We’d seen him across the dance floor, nursing his drink and eying his watch like he had better places to be.  There was something about him though; a restless energy that look like it needed an outlet and badly. 

"So what do you think?" Sean leaned in close and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.  His lips explored my neck as he whispered, "He’s practically begging for it."

Taking one last swig of my beer, I stood up and grabbed his hand.  I purposely steered us past the guy’s table and saw him take notice as we slowly walked by.  I chose a spot not too far away and pulled Sean in close.  I waited for our guy to find my eyes as I swayed to the music and felt my hunger grow.  If I was right, I’d find the chemistry that I had been searching for.  If I was wrong…well fuck it, you only loved once, right?

Wasting no time I slid my hands down from Sean’s waist and grabbed two handfuls of jean-clad ass.  Like a moth to a flame I had the other guy’s attention, his eyes casual at first, taking in Sean’s full round ass.  It wasn’t until his eyes flickered up to mine that the fire really started to burn.  His hunger.  My hunger.  There was no denying we both wanted what was between us and more. 

Motioning with my finger, I beckoned him to join us and waited for a heart-pounding eternity for him to work up the courage to come over.  The music was loud and frenetic in its pulsing energy.  The dance floor swallowed him up in a sea of sweaty bodies and breathless lust as he fought to reach us. 

"He took the bate, " I whispered loud enough for Sean to hear and spun in his arms so that my ass was against his hardening cock.  I gave a slow sultry circle of my hips as I watched our guy edge his way around us.  None of us said anything.  Only smiled.  I pulled him in with an arm around his neck and knew his eyes were locked on Sean’s.

I was wet in moments, living my hottest fantasy; to be this close to some scorching hot man lust.  Hell, I wasn’t close, I could feel it coming off of them in waves.  Like a conduit, I fucking lit up.  I tried to control my breathing as I brought them in closer. 

I let it simmer as I watched them eye fuck each other.  It was like they were in their own world, their lust palpable.  As they slowly closed the distance between each other, my breath caught.  God yes, I wanted what they wanted so badly.  To watch, participate…it didn’t matter.  We were gonna take this thing all the way to the end and fucking combust….



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