Written by boyboygirllove

I try not to focus on the clock counting down my workout as my feet pound hard against the treadmill.  Sweat rolls down my back and into my ass crack at a steady stream.  Through the burn in my lungs and muscles my mind remains fixed on what went down in this very gym a month earlier.   My first sort of mmf, an unexpected threesome with two men of questionable sexual orientation.  Whether gay, bi or curious I was still uncertain.  All I knew for sure was that I could not get either of them out of my head.

I power through the last five minutes, my eye continually watching and hoping for one of them to appear.  I’d seen Mitch and Ryan in here separately on a handful of occasions and with the exception of a flirtatious wink from Ryan and an uncomfortable blush from Mitch not a word was spoken of our previous encounter.  Which frustrated the HELL out of me and my greedy pussy!  All I could think about was my first taste of manlove and wanting some of that intensity and lust directed at me.  I’d even gone so far as to seek out porn with a bi threesome flare to satisfy the new urges that were aroused in me.   Though my hope of taking it further with them was not looking very good at this point.

Twenty five minutes later, hair still damp from a quick shower, I walk out to my car, mentally making a list of what to pick up for dinner on my way home.  It’s a beautifully warm evening and the contrast of my damp skin and hair feels great though I can’t help but feel on edge.  I really need to get laid.  I fumble around in my purse for my keys, trying not to do a mental count of the days gone by since my last romp, when a pair of voices draws my attention.  I cock my head in the direction of what sounds like a heated argument and spot two guys on the far side of the parking lot.  I almost chalk it up to two meat-heads arguing over who can bench more when something catches my eye.  The way the slightly smaller one is leaning close to the taller one has my heart speeding up like a freight train.  Immediately a different scene flashes in my mind of the same pose only pressed hard into the change room lockers.  It can’t be though, can’t it?

Abandoning my search for keys, I strain to try and hear something that will confirm what I’m seeing.  The two men are shadowed by a large tree and completely engrossed in one another.  Figuring a closer look can’t hurt, I begin inching my way through the parking lot, grateful I’m in runners instead of heals like last time.  When I get to a minivan a few feet away, I stop and listen.

“This is bullshit. One minute you want me…are texting me late at night, dick swollen from how hard I make you and the next stone fucking cold?” Ryan’s deep rasp comes across clearly.

“Once! Never again..,” Mitch yells, more frustrated than anything.

Jane…you are the luckiest son of a bitch, I think, doing a mental happy dance and practically high-fiving my pussy.  The pervy gods are smiling down on you tonight! I step out from behind the van and out into their line of view.   “Seriously…can’t you two just accept that you’re hot for each other and get on it already?”

Ryan is the first to react and he breaks away from Mitch, a giant smirk forming on his scruffy face.  "Shit.“

Mitch straightens at seeing me and makes a not so subtle move to hide his obvious hardon.  "Jane….”

“I’m disappointed boys.  For the past few weeks I’ve been having very erotic fantasies about how much kinky fucking the two of you must be up to…only to find out you’re still dancing around each other.” I shake my head in exaggerated disappointment.

“Well Jane, I can’t seem to convince our friend here that enjoying my cock doesn’t make him gay.”

I watch the two of their eyes meet and can still feel the electricity between them.  My cunt instantly lights up like the fourth of July.

Mitch breaks their gaze and smiles at me apologetically.  "I meant to text you after…“

He lets that hang in the air and I arch an eyebrow at him.

"Okay, okay…I might have totally flaked,” he says, a genuinely sorry smile on his face.

I can see he’s really struggling with this and on a whim I say, “You boys want to go get a beer and some pizza…maybe get to know each other?”

Ryan doesn’t hesitate…he’s all smiles as he nods.  Mitch drags his palm along his jaw and exhales, letting some of the tension release from his frame.  "Alright I guess.“

We agree on the place and then retreat to our cars.  On the drive there I am alive with nervous excitement.  I mentally go through a checklist in my head: Shaved…check.  Clean panties…well, sort of but getting dirtier by the moment.  Breath mints…check.  Protection…duh.  It takes no time at all and I arrive at the pub just down the street from where I live.

Mitch and I pull up at the same time and I smile at him as we approach the front entrance together.  He’s dressed nice and freshly showered and I realized how close I came to missing these two at the gym tonight.

