My response to a challenge issued in my BBGL Forum:

How would you make out with your own clone?


I’d tie her up…because I know deep down she is a greedy little slut. I’d know just where to lick and bite and suck to get her writhing against her restraints and giving me that pleading look that she uses when she wants to cum and is at someone’s will.  I know she has been longing for a taste of a wet, smooth cunt so I’d give her just that.  I’d bury my hand in her thick hair and straddle her face, settling over that mouth that’s just been pouting. I’d grind on her little tongue and watch her eyes as I take my pleasure from her.  She’s vocal.  The noises coming from her vibrate against me and send me over the edge. I’d slide off of her and see the trail of wetness left on her face.  Knowing how much she use to love kissing girls I would bend down and lick my cum off of her chin and lips before sinking in for a long heated kiss.  I’d grind my swollen, sensitive cunt against her straining one.  I’d groan feeling all that slick, hot skin rub against me.  I’d remember doing this years ago with a scrap of underwear between us and always wondering what it would feel like bare. Knowing just what kind of pressure she needs to cum I’d take her to the edge and pull back.  I’d smile at what a sexual creature she is biting her lip and arching for more of me.

Instructing her onto her knees and keeping her face turned towards me I’d strap on my black rippled girlcock and steal glimpses of the wet flesh between her legs.  There would be no hesitation to bend down and spread her ass to burry my tongue in her puckered little hole.  I let her push back onto my tongue and fuck herself on me.  I know exactly how much her clit throbs from her ass being penetrated.  I reach between her legs and smack at her pussy a few times before sliding two fingers up inside her, a tight familiar heat that I need to know the taste of.  I lick forward and slide through her lips as the taste of her explodes on my tongue in a sweet, musky heat that has me groaning.  I feel the weight of my cock between my legs and swear I can feel it throb at the thought of tunneling inside her.

Her voice breaks through my revere and pulls me back to her need and mine: to fuck that sweet cunt.  I straighten and drag my hand through her wetness, coating my cock in her before positioning the blunt head in all that greedy pink flesh.   I fuck forward and watch as her lips spread for me.  I grab her hips and pull her ass tight to me, reveling in the “fuck yes” that spills from her parted lips as I sink inside. I pull back slowly and groan at the sight of her cum coating my dark cock.  I know it kills her not to be able to touch her cunt as it’s pounded and I let into her with everything I’ve got.  Her asshole is all I can focus on as I drive my cock in and out of her.  My thumb pushes in as I use the additional grip to pull her back onto my cock.  Her mouth is a string of filth as she nears the brink and in that moment I never want to stop fucking her.  Making her cum is all I can think about.  In the back of my mind I can feel my body reaching for it’s own release but I refuse to cross that brink before her.  ”Cum baby…fucking cum for me,” I grunt out knowing she needs to hear this.  I feel her shake apart beneath me in a torrent of curses and moans, feeling her ass contract around my thumb.  I grind against the base of my cock as my hand seeks out her tits and push myself over the edge.  My body sinks into hers as I pull her to me and our pleasure blends into one convulsing, shuddering pile of limbs.      



Michael Brown
08/02/2016 5:00pm

Loved your short. I too can imagine having an incredible encounter with the clone of myself. I want to suck my cock to orgasm but I can't reach it. I thrust at the bed sheets imagining a 69.
I would so love to be tied face down and spread eagle. Mouth made to suck. Ass teased open. Made to hold off orgasm for what feels like eternity.
Hell, throw in a second clone and a hot female and never leave the bedroom.

02/10/2017 3:31am

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