You feel it slide down your ass crack and pool in your hole.  It’s cold against your heated flesh and you involuntarily open and clench your pucker pulling some inside you.  From behind you her breath catches and you hear her swear softly under her breath.  A cap clicks closed and moments later you are rewarded with her fingers sliding back and forth teasing, playing in the wet puddle.  The muscles in your back tense as you flex your pelvis up and silently plead for more.  It’s a craving that’s been riding you hard for weeks…ever since she surprised you with her tongue down there one day. 

You’d been playing with your ass for years, always in private thinking she’d be appalled by your desire for backdoor stimulation.  Sometimes it was a few fingers and other times it was makeshift objects around the house.  When the need struck you weren’t picky.  Anything to fill your hole and find relief would do.

She is slow and methodical in her touch, rubbing around the puckered rim, spreading your ass open further to get a peak at the pink glistening skin beyond the hair.  It feels deliciously dirty to have her looking at you there.  You can’t see her face but you know her eyes are dark and hungry.  A moan forms in your throat encouraging her, desperate to be penetrated.

Your breath snags as her finger breaches your asshole and you don’t hold back, pushing into it, driving her in deep. 

“God, you’re fucking tight,” she sighs.

“Not for long,” you smile.  “ Don’t hold back…give it to me.”

Not needing any further encouragement she applies more lube and begins working in first two then three fingers, finally giving you a taste of that fullness you’ve been so hungry for.  It feels so good to have her inside of you…that constant push/pull of her skin against yours.   You begin rocking into her, loving the feel when her hand begins smacking into your ass as her fingers reach their full depth.  Her fingers are so small and delicate though and it isn’t long before you want more.  More depth and more fullness.  In that moment images of asses being fisted fill your mind.  Your recall some depraved images you’d caught glimpses of online of a man’s ass being fisted and suddenly that’s what you want.

“Fucking put it all in me!” you grunt out, delirious on pleasure.

Her movements slow down a bit as she asks, “More fingers?”

“I want your whole hand in there babygirl…just like I watched you do to your cunt last week.”

Her fingers stop altogether and then pull free from your ass.  You are left feeling stretched and open on your hands and knees.  For a moment you worry you’ve pushed her too far.  Then you hear the unmistakable click of the cap and your lust ramps up for what’s to come. 

Her fingers are dripping wet when they return and there is a loud suctioning noise when her fingers tunnel in and pull out.  The friction is delicious as she pounds into you, working to open and stretch your rim.  You feel her fourth finger maneuver in and stretch your ass to it’s limits.  It nearly takes your breath away at the intensity.  “Oh fuck…maybe four’s enough,” you say.

“It’s not,” she says simply.  “You’re going to take my whole hand.  It’s what I know you need.”

The quiet dominance in her voice causes your cock to jerk against your stomach.  It’s wet and leaking a steady stream of precum. 

You laugh nervously, “I may have bitten off more than I can chew I-.”

The sudden smack of her hand against your ass, stuns you into silence.  Her hand picks up momentum as she pumps her fingers in and out.  The intensity is blended with pleasure and a twinge of pain and for a moment you have another objection on the tip of your tongue.

“You can and will.  My cunt is already hungry to see your ass stretched open for me.”  There is a hint of a challenge in her tone and your cock has decided for you that it’s up for it.

“My ass is yours to take then darlin.”

She smacks you twice more and giggles.  “As if you had a choice.”

Your ass is beginning to warm against beneath her palm and you almost ask for more as the sensation travels around to your balls and shaft, threatening to spill your cum all over you.  You are surprised how much you love being spanked. 

“Your greedy ass wants a fist pounding, doesn’t it?”  She purrs, really getting into it.

You decide to go all out and give her what she wants.  “It’s as hungry as your cunt was taking it. Fuck’n feed it to me babygirl!”

More smacks rain down on your other cheek and you can’t help but arch your back like needy slut.  “God yessss!”  You are surprised by how easily her four fingers are moving inside of you now.  Suddenly you can’t wait to feel her whole fist behind that momentum. 

“I knew you were a naughty boy who needed a good spanking,” she smirks as she begins working her thumb inside of you, slowly twisting back and forth inside of your tight ring.  “That’s it…open that man cunt up for me!  So fucking tight…come on baby…give it up for me!”

Sweat has formed against your brow and you are breathing hard.   Your cock is forgotten sagging against your stomach.  It’s almost too much to bare.  How the fuck could one small digit hurt so much?