"I’m glad you didn’t get cold feet on the five minute drive over,” I tease, putting my keys away in my purse.

“You are trouble,” he teases back.  "I probably should be running for the hills.“

We both laugh and head inside, grabbing a booth in the back.  Being a Tuesday night the place is practically empty and I’m thankful for the privacy.  We order a pitcher of beer and a large pizza as Ryan arrives and smoothly slides into the round booth beside me.  

We sit in silence for a minutes before Ryan reaches for the bowl of peanuts and cracks one loudly.  "So…is this like a first date?”

We all laugh as the tension eases.

“In a kinky way I suppose it is,” I say honestly.

“Is this the kinkiest thing you’ve ever…um…done Jane?” Mitch asks the table, avoiding my eyes.

I look at Ryan and nod.  "You two are definitely at the top of my kinky scale. You’ve spoiled me for life, “ I say cracking a smile.

At that Mitch looks up.  "So this thing,” he nods awkwardly at Ryan, “really turns you on?”

I don’t miss a beat.  "Hottest. Thing. Ever. I’ve actually been into manlove for a while…you know, books and stuff.  But stumbling on you two and watching it unfold live will likely be the high point of my entire sex life.“

"Not if I have anything to do about it,” Ryan lets that hang in the air, eyes locked on Mitch.  

I squeeze my legs together at the electric charge that goes between them and a not so quiet moan escapes my lips just in time for the waitress to arrive with our beers.

Jumping in to action, Mitch takes it upon himself to pour us all a beer, blushing profusely as he does.

The waitress eyes us curiously in the silence that follows and says, “Pizza should be up soon!”

I smile up at her and take a large sip of my beer.  "Yum.“

As she scurries off the three of of laugh and I am thrilled at how comfortable I feel with them.  "Seriously though…you guys have some crazy chemistry between you.”

“Just imagine that heat between all three of us,” Ryan says, taking a swig of his beer.

Our eyes meet and I see the same lust behind their eyes that I know is burning in mine.  My cunt flares to life and I know in that moment I’ve never wanted anything more.  I don’t just want to be a spectator…I want bodies and fucking and cum.  I want to taste cocks before they sink into asses and I want both of them inside me at the same time.  I release the breath I’ve been holding and it comes out more as a moan.

“Fuck…” Mitch releases his and I realize the sexual tension crackling between us is a fucking live wire.

“We need to be anywhere but here, ” Ryan grits out, palming his crotch under the table.

The waitress chooses that moment to return with our pizza.

Without taking our eyes off each other I whisper, “We’ll take it to go.”


Shoving the pizza in my fridge I turn back and face the guys, trying to slow my heartbeat down so I don’t hyperventilate, pass out and miss all of the fun.  When I simultaneously felt Ryan’s hard cock brush my hip and caught Mitch’s hungry graze staring at it in the elevator I almost exploded.   Now that we were in the privacy of my apartment, Mitch was over at the window looking awkward and Ryan was fiddling through my stack of fashion magazines next to him on the couch. Not exactly the hot, clothes-ripping session I had envisioned on the drive over.   Clearly I was going to have to get creative if I wanted what I knew we could have between the three of us.

Walking into my bedroom I open my closet and rummage through my toy box, which was growing more full and daring as I aged. Grabbing up the items I needed, I walk back out to the living room and deposit the items on the coffee table without any warning.  Ryan sits up from his slouch and eyeballs the black mask and rope in front of him and then lets out a deep laugh. “You are a kinky one.”  

At that, Mitch walks over to get a better look and I pray he doesn’t make a run for the door.

“Do you trust me Mitch?” I ask with a not-so-innocent smile on my face.

Looking up from the table he rubs his chin looking a little weary.  "Is that all for me?“

I shake my head.  "The blindfold is for you so you can relax and not let your mind interfere.  The rope is for him so you know that you’re safe from his…intensity.  At least to start,” I say with a wink.

“I’m game,” Ryan leans forward to grab the rope.  "You any good with this?“

I walk over to him and take it from his outstretched hand.  "I’ll make sure you can’t get at him.”

Ryan laughs and looks past me to Mitch, heat still smouldering in his eyes.  "See mate…all safe with me.“

I hear Mitch swear under his breath and turn to face him.  He looks wound up, still uncertain.  Grabbing up the mask I approach him, only stopping when our bodies are touching and our mouths are inches apart. "I promise you if you put this mask on you are still in control. You utter the word and we stop. I bet you don’t though.  I bet we only hear you begging for more, isn’t that right Ryan?” I ask without turning around.

