Two men who desire me as much as they do each other.

A gradual build up of sexual intensity leading up to it.

A night out…dinner, definitely dancing.  I’ve always loved the idea of a threeway dance on a crowded dance floor.  Bodies straining, lips dancing close, hot breath and dark, hungry eyes with promises of the wickedly dirty things to come.

We’re wet and hard by the time we arrived back to hotel.  A few feet into the door and we are embracing…tearing at each others clothes, desperate for the feel of each other.

Kissing.  All three of us with equal passion.  Each person straining to be inside the next.  Mouths and fingers doubling my pleasure pushing me embarrassingly fast over the edge.

A moment of male-male hunger where I can’t pull my eyes from their lust for one another’s flesh.  Quickly being drawn back into the fold and overwhelmed in the masculine scent and feel of two straining males against my softer curves.

That perfect moment where two cocks are filling my ass and cunt.  A loud chorus of grunts and moans at finally being joined together.  Two cocks straining against each other in rapid thrusts at they work in tandem to overwhelm and drive me to the peak. 

A moment of unified pleasure so intense we feel we will never reach the bottom.

So much cum I am barely free from their embrace when I feel it sliding free from my holes.  Mouths, still hungry for more lapping at my exhausted flesh. 

A kiss, combined with their flavor and with enough heat and intensity that it sparks round 2.



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