Suddenly you feel something wet wiggling against your anus and you realize her tongue is in play, licking your abused ring.  It sends a jolt of pleasure up your shaft and you cry out, loving it. In between wet licks you hear her say, “You love it when I lick your hairy ass, don’t you baby?  Naughty boys love their dirty, hairy asses licked.”

The lewdness of her words has you on the brink of cumming again and suddenly her fist pops in and you feel instant relief as your ring shrinks down to encircle her smaller wrist.

“See…a little dirty talk goes a long way!”  She smiles and winks at you as you turn your head to look back at her.  Thankfully she leaves her wrist in place and leans down to lick and suck at your hanging balls.  Her mouth is masterful, sucking both balls into the hot, wet funnel of her mouth and humming.  Balancing on her arm she reaches between your legs and begins stroking your quickly hardening cock.  She strokes your cock like a fucking pro.

“Fucking hell, you’re good at that!” 

“I’m glad you like it…it’s all your getting from me.  From now on it’s my fist only,” she nips your ball sack and sits back up.

Bracing yourself you crane your head around and smile.  “I’ll take whatever you give me.  Especially if it makes your cunt wet!”

“Oh I plan to cum alright,” she says, keeping a straight face and reaching down to rub her cunt and finger fuck herself.  She pulls them slowly from her pussy lips and brings them up to her mouth, sucking loudly as she closes her eyes and moans at the taste.

You’d give anything for at taste at that moment.  As if reading your mind she reaches down for another quick three-finger pump and pulls them out to offer to you.  You open your mouth for your reward but half way to your lips she stops and wipes her cunt-juiced fingers against your ass.  The wetness feels good against your reddened ass and you groan.

“Fucking tease,” you growl, knowing full well where it will get you.

She arches an eyebrow and delivers several hard spanks to your already tender cheek.  As she does this she begins twisting her fist inside of your anal cavity. 

Your head sinks down between your shoulder blades as you inhale sharply.

“Fuck my fist slut…or I’ll keep spanking you harder and harder.”

Your butt cheek is now on fire and bordering on pain.  With no other choice you begin pushing back at a slow pace on her fist.  Your ass is so fucking full you feel dual sensations of pleasure and pain.  You push through it and give her what she wants.

“Oh fuck yes! More…push that greedy man cunt back hard on me!”

You can hear her fingers buried in her wet pussy again and it spurs you on.  It feels incredibly dirty to be on your hands and knees fucking back against her fist.  You ass is warming up faster than you expected and it isn’t long before the discomfort dissipates and you can fully sink into the pleasure of it all.

“God I’m so close…” she croons, rubbing furiously at her clit and driving her hand into your ass.

The counter movements pull her fist from your ass before slipping back in. 

“Fucking hell!” You grunt, lost in the mindless animal hunger of feeling yourself so open and needy.

She changes the angle of her arm and suddenly her fist is dragging hard against your prostate. 

“Oohhhhh fuuuuccckk…”

Her fist is almost punching into your ass now and you can only imagine what it looks like from her point of view above you.

Her breathing is coming in gaps now, barely holding her orgasm at bay.  “Come on you ass slut, fuck my fist and cum!”  The noises of your mutual penetration are loud and lewd and push you over the edge.  Rearing back for several more  deep strokes, your cock smacks hard against your stomach and explodes in several bursts of hot cum as you let out a litany of filth while riding out the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

Through your haze you hear her go off.  Your turn back to watch her, slumping down on your shoulders.  She is riding her fingers, eyes glued to where her fist disappears inside of you. 

“Oh god yessssssss!” she rocks her hips hard into her hand.  She is beautiful as she comes apart, throwing her head back and screaming her bliss.  When her eyes finally find yours she is almost giddy, mouth breaking into the biggest smile.

“Wow…we did that.”

You chuckle.  “Yes we di-,” you finish in a hiss as she slowly maneuvers her hand from your asshole.

“Damn…you make one hell of a sexy sight all stretched open baby.”

She drops down beside you as your legs sag to the bed.  You briefly note the wetness beneath you but exhaustion is taking you over quickly and you can’t find the energy to clean up first.  “You make one hell of a dom babygirl.”

“Yeah I do,” she yawns proudly. 

“You know what this means, don’t you?”

Cuddling up against your side she smiles as she nips your shoulder.  “What?”

“I get to fist your ass next time babygirl,” you say smugly.

“Oh really?” She playfully smacks your abused ass.

“Really,” you capture her mouth in a kiss and wink at her.  You drift off to sleep with thoughts of being fist-deep in her tight ass.



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