It’s a hot day…the kind that is only bearable when you bare your skin and let the breeze cool the sweat on your body.  It’s the kind of day that makes you feel darling to expose whatever skin you can, regardless of the passerbys and onlookers.  I feel a thrill race through me as I pull up images on my phone…filthy ones that get my blood pumping.  I have little regard to my appearance as I sink back in my seat and slide my hand up my inner thigh.  A quick maneuver behind my panties and I am knuckle deep in slick, warm pussy.

Ahhhhh.  I bite my lip at the indulgent feel of having access to my cunt in broad daylight.  I have but a few moments of sensual solitude before a car pulls in the space beside mine.   I shift my knee up to block my obvious self pleasure but do little to shield my phone from view.  From the corner of my eye I can make out that it’s a man occupying the car but other than a causal glance my way, he settles into waiting as I have.

I fight to hide my pout at being intruded upon.  I’ve always been a greedy girl when it comes to pleasure and once in the zone I found it almost impossible to pull my hand away from my goal.  I felt bold behind my sunglasses.  With a subtle shift of my eyes I could watch him and not be detected.  I made up my mind to continue on. 

Scrolling through my phone I stop when a gif catches my eye.  I watch captivated as a man pulls his buddy back on his cock repeatedly.  His face is contorted in a moment of sheer bliss but there is a look in his eye as he stares right at me that says he knows I’m watching.  I let my mind run with that thought as I imagine being in the room with them, hearing every sweaty grunt and slicked up thrust.

A movement from the corner of my eye pulls me back from my playtime as I realize I’m being watched.  No longer am I able to hide the subtle shift of my hips as I rock against my now soaked fingers.  I hesitate for only a moment before deciding to continue, knowing I will never see this man again in my life.

With a soft moan I lay my head back against the head rest and let my knee slowly lower to the point where I know he can know make out my hand movements.  There is a quick cough from inside his car as he sits up straighter, obviously eager to see more. 

Feeling bold I tilt the screen of my phone in his direction so he can see just what a dirty girl I am.  There is a low curse barely audible from his car and a smile plays at the corners of my lips.  Wind blows in from my window sending several strands of hair into my face.  Rather than dropping my phone I pull my hand from between my legs and swipe at the wayward strands, smearing my own cum along the side of my face. 

Returning to my needy cunt I slide two fingers inside and work a third inside my asshole.  The instant my pucker is breached my clit begins throbbing hard.  Biting my lip I begin rocking into my palm watching my boys fuck over and over and over.  I’m lost in my own pleasure as two of my biggest turn-ons coalesce into an intense orgasm that sends my body into a series of spasms.

It takes me a second to regain some awareness of my surroundings but as I do I look over and see the most pained look of arousal on my voyeur’s face.  I smile shyly and straighten my clothing back into place.  Just then, my cargo jumps in the car and the sensual connection between us is broken.  I swear I can hear a curse under his breath as I put my car in reverse.  Before pulling away though I can’t resist lowering my glasses to wink at him.



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