Your gif set made me want to be in the room with you…seeing your body close up because I know it would be incredible in person.  I love that you left they hair on your ass.  Hairy asses make me wet…they make me want dirty things.  That and the way you arch your hips…wickedly sinful.  I would love to hold you open and look my fill.  Just my breath and my eyes on you.  I bet you clench and open reflexively wanting to feel me against you.  I’d blow on you and tell you to keep doing that.  I’d get my mouth as close as humanly possible to your asshole and just let my mouth water…maybe even drool on you. I won’t let up until you start begging for my mouth on you. 

I’d grab handfuls of your ass and just pull you against me.  My tongue isn’t shy…it licks and probes and sucks every inch of your pucker.  I let you fuck back against my tongue as it slides in and out of you.  My hand forms a tight fist against your cock creating a dual need to keep pushing back and driving forward.  My face is a wet mess after a few minutes; my breath coming in gasps as you near suffocate me with your need. 

When I can’t take any more I push you forward and smack your ass, loving the feel of your full cheeks against my palm.  I reach for my strapless cock and slide it as deep inside my cunt as I can.  I’m too wet though and have to hold it in place.  Falling forward, I hold myself up on one hand and guide my cock inside you with the other.  Your legs close as I rest my weight against them and sit back.  I rotate my hips and begin fucking you, loving the way your full ass bounces with each push of my hips.  I sink my hands into your checks and spread you open so I can watch my cock disappear inside of you.  You are loose after a few minutes of fucking so I slide a finger in alongside my cock, still using my other hand full of ass to pull you back on me.     

You love to be filled and beg for more.  I work two more fingers in and pick up my pace.  My clit and g-spot are swollen and throbbing from the dual stimulation.  I wish I could go on forever fucking you like this but I know you are at the edge with me.

I encourage you to flip over you and slide back inside of you.  Your cock is a wet mess that looks ready to burst.  I bend over and latch my mouth onto you as my hips find a rhythm that slowly push us over the edge in the most intense, shuddering orgasm.  I pull my mouth from your cock and swallow all but a few drops of cum.  Leaning over you I slide my cum covered tongue out and smile as you pull me down for a kiss.   




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