**contains some elements of humiliation**

I pause outside of your office.  I can hear you typing away in there and I know you must be preoccupied with work.  I don't hesitate when I walk in and cross the room to your desk.  You don't look up and I can see by the crease in your forehead that this is not a good time.

Ignoring the signs I position myself to the right of you and push myself up onto the cool wood surface.  This gets your attention and your eyes take in my appearance.  I am dressed in nothing but one of your white dress shirts unbuttoned down to the curve of my breast.  There is a moment where you fight with yourself; your desire versus your deadline.  You are silent as you position your hands on my waist and slide me over so that I am straddling you.  Decision made.  Your hands reach for the top button.

“Don’t.”  I say this calmly but firmly.  

There is a moment’s hesitation and then your eyes take in the rigidity in my posture and the determined pinch of my mouth.  Amusing me you drop your hands and watch as I raise mine.  I begin at the top button and taking my time, release each little circle from it’s hole until the last one gives and parts to reveal a black leather harness and flesh colored girlcock.  It lewdly springs forward and I keep my features in check as I watch your eyes widen at the size. 

“What’s this baby girl?” you ask surprised.

Grabbing up my cock I firmly stroke it, loving the feel of it in my hand.  “This is your next two hours,” I say matter-of-factly.

Your eyebrow arches as if you doubt I will have my way.  Your hand joins mine in a slow even stroke.  “This is bigger than your other cocks babygirl.”

I watch us stroke over my cock mesmerized by how erotic it looks.  “I needed to make sure you remembered this evening,” I say.  Something in my voice has you sitting up straighter, seeking my eyes out to try and see what secrets lie there. 

“What do you have planned for me?”  You ask cautiously.

I slide off of the desk and lean down to whisper in your ear.  “Your total obedience baby.  For the next two hours you will be my fuck toy.  I will use you.  I will do as I wish to your ass and mouth and cock.  You will only cum if I think you have earned it,” I run my tongue along your ear and feel you shudder.  “Be prepared for anything,” and with that I turn to leave.  At the door I turn back to catch the look of shock and desire on your face.  “Oh and one more thing,” I announced, “For the next two hours you will answer to slave and nothing else.”

My heart is beating rapidly as I make my way to the bedroom.  Until I see you walk through the bedroom door with a look of submission on your face I won’t be able to fully relax.  This type of play is nothing new to us but I know you could tell by my voice that this will be something different.  We have talked about having me dominate you and exploring an element that deep down you find to be a turn on: humiliation.  I am nervous about this, unsure how far you need me to go.  I slide into a pair of black stilettos that are laying by the bed and go over the details of the evening with a feeling of excitement and lust that I haven’t felt in a while.  I am lost in thought when you appear at the door, loosening your tie.

Gone is the commanding presence that you always have when entering a room.  There is a softness to your face...the transition I see there fuels my desire to truly own you.  Twice I’ve surprised you with my girl cock and just taken what I needed from you.  The way you responded gives me hope that tonight will be exactly what you and I both need.

“Strip down and kneel before me,”  I say.  As you begin to undress I shrug out of your shirt and let it drop to the floor at my feet.  The air is warm but a breeze is blowing in from the window.  My nipples tightened and unconsciously my hands find their way to them.  I hear a low rumble from across the room and realize you are watching me intently.  I make a show of pinching them, gasping as the pleasure shoots down into my core.  Pulling one hand away I point down at my feet and arch an eyebrow at you. 

Quietly you walk over naked, cock bobbing obscenely against your stomach and get down on your knees in front of me.  My cock falls an inch from your mouth.  I imagine what it would be like to feel your hot breath against the tip...to see a drop of precum gathering for you to taste.  I want it to be real tonight.  “Lick your palm slave. Take my cock in your wet hand and stroke it.”  I watch as you slowly drag your palm up over your moist tongue, never taking your eyes from mine.  I feel the tug of your hand on me, rhythmically dragging up and down the length.  The hunger in your eyes is focused on my cock.  “Put your mouth on me,” I order firmly.  “Don’t stop until your eyes are watering and I am half way down that cunt of a mouth.”

You attack my cock like it is the juiciest most succulent morsel you could have in front of you. I reach back a hand to steady myself against the footboard and watch in heated fascination as you work yourself on my length, each time taking me in further.  The heat between my legs is incredible.  Only its not enough.  I reach out my hand and pull you the last inch, imagining how good the head would feel right now lodged in your throat.  “Swallow!” I order.  You do and make a gagging sound that jacks my arousal up higher.  I hold you there as your eyes water and let you pull off in a mess of spit and heavy breathing.  “Pathetic,” I say.  I pick up my soaking cock and proceed to wipe it off against each of your cheeks.  “Now look at you, covered in your own cockspit,” I laugh.

