Intensity like I have never felt before.

Legs spread open for you and Adam.  Piston-like thrusts between your hand and his, working in tandem inside my pussy.  The sensation is new and exhilarating.  The time you both took to slowly massage and work me open until I could take not one but two of your hands has wrung several orgasms from me and left me shaking.

Each time I cum, the shear eroticism of the moment  spurs me on to another.  Like I have reached a new state of arousal and only want more and more.  I watch you each take turns pulling your hands from me to feed glistening fingers to the other.  Neither of you looks away from me as you lick and suck my juices.  My clit throbs in response.  “I want to taste your cocks,” I moan.  

But you guys have other plans.  Adam’s hand slides free and down an inch to my tight pucker.  Your hand forms a fist and continues with the relentless pounding pace.  He wiggles two fingers inside and I am surprised at how easily I am penetrated.  I realize the double penetration has helped relax and warm up my entire body.  Immediately my pussy contracts, loving the stimulation inside of my sensitive channel.

"Oh fuck…her cunt is tightening on me.  She loves her ass played with!"

It isn’t long before I feel another orgasm mounting.  I push back on them in single-minded pleasure.  “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee-!!”  My body shakes under the force of their fucking and I explode over the edge.  Your hands both slow in pace as I ride out the remainder of my release.  Through a fog of bliss I feel your hands slip from me.

The sounds of Adam’s groans pulls me from my haze and I lift my heavy eye lids to see you on your knees before him.  You are sliding your slicked up hand over his length and then sinking down on him to lick it off.

"Keep that up and my load is gonna end up in your mouth instead of her pussy along with your own," he warns you while watching me with lustful eyes.

I can only imagine what I must look like with my pussy so stretched open and ready for fucking.   Unable to stop myself I reach down and slide my fingers into it.  It feels foreign to me.  I’ve never felt it so pliable before.  Without another thought I am pushing my own fist inside to play.

"You’re killing us babygirl," you growl, pulling my hand feel and lifting it up to your lips.  Adam is there, leaning in to share it with you.  The double suction is incredible and I has me whimpering.

Without warning I am lifted up and flipped over face down.  My legs are pulled apart by each of you.  I feel loose and stretched open and so damn needy for more.  I want to be stuffed full of cocks and cum in the worst way.  Before I can utter one syllable of my filthy craving my hips are tilted up and I am mounted from above, my pussy filled by Adam, drawing a satisfied hiss from my lips.  From below you smack and rub my clit causing me to squeal as the cock inside me sets up a slow and steady pump.

"What do you think babygirl…can I fit my hand in here too?"

The thought causes an ache deep inside of me.  “Yes, yes, yes…” I chant, pushing back into Adam’s meaty cock.

Your fingers are there, sliding in beneath his cock.  I let out a strangled moan as the fleshy part of your palm breaches me.  It takes me a second to catch my breath as you push up into my g-spot and rub.

"Damn that’s tight…you do the fucking buddy…give this luscious cunt what it needs."

My mind is in a sensual haze as I am plowed from above, the force of each thrust pushes your hand deeper inside of me until  you are buried to the wrist in my wet heat.

"Fuck yessss!  Let’s fist and fuck her together buddy!"

I feel a shift in the pace until you are both driving inside me as one unified sexual organ.  I can’t believe how much I love it!  The place I’ve gone in my head is pure sexual instinct and greed and I revel in the noisy, fleshy fuck.  I feel a pressure begin to build.  Unlike an orgasm…more intense…like I have to pee.  It builds and builds until I am keening low and animal-like and trying to pull away from you both.  I begin to feel my muscles contract inside me and suddenly you are both pulling free.

"Holy fuck…she’s squirting!" you yell.

I feel wetness splash my thighs as I howl at the intensity of the release.  Your hand is there driving inside repeatedly, forcing out another wet spray from between my now shaking legs.

"Good yes…spray my cock you sweet fucking girl," Adam says.

It seems endless as I am drained dry by your relentless fingers.  It takes me a few minutes to recover and I am grinning from ear to ear at what has just happened.  “OMG that was amazing!” I say, still trying to catch my breath.  My hair is plastered to my sweaty face as I smile back at you two.

"Want more babygirl?" you ask.

"Yes!" I wiggle my ass and arch my hips. “Both cocks this time, please.”

Suddenly I am lifted into the air and deposited on top of you facing Adam.  His hand is there feeding your cock inside of me and giving my clit a playful lick. I lay back on you and enjoy the hot flicks of his tongue while you begin rocking inside of me.  It’s fucking heaven to be between you two.

"Get your cock in here buddy…need to feel you against me inside of her!"

"Fuck yeah…it’s what we’ve all been fantasizing about," Adam says with a sexy grin on his face.  Climbing on top of me he finds my mouth and gives me a kiss that leaves me breathless.  "You ready for this?"  He winks, adding some lube his cock.

"God yes…I need you both inside of me now!!"

Without another word his warm cock head is pressing against my pussy, demanding entrance.  You stop your movements and we both hold our breaths while he sinks in and slides down your length.

All three of us moan in unison at the sheer perfection of the moment.  I feel both your cocks jerk inside of me and I clench involuntarily.  Two cocks.  Two sets of lips against my neck and throat.  Two sets of hands sliding over me.  Two hard bodies pressing me into each other.  It’s enough to ramp up my lust to where I am squirming and writhing between you two.  “Don’t hold back boys…fuck me as hard as you can!”

You both grunt your approval and begin to fuck me.  It takes you a bit to find a rhythm but when you do it’s hard and fast.  The walls of my swollen pussy respond, tightening around you as I begin to feel my orgasm build again.  My g-spot is tender but quickly begins throbbing in need.

"Fucking hell your cock feels good next to mine," you grind out between clenched teeth at Adam.

He leans down and takes your lips in a fierce kiss.  “God…your dick and her cunt…I knew it would be this hot!”

Seeing your lust for each other brings me to the edge.  “Gonna cum,” I howl.  “Fucking fill me!!!”

Needing no other encouragement then that you both grind your cocks together inside of me and let loose a torrent of cum.  Clamping down on you both I feel each jerk and pulse of your release as I reach my peak and explode over the edge in a blinding wet rush of pleasure.  Our moans fill the air and continue on for what seems like forever.

Exhausted beyond words I close my eyes and drift off.  Some time later I come to as you are carrying me to the bedroom.  Still so drowsy I let you pull back the covers and deposit me between the crisp cool sheets.  You climb in beside me and pull me into your arms.

Without my having to ask you say, “Adam is just finishing up in the shower and will be joining us shortly.”

I smile up at you and you lean down to kiss first my nose then my lips.  “Not sure we will ever be able to top that,” you whisper almost in awe.

"It was incredible,"  I agree.  We sink into a moment of silence, each of us recalling in vivid detail the last few hours.  "I bet we can have fun trying to top it though."

We both giggle.

"What’s so funny?"  Adam walks into the room, quickly discarding his towel and climbing next to me under the blankets.

 ”This insatiable wench hasn’t had enough fucking…want us to try and top that.”

Adam nuzzles into me and yawns against my neck.  “Greedy woman…how about you both DP my ass next time.  Who says she gets to have all the fun?”

"Fuck yes!" We both exclaim at the same time.

"Deal. First sleep, then food…then more fucking," he promises.

Nestled between you two I drift to lust filled thoughts of what was to come.


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