“I’d put money on it. He wants me real bad.”

“Fuck you,” Mitch laughs, turning his head away.

I guide his face back and lick my lips.  "Fuck us,“ I purr, closing the distance between us.  His mouth is minty as I lick inside and slide my tongue along his. There is only a moments hesitation before he is feasting on my mouth and pulling me closer.  There is desperation in his kiss and I give it right back to him, only pulling away when I feel Ryan behind me.  Suddenly Ryan’s mouth is against my neck, sucking and biting.  I can tell by Mitch’s eyes that I’ve lost him to Ryan’s gaze so I drop to his neck and mimic what Ryan is doing to mine.  I feel enveloped, surrounded by strong bodies and moans and I fucking love it.

Before I lose it I break out of their grasps and hold out the mask.  "What’s it going to be?”

Mitch smiles at me almost boyishly, his lips still wet from mine.  "I’m in your hands Jane.“

I wink and motion for the guys to follow me to the bedroom.  My pussy is slippery as I walk and I fear I’ve leaked right through my panties. Such a naughty girl.

At the bed I turn and motion for them to both sit. "Strip down to your undies boys…and please…don’t even think about leaving your socks on!”  

I watch admiringly as they peel of their gear.  Ryan in a pair of tightie whities and Mitch in plaid boxers.

“I gotta say Jane, I’m loving this bossy side of you,” Ryan smiles playfully, tossing his rolled up socks at me.

I duck a head shot and arch an eyebrow at him.  "As opposed to all the other sides you know about me?“


Without any preamble I slide out of my clothes, thankful for once I grabbed a matching black bra and panty set instead of some hideous stripey cotton underwear that were leftover from my college years.

Both men groan appreciatively and I eye fuck them right back.

“Hands behind your back,” I order Ryan in my best domme voice. It takes me a few minutes to tie him up so that his hands are secured behind him with a length of rope left to act as a leash.  I show Mitch my knot skills and he takes a calming breath and nods.  I slide the leather mask in place and leave the two of them sitting there for a moment.  Perfect, I croon to myself at what a sexy image they make.

Giving the rope a tug, I pull Ryan to his feet to stand in front of Mitch, positioning him between his legs.  Without seeing Ryan’s cock in front of him, Mitch’s mouth opens in unspoken invitation.  I begin stroking the length of him, moving generous amounts of pre-cum up and down the length noisily.  "He’s so hard for you…I can tell you’re all he’s been thinking about for weeks.“  Ryan leans down to whisper "you too” in my ear and I wink at him.  Taking a drop of pre-cum I bring it over to Mitch’s mouth and let him suck it off of me.  I can barely hold back a moan when he sucks at it greedily as if starved for the taste.   “Fuck….now I know why you’ve been on his mind.  If I had a cock I’d want that mouth wrapped around it 24/7.”

“Let me in then,” Ryan grits out between clenched teeth and I can tell he’s barely keeping his shit together.

Bending down to Mitch I say, “What do you think?  Should I have a lick and then you?”

“Okay,” he nods, licking his lips.

Opening my mouth I look up at Ryan as I lap at the tip and moan. I’m not quiet about this and I feel Mitch grow restless beside me.  I order him to open his mouth for me and lean down to push my cum flavored tongue against his.  He mouth quickly latches onto it, sucking it like a cock and I know he’s more than ready. “His cock feels amazing in my mouth…the hot, silky weight of him drives me crazy.”

“Jane, fuck…,” Mitch whispers pleadingly, practically straining off the bed to position his mouth as close to the action as he can get.  

“Want something?” I ask innocently.

“A lick,” he says near panting.

“Jesus Jane…put us out of our misery!” Ryan says, sounding as tortured as Mitch.

As eager as them, I pull Mitch’s head in closer and watch as he captures the head in his mouth like a thirsty man who’s finally found water. My fingers find the waist band of my pants and slip inside as I take in the living porn playing out in front of me.  I moan at the collection of moisture pooled in my panties and use it to coat my fingers and shove three inside.  It’s all Mitch and I happily take on the role of spectator.

