Watching you suck his cock, eyes locked on mine and feeling his erratic breath against my neck…I want nothing more than his cum in your mouth.  His hand tightens on my waist and the other sneaks around to lodge in your hair desperate for more of that timid hot heat that you are teasing him with.  I press my clit into the base of his cock and can’t help but writhe in his lap as I watch you grow hungrier and hungrier for what I know is the most sinfully delicious cock.  I can see your hand stroking between your legs as you fight to catch your breath as you take him in deeper and deeper.  The three of us move together carried away by the intensity and heat of the moment.  My husband cries out against my neck, his lips and tongue leaving a hot wet trail as he jerks and pumps a stream of hot cum into your mouth.  The sight of his cum leaking from another man’s mouth is enough to push me over the edge and I arch into his cock and explode as I watch you close your eyes and moan around his cock as you find your own release.  The rush of the moment subsides into a quiet lull of heaving breathing.  I pull you up our bodies, loving the feel of being sandwiched between two men.  The shy look is gone from your face and is replaced with a sexy shit-eating grin.  I smile and bring your lips to mine for the first time.  The familiar taste of my husband’s cum against the unfamiliar taste of your mouth is incredibly erotic and I moan as we share the taste.  There is a whispered curse from my husband near by.  We separate for a second only to make room for his mouth and seeking tongue.  I can feel him arch up beneath me and I know he is aroused from the feel of your cock pressing against his as we kiss. I smile into your mouths as I know we are in for a long, pleasurable night!



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