Written by mexmed01af

Ever since Lacey hooked Jason and I up, we’ve been spending more time together. I’ve opened myself to my bisexual side. It’s been a fun ride. Jason continues to help me with my sensitive gag reflex and I’ve learned how to top a little more than before. Lacey has been invited to watch us. It seems to be her number one turn on. Jason and I have even gone out clubbing together. Jason one day asked if I would be willing to open myself up for more and on various levels. Of course I was curious and said, yes.

Jason asked me to meet at his place and be ready for a night of fun exploring. I came by and as I walked in I saw Jason talking to another guy. The guy turned to me and back to Jason and said, “You’re kidding me. He’s gay?!” The other guy it turns out works at one of the branch salons where I’ve gotten my hair cut and gotten massages. His name is Derek and I recognized him as soon as I saw him. He’s a slender, light skinned black man. Definitely on the effeminate side, he’s attractive and well kept. Derek looked good in his skinny jeans and striped long sleeve pull over. He was clearly shocked to see me. “He always seems so masculine and flirts with the girls at the salon.” I turned to Jason and stated the obvious, “I take it this is how you want me to expand my horizons?” Jason replied, “Of course. You mentioned you were open to new ideas and I think it would be hot to see and have both chocolate and caramel together. Derek, have you ever been with a Mexican before?” Derek’s mouth dropped and said, “No, I haven’t. But I can’t believe he’s gay!”

“Just to be clear, I’m not entirely gay. I’m bi. I still like girls, but I’m open to exploring other avenues,” I replied. Derek smiled and looked me up and down. Jason mentioned, “You up for this? Derek does have a long cock.” I smiled and said, “I said I’m open to new things and I wouldn’t mind trying black cock.” As I said that, I moved towards Derek and kissed him and grabbed his tight ass with both hands. I moved away as Derek still seemed shocked and moved towards Jason and hugged and kissed him passionately. “Sorry, I should’ve kissed you first,” I stated with a smile. “Not a problem. You made my night with the look on his face,” Jason replied. “Before we play, can we clean up? I haven’t had a chance today,” I mentioned. Jason grabbed my hand and took me to his bathroom and ask Derek to join us. I got undressed as Derek continue to look in disbelief. Jason pulled out an enema kit, a 2 liter bag and used it on me. As I was getting filled up, Derek and Jason got undressed in front of me and started getting the shower ready. Jason kissed me and said, “Once you’re ready, we’ll finish cleaning you up.” I took the whole bag and got clean for them. I stepped into the shower and as they were rinsing soap off of each other. Derek stated, “I am so excited to have fun with you, I’ve always wanted to be with a more masculine man.” I smiled, “I’m glad you’re happy. I only hope I can take all of you. I’m still learning.” Derek smiled and replied, “I’m all too happy to help you.”

Jason and Derek lathered me up and rinsed me off. I was quite turned on having their hands on me and their cocks rubbing against my legs and ass. I grabbed a cock in each hand, feeling them throbbing and started stroking. As they rinsed me off, they kissed up on me. I was rock hard. Jason got behind me and went on a knee and started rimming me. Derek started kissing me and nibbling my nipples. “I will do anything you ask of me,” I said in ecstasy. We finished the shower, dried up and walked into bedroom with only our towels on. Jason came to me and we embraced and kissed passionately. He whispered in my ear, “We need to loosen your ass a little or we’ll hurt you.”

Jason bent me over and inserted a dildo. “Now on your knees,” he ordered. As I kneeled, they both stood over me. I grabbed each cock in each hand. I started stroking and licking each one, starting with Jason’s. I alternated between each. Both precums had a different taste. Jason was slightly salting and Derek’s had a hint of something sweet. I put their tips together and licked them. Then I went down each shaft and lick and sucked their balls. I took as much of Jason’s cock in my mouth before I gagged. I did the same for Derek, but Derek’s cock was longer. I didn’t take long for me to gag. Derek chuckled, “Damn you’re cute.”

Derek put me on the bed on my back and started stroking and sucking my cock. He immediately deep throated me. And Jason was kissing my chest, nibbling my nipples. Meanwhile, Derek also messed with the dildo in my ass. It felt amazing!

Derek continued sucking and Jason placed his cock in my mouth and I started sucking his. Derek was awesome at sucking cock. He did something with his mouth that made a slight popping sound as he sucked the tip. He then pulled the dildo out all at once as he was sucking me. I gasped and almost choked on Jason’s cock. Derek ask me, “Now that I have you hard I want you to fuck me. I want to feel how much you want me.” I put some lube on my cock, bent Derek over and slid myself into him. Jason got on the other side and had Derek sucking his cock. I started easy at first but caught myself going faster and harder much to Derek’s delight. It was a turn on to hear him moan with a cock in his mouth. That was my first time hearing it instead of doing the moaning with my mouth full. Derek also has a nice ass. I caught myself spanking him. First time I’d spanked a guy. Jason smiled. I gave Derek a few good whacks on the ass as I fucked him as deep as I could. I probably would’ve cum if I’d kept going, but Jason stopped me.

