her soft sexy voice from the back of the house. She asked me to take off all of my clothes and come to the bedroom. My heart began to race again and I quickly disrobed and walked to the back of the house. As I got closer to the room, I could see the flickering light of candles burning. I walked into the room and could see Melinda lying on the bed in an outfit I didn’t recognize. I could also make out that several items were on the bed but had no idea what they were. She slithered off the bed, walked over to me, pressed her body against mine, and tenderly kissed my lips to assure me that everything would be ok. I could smell the scent of the candles, but the scent of leather was in the room as well. Melinda was wearing a shinny new latex corset that showed off her perfect breasts, and matching pair of thigh high boots with long pointy heal. She looked awesome but also a little intimidating.

She whispered in my ear that she had some wicked ideas of things she wanted to do with me, and if I were man enough she would like to begin. Unsure of what she had in store; I just chuckled and said let the games begin.

She told me to lie in the middle of the bed. I’m not foolish, so I did exactly as she asked. She walked to the edge of the bed, took my arm, and raised it to the headboard. She had a leather strap tied to the headboard that she quickly tied to my wrist. She walked to the other side of the bed and did the same to my other arm. Once my arms were bound, she announced that I was hers to do with as she pleased. I remember thinking that’s fine with me. The last thing I saw was her picking something up off the bed. It was a wide piece of dark cloth. She tied it around head covering my eyes. I couldn’t see anything; no light was getting through. A little fear started to set in.

She then began to gently caress something over my body; my guess is it was feather. When she touched my cock, it would spring up from the light sensations. She was asking me if I had any idea what she was going to do. Of course, I replied I had no idea. She knelt down and gently licked my swollen cock and I writhed with pleasure to feel her warm wet tongue on my very excited organ. I love to feel her mouth on my cock. She licked and licked never touching the tip. She would lick and suck my balls and down the crack of my ass. Flicking her tongue over my ass hole and back up the underside of my cock sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. After several minutes, I could feel a puddle of precum forming on my belly. She took her fingers, pushed my cock to the side, and smeared the slippery stuff all over her fingers. Once her fingers were completely coated, she brought her hand to my face. I could smell the scent of my juices and knew she wanted me to taste it. I instinctively opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out searching for the wet fingers. I found her fingers, and licked and sucked on them until they were cleaned off.

She had stopped playing with my cock and it laid there on my belly hard as rock aching for relief. Then I could feel her climbing on the bed near my head. She lowered herself down closer and closer to my face. I could smell her sweet aroma and was anxious to taste her. I met her pussy on the way down and my tongue darted inside her wet hole. She gently worked her hips back and forth as I licked her hole and manipulated her clit with my tongue. She would occasionally bring her tight little sphincter near my tongue so I could tongue it also. After several minutes, she changed her position so she would face my cock. I continued to feast on her tasty snatch as she opened a bottle of slippery sex lotion. She squeezed some onto my cock and let it run down my ass. She used her fingers to knead it into my ass hole loosening me up. Purposely ignoring my throbbing cock, she began to work her fingers in and out of ass. 

Once she had me relaxed and willing to accommodate something larger she picked up a rather large dildo from the bed and pressed it against my ass hole and it began to slide in. She slowly worked it in and out of ass. I was so excited that I was grinding my hips back against it so I could take more of it. I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy to show my appreciation for what she was doing. Several minutes went by with her fucking my ass with that dildo when she started bucking and grinding her hips against my mouth. I knew she was going to cum. She exclaimed, “eat my pussy”. I flicked her clit as hard and fast I could and she started to cum. Moaning and screaming as she poured her juices all over my face. When she had stopped cumming, she scooted her body forward so she was sitting on my chest. I still had that dildo in my ass, and she was working it slowly. Then she took each of my legs, raised them up, and hooked them under her arms. This really opened my backside. 

She removed the dildo from my ass, and I began to wonder what she planned to do now. A few seconds later I felt someone else get on the bed. My heart raced, but there was nothing I could do, I was tied and Melinda was sitting on my chest. I felt something warm and slippery press against my ass hole. I asked Melinda what she was doing and she told me

"Shut up and take it, I have seen your web history and all your submissions to that BoyBoyGirlLove website so I know you want this.”