Moving around to the side of the bed I pull open my night table and reach inside for the cool steel of the handcuffs.  My heart is beating at a steady pace as I walk back to stand behind you.  “Give me your wrist.”  You do eagerly and I secure a cuff around one and then spreading my legs a little I rub your bound hand through the wetness in my cunt and moan.  “Lay down on your back,” I instruct you.

I watch as you lower yourself down and extend your hand over your head as though you already know my plan.  I slide the empty cuff around the foot of the bed and attach it to your other wrist and then stand.  

Positioning a stilettoed foot on either side of your head I lower my cunt to your face and sit down, covering your mouth and nose with my swollen pussy lips peeking out from the harness.  I wait a minute until I feel your fear rising and then let up allowing you to breath.  I look back at you over my shoulder and laugh down at you.  “Look at you licking my cunt juice from your lips...you like that?”  I ask, pushing my hips back in stabbing motions to fuck your face hard.  “You like your face coated in my cum, slave?” I ask.

You respond in a bunch of muffled “fuck yes’s” and I keep it up, loving the wet smack of your scratchy face against my sensitive flesh.  Lost in the heat between my legs you fail to notice someone enter the room.  I slow my hips holding them over your mouth.  “Eat my asshole,” I order, leaning back on my arms so my ass is practically smothering your mouth.  I feel your tongue wiggle up inside and probe the entrance to my ass.  At that I begin fucking down, loving the intrusion of your warm, wet flesh inside me.  “That’s it...tongue fuck this greedy ass!”  

You moan as I fuck your tongue obscenely.  I watch as my guest grabs up your cock and begins to bind it with some something resembling a shoelace.  You begin to withdraw from my ass as realization dawns on you.  I peer down over my shoulder at you.  “Did I tell you to stop? Be a good slave and show our guest how deep you can work your tongue into my hole.”  I wink down to reassure you and then lean down to take your cock into my mouth.  

You moan into my ass and drive your tongue in deep.  Your cock is swollen and I know the thought of being watched has ratcheted your arousal through the roof.  I know it must be killing you not to be able to tell if it’s male or female.  I pull off your cock and offer it to our guest, wondering if this will be a clue.  I watch as their mouth swallows the length of you in one go and pulls off.  I add my mouth to theirs as we suck the tip together.  

Your hips arch off the floor as you enjoy the hot suction of our combined mouths.  We pull off and kiss.  You can hear it and your tongue stills.  I wondering if you are jealous knowing my tongue is inside another person’s mouth.  We break apart breathless and I say, “I need to teach my slave a lesson...he needs to learn that my pleasure comes first.”  Our guest nods, staying silent as per my request.  “Grab the items I laid out on the counter.”

To you I give your hard cock a light smack and say, “Keep fucking my ass with that tongue and make me cum!”

Our guest returns with the objects and lays them out beside us as you resume your rhythmic penetration.  I hand them one and draw your legs back.  “Look at that cunt,” I say with a sneer, “you wouldn’t know it to look at him but he is a shameless cock whore.” 

Your cock responds to my degrading words, bobbing obscenely.  You can feel your hole stretched open and exposed....that coupled with being watched by a stranger has you aroused beyond words.  We watch as it clenches involuntarily...hungry.  I laugh as I continue to fuck back on your face and tongue.  “Watch what happens when you stick a finger in there.”

You groan the instant you feel their lubed up finger circle your pucker and push inside.  Your cock jerks and begins leaking precum all over your stomach. You think it feels slender but you can’t be certain it is a female.  

“Fuck two inside that cunt hole,” I instruct, rubbing my clit now and feeling my arousal jack higher at seeing you penetrated by someone other than me.  “And suck my tits,” I add, focusing on my pleasure.  You and I both gasp at the same time.  Your asshole stretches as two fingers are stabbed repeatedly into you.  I arch into the mouth now latched onto my nipple and feel the pressure grown steadily inside my core.  I grind on your face, fixated on your pink hole being stretched tight.  I reach down and lightly squeeze  your bound cock and balls. 

“Open up your ass slave,” I signal to our guest to grab up a toy, “this cunt is going to take bigger than those fingers.”  With that you feel fingers leave your ass and a second later a cool, smooth object enters you, widening as it slides in further.  You grunt as the biggest part stretches your anus and then tapers off to a narrow end.  The plug is transparent glass.  “We can see right inside your cunt, slave.”  Your cock spurts a few more drops of precum at that.  “What a nasty ass you have...I'm going to enjoy fucking it with my new girl cock.”