“I want to have some fun with you now,” Jason stated. He me get on the bed with me ass up and face down. Derek smiled and said, “Oh, I love seeing you like this.” Jason got behind me and licked my ass a little and fingered it. Stretching me a bit. He then put some lube on his cock and inserted himself into me. Of course I started breathing deeply and moaning. Even after being with Jason about a dozen times since we met, taking a cock in still is an overwhelming feeling for me initially. He eased into me. Jason’s cock isn’t as long as Derek’s but has more girth. Derek laid in front of me and had me suck his cock. Jason went slow but deep with me as I was trying to stroke and suck Derek. I played, licked and even sucked his balls. I still tried to take more of Derek’s cock, but kept gagging. “You’re doing fine. You’re getting this down,” Derek moaned. I was rather enjoying tasting Derek’s precum. Jason enjoyed surprising me with a change in rhythm and force. He would suddenly pull out completely or suddenly fuck me faster just to see me gag on Derek’s cock as I would moan or suddenly breathe deeply.

Jason pulled out of me and laid on his back and ask me to sit on his cock. I straddled him and slowly inserted Jason into me. As I had almost all of his cock in my ass, Jason pushes into me. It actually felt good and not painful. I rode his cock for a bit starting easing then going faster, changing it up. Both of us were moaning. Derek then came over and kissed me and was kissing and nibbling my chest. Derek then started sucking my cock. It didn’t take long for me to get rock hard. I was moaning loudly. The feeling of being fucked and sucked at the same time was incredible. Within a few minutes I came. I felt my ass tighten around Jason’s cock as Derek took the full load of my cum and swallowed. Jason didn’t cum yet and kept fucking me for a minute after as I laid on my side and then pulled out. I was feeling overwhelmed at this point and breathing like I had just ran a mile. Derek kissed me. I could taste the remnants of my cum on his lips. Jason followed and then they both proceeded to kiss me on the chest and focused on my nipples. My nipples are sensitive to begin with. At this point, the sensation made me shake a little.

“We aren’t done with you yet,” stated Derek with a smirk on his face. “Now that Jason loosen that tight ass of yours a little maybe you can handle all of me now,” he said. “I don’t know if I can’t handle anymore stimulation right now,” I stated. Jason replied, “Oh you will take him. That’s why we’re here. Now bend over and present your ass.” I did as I was told. I bent over and put my face in the bed and reached to spread my ass cheeks. Derek lubed his cock and stuck it in my ass. He was about half way in when I started to feel really full. “Oh my god,” I moaned, “I’m not sure if I can take much more.” Derek eased in and out of me for a minute, then he inserted more of his cock into me. I was moaning loudly and I started to quiver. Jason came over and held my iPhone near me. “Tell Lacey what’s happening to you,” he ordered. “Oh my god,” I moaned loudly as Derek went deeper into me. “I’m….. (deep breath)….. getting fucked…… (ohhhh!)…. by a black cock!”

“You fucking slut,” I heard Lacey say. “Know that Tiffany is here listening, too.”

“We want to hear you fuck him hard,” Tiffany said. Derek pulled back almost out, then shoved almost his entire long cock into me in one stroke. I moaned and yelled, “Fuck me!”

“Oh, that’s what I’m doing,” Derek said as he increased his rhythm. As Derek was fucking me, I tried to keep my asshole relaxed. But suddenly I felt my body tense up. I was cumming. I let out a loud yell, “Oh my god!”

Jason spoke into the phone, “Hope you girls heard that.”

“We did! That is so hot!” Lacey said.

“Now we get to cum,” Jason replied.

Jason had me get on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. Jason shoved his cock into me, without a condom this time and Jason stuck his cock in my mouth. I was moaning, gagging, trying to scream. Derek had my legs on his shoulders as he reached to stroke my already sensitive cock. Jason kept us my mouth for his pleasure. He intentionally made me gag and was enjoying it. Jason suddenly blew his hot load in my mouth just as Derek was pushing into me. I tried to swallow but choked and made a mess. “This is how I wanted to see you…. all messy,” Jason stated. Then I felt Derek’s pulsating cock shoot his load into my ass, as he moaned loudly. I still had Jason’s semi hard cock in my mouth.

Derek and Jason both got up and just stared at me. “I never in my dreams thought you would take cock like you did,” stated Derek. “This was such an awesome treat.”

I simply laid in bed spent with my face somewhat covered in cum and my ass dripping. “You stay there until we’re done cleaning up, then you can shower,” Jason ordered. I ended up not waking up for an hour with cum dried up on me.



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