Before I could say anything something was being pushed inside my ass. It felt huge, but it also felt good. It didn’t take me long to realize that another man was in bed with us and he was putting his cock inside my ass. I could hear kissing and knew he was kissing my girlfriend while he was taking my ass. I was a bit angry, but also very excited. Afraid to admit it, but his cock sliding in and out of my ass felt really good. He had a nice gentle pace and his rhythm allowed him to use all of his cock, all of the way in and then all of the way out. Suzzanna finally released my legs and they feel down beside this anal intruder, but he quickly raised them up to his shoulders and continued to work his cock in my ass. Suzzanna slid off of me and got off of the bed.

Moments later I felt somebody else climbing onto the bed. This person straddled my chest. As this person was positioning himself, Melinda was telling me to take what ever is offered to my mouth. As she was saying that I felt something brush across my face. The man that was kneeling over me with his cock pointed at my face reached down and lifted my head so that the tip of his cock was resting on my lips. I parted my lips and tasted his cock with my tongue. The first time I have ever tasted a man’s cock. It wasn’t a bad taste and I began to run my tongue along his tip, and under his shaft. His precum was oozing out of the tip and I lapped at it with my tongue. It tasted like mine and I liked it. After several minutes, I got bold enough to try to take it in my mouth. I opened my mouth and let it find it’s way in, closing my lips around it. What a feeling to have a hard meaty cock in my mouth. I tried to slide my mouth back and forth on his swollen cock but I had a hard time because of being tied on my back. The man whose cock was fucking my face held my head and slowly worked his cock back and forth, in and out of my hot wet mouth. 

The other man had his cock pistoning in and out of my ass and I was really losing myself with this experience. It was completely incredible, a big thick cock fucking my ass while I sucked on another. I would have never guessed this would happen tonight. Melinda was asking me how I liked what was happening, but I could only gasp for air with this big cock in my mouth. She laughed and said, “looks like you like it.” These men were very good at what they did and had incredible control. They simultaneously fucked their respective orifices for several minutes. Then Melinda said she wanted for both of the men to cum. I became a little concerned then but I had no choice but to receive whatever was going to happen to me. Both men quickened their paces. An absolute euphoria rushed over me as I felt thoroughly taken and out of control. I could hear the man that was pounding his cock up my ass breathing very hard and I knew he was about to explode inside my ass. He leaned forward, drove his cock all of the way in, and then let out a deep moan and I knew he was starting. He grabbed my hips and fucked his big cock as hard and fast as he could as he pumped his hot load of cum into my ass. He continued to pound my ass squirting his slippery goo with each stroke into my hungry ass.

I started to gasp for air and moan loudly but the man whose cock was in my mouth was sounding as though he was also close to cumming. He held my head firm and fucked his prick into my mouth. I wanted his cum, I couldn’t believe it, but I wanted his cum in my mouth. A few seconds later he said he was going to cum. Melinda told him to cum in my mouth. With that I felt the first big stream of his warm sperm enter my mouth. I didn’t like the taste immediately but as more came into my mouth, I began to become more accustomed to the taste. He kept cumming and cumming, his salty jism filling my cheeks and I knew I had to swallow it before I choked on it. I started to swallow as I continued to suck more out of his cock. After a short time he stopped cumming and pulled his sensitive cock from my lip’s grasp.

Both men got up from the bed and said their thanks to Melinda. I didn’t recognize either voice. Then they said their good byes and left the room. Melinda came over to the bed and whispered in my ear how proud of me she was, and that she would tend to my swollen neglected cock. She lowered her mouth to my cock and took it inside. She slid me back and forth inside her warm wet mouth, and used her fingers to probe my cum filled ass. She started sucking hard and had several fingers working in and out of my ass. I knew I couldn’t last and began to empty my load into her mouth. She sucked me until my cock was spent. Then she came up and untied my arms and my blindfold. I wrapped my arms around her and brought her to me so I could kiss her. Our lips met and we began to kiss. I used my tongue to find the inside of her mouth and as her lips parted a flood of cum rushed into my mouth. We continued to kiss for several minutes playing with the cum with our tongues. Of course I ended up with most of it in my mouth and had to swallow it as well. 

I guess not erasing my browsing history is one way to let my girlfriend know what my kinks are. Thank you to boyoygirllove.tumblr.com.



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Well, that got me nearly cumming without touching my hard cock. What a hot story, thanks for sharing :)

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thats so fucking hot I love it

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I just flooded my Plastic Panties !!!

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wow pretty hot

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wow, that was one of the best stories yet, so wish that was me...thanks

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WOW Thay goy me dripping in my Plastic Panties !!! JoieBee

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