“God damn boy…that fucking cock hungry mouth of yours is worth the wait.”  Ryan grits out, tipping his head up to the sky like he’s found heaven.  The muscles in his thighs bulge as he struggles to keep himself upright against Mitch’s erotic assault.

Pulling off after several deep sucks, Mitch pushes his face into the wet cock memorizing the feel. “Been dreaming about the taste…you fucking got in my head.”

“Just wait till I get in your ass.”

Mitch and I simultaneously moan and I wonder if it’s something he’s considered.  Being fucked in the ass is a big step and one I wasn’t sure he was ready to take.  "You wanna see that, don’t you Jane?“ he asks, turning his head in my direction.

"Mitch I’m all for watching him take your ass but please don’t do it just for me.”

I watch as I boyish smile transforms his masked face.  "I was asking if it would be a turn on to watch….I’ve been playing with my ass for years.“

"Oh thank fuck!” Ryan shouts out, muscles straining across his shoulders.  "Let me at him…“

"Down boy!” I laugh, smacking him hard on the ass.  "Prep work is important…we need to work as a team.“  I pull both guys onto the bed with me and position Ryan on his back after removing his restraints and giving him that you better not touch him until I say look.  He mouths "I promise” and lets out a slow steadying breath.

Guiding Mitch up onto the bed, I position him over top of Ryan in a 69, hearing him curse as Mitch’s chest brushes his swollen cock. I crawl up beside them and help Mitch slide backwards lining up cocks and asses and mouths until I hear a chorus of mmmmm fucks!  I lean down to where Mitch’s mouth has latched onto Ryan’s cock and whisper in his ear, “Tease the fuck out of him and make him pay for weeks of driving you crazy!”   His only response is loud sucking as he feasts on the object of his desire.

Ryan growls at me, “You are wicked, minx! Now give me a reward for not attacking him”

Sitting up I lean down over Mitch’s parted ass and opening it further with a devious glint in my eye, “You mean this?” I ask innocently, running my finger over one of the sexiest assholes I have ever seen.  "It’s so hot and tight. I bet you want in there, don’t you?“

"Like I need air,” he grits out, clearly suffering under Mitch’s mindless cock lust.

Ignoring him I lean down over Mitch and lick and kiss, moaning against his raised pucker.

“Fuck Jane!!!” Mitch pulls off the cock in his mouth and arches his back, eager for more.  "I’ve never….no one’s ever…“

I slide my tongue up inside him and his words become incoherent as he reaches back to press my head in deeper.

"Fuck his cock is like a rock trapped between us,” Ryan yells, “rub yourself on me…fucking now!”

“Yessss….oh god,” I feel Mitch slowly rock back and forth, only helping to slide my tongue in deeper.  My cunt is aching and I reach back to push my panties off, tilting my hips up to Ryan and his fingers are there before I can vocalize what I need.  Tunneling in deep I moan out, sending more vibrations into his sensitive hole.  I’m so close to the edge it only takes a few firm strokes from his two slightly bent fingers and I’m flying apart, cumming loudly as I push back like a wanton whore riding out the waves of pleasure on his fingers.

“Shit…fuck…you guys…”  I slowly sit up with a drunk-like smile on my face as his fingers pull free and realize both guys are focused on me, Ryan with his dark heated eyes and Mitch’s head, turned over his shoulder, listening, jaw clenched.

“One down nine to go,” Ryan winks at me, licking my pussy juice from his fingers.

“I have no doubt…you guys are deadly on my self control.”  

“You bastard. I want her taste in my mouth too,” Mitch says heatedly.

Without missing a beat, Ryan’s fingers are probing my cunt again with loud, wet strokes.  "Here you go,“ he offers, leaning forward to extend them up to Mitch’s mouth. "Suck her off of me.”

He does, loving it even more so coming from Ryan’s fingers.  I watch hard desire play out on Ryan’s face and I know these two and their fucking HOT chemistry will be the death of me.

“Hey! What happened to his restraints, "Mitch’s head snaps up.

"Fuck that,” Ryan growls, laying back down and grabbing onto his hips firmly, dragging his ass up to his mouth.

Mitch curses something fierce, knowing he’s in Ryan’s control and I gauge his lust-filled face closely.  Seeing no hesitation there I lean over him to get a close up on the ass to mouth action that has always been my weakness.  I watch Ryan struggle to get his hungry licks in between Mitch’s full cheeks.  Wanting unrestricted access for him I grab hold of each cheek and hold him open.  "Eat that beautiful ass for me, “ I urge.

Like a rabid dog, he does,  Kissing and sucking and licking all that light pink skin making the most animalistic sounds I’ve ever heard.

"Jesus fuck….!”  Mitch is in heaven, doing his best to push back on that firm, hungry tongue.

“Sit on his face Mitch…ride that tongue like I know you want to,” I purr, moving back to let him and remove my bra, rubbing at the sensitive tips.

Pushing up off of his clenched fists, Mitch does, arching his lean torso like the a fucking Adonis. At first he just bounces in place, awkward in his movements, but then Ryan’s hands encircle his hips, steadying his moments.  It becomes a thing of beauty though as I watch his hard cock rolling lewdly with each rotation of his hips.  The noises each of them make hits my gut as a tidal wave of heat and lust flares hot inside of me.  "You watching Jane? You loving this?“ he says blindly in my direction,

My breath hitches loudly at the intensity in his voice. "I can’t take my eyes off you guys. My cunt fucking aches like I didn’t just cum hard.”   As if in a trance, I get up on my knees, bringing my face close to him. I let him feel my breasts against him and he gasps in surprise.  "Let me taste you…let me taste your desire for him.“

Wordlessly he nods, biting his lip.  Seconds later I bend down and have him in my mouth, precum exploding on my tongue causing us both moan. Struggling to rock back and forth between us, Ryan’s hands find mine and cover them as we work to move him.  Lost in the symbiotic pleasure, I don’t realize how close I am again until I feel Ryan’s thigh push between mine and I cry out as my heated wet flesh meets hard, hairy skin. Mindlessly I grind against him, seeking out his abandoned wet cock with one of my hands as he cups my swinging breast. I can’t tell our groans apart…I feel drunk on them and realize fleetingly that this must be a taste of what orgies are like.  Rub, suck, grind, fondle, repeat. Shamelessly I cum hard against him and for the second time I’m euphoric.

"Jane STOP!”

It takes a second for my foggy brain to return to earth and I feel Mitch’s hands pulling gently at my head and realize I’m still sucking like a mad dog.

“Me too.” Ryan hisses, “I’m about to blow and I’m not doing it anywhere but in his ass.”

I back off both of them breathlessly and sit up panting, a little dizzy from the force of my orgasm.  Did I really just have an intense orgasm from humping his leg?  I smile a little bashful.  "Seriously…you two are better than hours of torturous foreplay!“

"You ain’t seen nothing yet darling,” Ryan says, pushing Mitch from his chest to straddling his hips and then sitting up behind him so that their bodies are pressed together.  Looping an arm around the bigger man’s chest and pulling him back until his ear is pressed against his mouth, he closes his eyes and says, “You ready for this, mate? No more pretending you don’t want this, fucking NEED this” he groans, punctuating each word with a thrust of his cock into Mitch’s backside. “If you think I’m in your head now…” his teeth clamp onto his lobe, abusing the tender skin and letting that hang in the air as a challenge.

Delirious with lust, Mitch arches back, “Take it.”

Not giving him a moment to rethink it, Ryan says, “Get on your back…I want to watch you cum and Jane needs a front row seat!”

Hearing that I have a sudden burst of energy and move, allowing the guys to spread out.  Mitch takes my breath away laid out before Ryan, still blindfolded, cock straining for release.

Scooting right up to him, Ryan grabs his legs, parts them and left them to fall on either side of his as he moved in as tight as he could get.

“Jane…” Mitch called out, voice uncertain.

Putting my hands on him I lean down and kiss him with the taste of his ass still on my tongue. I leave him breathless as I pull away and whisper, “I can’t wait to see his cock deep inside you.”  To drive the point home, I grab his hand and pull it between my legs to feel the incredible wetness there.

“Holy FUCK!” he chokes out, rubbing my now-aching cunt.

Taking hold of his cock, Ryan lines it up and begins painting his puckered opening in cum smears, groaning on contact.  Rub, smack , rub, rub, rub, smack, rub-

“Don’t TEASE!  Fucking fuck me!”

Ryan and I share a glance and without a word I lean forward and use two fingers to spread his hole open and in the other hand I taken Ryan’s beautiful cock.  "I’m going to feed him to you Mitch…one throbbing inch at a time.“

Both men groan in approval as I begin to feed his length inside.  I watch his cock jerk with each tunneling motion as his ass opens up and finally gives way for the head.   "JESUS…you’ve got a tight grip on him,” I whisper, so close to them both I’m certain they can feel my heated breath on them.  Desperate to see him buried to the root I nod at Ryan to do his thing.  Rotating his hips a bit, he sinks in another inch.  "More,“ I moan, almost envious that it wasn’t my ass being fucked.  I can tell the moment when the penetration turns from intense to painful and I stop his thrusting motion, leaning down to feast on Mitch’s cock until he’s straining in my mouth and doing his best to impale himself on Ryan’s cock.  

"Yes, that’s its mate…work that ass on my dick!”

I sit back and watch as they set up a hot fuck pace.  My nipples and clit begin to throb in time to them.  Thwack, thwack, thwack.  Balls and cock swinging.  The smell of ass and cunt and sweat fill the air nearly doing me in.

I watch Ryan struggle to get in as deep as he can and help hold Mitch’s legs to allow for a deep penetration that  has us all moaning.  I can feel my cunt dripping down my thighs as they rut.  Thwack, thwack, thwack!

“Get your fingers inside her Mitch…she’s about to explode!”

“Yesssssss!” I moan mindlessly as I feel him tunnel up inside of me.  My tits begin swinging as I fuck down on him and suddenly Ryan’s hand is there rubbing and pinching them, creating even more heat in my core.  I feel deliciously slutty and dirty hearing my own wet cunt being filled.   “Show me his hole!” I choke out.  

“You mean MY hole, Jane?” He says between thrusts.  I groan and nod, rewarded with a glimpse of a glistening pink O and a darker tunnel beyond.  I lean over and drop a bit of spit down inside of him.  "Fuck him,“ I gasp as Mitch adds another finger to my swollen pussy.  "Fuck the cum right out-!”

Adding a thumb to my clit I lose all ability to speak as I ride Mitch’s thick fingers, our chorus of moans and grunts the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.  Hitting that spot inside of me is game over and I scream out, thighs shaking as I reach the peak and crash over.

Ryan’s voice breaks through my post-orgasmic haze. “You ready for my cum mate?  I felt your ass tighten like a vise when Jane came…can’t take much more.”  

“Fuck yes!” He pulls his fingers from my cunt and tastes them.  "Next time she’s riding me when you’re inside of me though. I need to feel that cunt tighten like that around my cock!“

"Deal!” I smile, regaining some of my composure and grab up one of Mitch’s legs.  He fists his cock and begins pumping, moving incredible amounts of pre-cum up and down the length.

Not holding back now, Ryan grabs a firm hold on his thighs and lays into him with a force meant to claim him.  Mitch takes every body-shoving inch like he was born to do so.  Their chemistry is palpable and I get swept up in it.  “Oh fuckkkkk! Cum for me you two!!”

Both men reach their peak at the same time and it’s a thing of beauty.  Each cursed moan and creamy rope of cum spilt as they give into months of mutual lust is seared into my memory for life.  Their bodies still and in the moments the follow, Ryan pulls free and collapses on him, pushing the blindfold from Mitch’s face.  His eyes are closed tight, breath coming fast.  

I settle beside Mitch and watch Ryan study him. “You’re never shaking me,” he says firmly after a bit.    

With a quiet sigh of resignation, Mitch’s eyes open, his head turning slowly toward him.  Ryan doesn’t miss a beat, capturing his mouth up before an objection can form on his tongue.  They are wild in their movements, lips hungry and claiming, saying more than words ever could. No more blindfold, no more denial.  I exhale a breath, caught up in the intimacy of the moment.  They are beyond any fantasy, any porn or manlove book…and they are MINE.

As if sensing my thoughts both of them reach for me to pull me into their lust-filled kiss.  Before they can, I stop to gather some of Mitch’s split cum from his stomach and then fall into their embrace.  The moment our tongues and lips meet, the taste of their shared passion fills our mouths and fuels a round of lusty moans.  It’s unlike any kiss I’ve ever had before…like a brand of sorts…and I know I’ll never shake them.



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This story is so hot. Got me hard from the get go. Love the writing style and all the detail.

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