I have never seen your cock this hard and I take that as a good sign.  Pulling off your face a few inches I begin fucking two fingers inside my aching pussy.  “Hold that mouth open slave,” I order.  I  take myself to the edge and then release a stream of pee as I cum, rubbing furiously as my clit and screaming out my pleasure as it sprays your face and mouth.  I hear you grunt out, “oh fuck yes, baby girl!” as I settle against your chest trying to catch my breath.  

I slide off your chest and kneel beside you.  You get your first look at our guest.  She’s an attractive woman you notice, with darker skin, small, pert breasts and a lovely patch of dark fur between her legs.  She is lean with a striking face that you notice is fixated on you.  She laughs.  “Look at his face all covered in your piss and cum.” 

“He loves it,” I say, judging by the arousal darkening your eyes.  They are now locked on me and only me and my heartbeat speeds up.  Only I know the dominance that lurks beneath the surface.  Seeing you like this is such a rush.  “His face needs more cum and piss,” I say and instruct her to straddle your face.

I rub lube onto my girl cock as I watch her settle her pussy, now wet from our play, over your face.  Your groans are muffled by her as she rocks back and forth on you to ease the ache she is no doubt feeling.   I love hearing your arousal and crawl between your legs.  I can’t resist and I lean down and lick at the juicy tip of your cock.  You cry out and our guest begins bouncing on you, “Oh god, make him fuck me deeper,” she begs.

I smack your plugged asshole.  “You heard her slave...tongue fuck her pussy and suck up all that juice she rewards you with.”  You attack her pussy with vigor and send her into a series of squeals and moans.  My pussy is heating up again listening to her and I slowly work the plug out of your ass and set it beside you on the floor.  “Look at that...his cunt is wide open begging to be filled,”  I laugh.  You feel  and hear us both spit into your open hole.  Your ass is shiny with our spit and I wish you could see it.  I slide my finger into the bubbles and push it all so it disappears inside you.  The weight of my girl cock extended out from my clit makes me wish it were real and that I could feel it sink inside you.

I grab up my flesh colored cock and line it up.  It is noticeably bigger than your opening and I hope you can handle something this big.  Your balls are a deep purple color and I know without the binding you’d be close to shooting all over your stomach.   I take a deep breath and push in a little.  You resist and I can see your hole tighten up in response to such a big intrusion.  “Keep that ass open,”  I say, giving your cheek a smack.  “your cunt belongs to me tonight, remember!”

You grunt as I push past the tight ring of muscle and fill you up inch by slow inch.  I know the intensity you are feeling and I lean down to swallow your cock.  The distraction is just what you need and your ass relaxes around me.  Your cockhead swells in my mouth and I pull off careful not to make you cum. 

“Oh my god, you’ve filled him up so good!” she mewls, still gyrating on your tongue.  “Just seeing  what a slut he is for your cock makes me want to cum!!”

“Use that mouth and tongue for me darling...and then cover him in your piss while I fuck his tight cunt!”

Reaching between her legs she, pushes her fingers into her wet snatch and rubs her swollen flesh that I know you have thoroughly worked over with your tongue, teeth and lips.   “Ohhhhh yes, fuck my asshole!!!” she cries, sitting up straighter to force your tongue in deep. 

I begin working my cock in and out slowly, adding more lube as my cock emerges to sink back in easier.  I can hear your groans, muffled by her ass cheeks.  Seeing me fuck you throws her over the edge.  “Fuck, him, fuck him, fuck him!!,” she squeals before clamping down on your tongue and cumming  all over your face in a series of bucks and moans.  She slides off your face and collapses beside your head.  “Oh fuck...your slave has one talented tongue!” A second later she gasps, “Opps...I forgot to piss on him!” she smiles bashfully.

Your face is flushed red and covered in moisture...cum, sweat and my pee.  I am entranced as I fuck you.  I lean down over you and keeping my mouth an inch over your face, lick some of that moisture up and then kiss you with it on my tongue.  You moan into my mouth and I know you wish you had your hands free.  I pull away knowing you are beyond aroused and needing to cum.  

I smile at our guest.  “It’s okay darling I have a better idea.”  I motion her towards your waist.  “Come and sit right here.  Lean back on your arms for me.”  She happily obliges and finishes up with her pussy almost touching the tip of your leaking cock.  I continue to fuck you, enjoying the ease that my cock sinks inside you now.  Each thrust pushes your tip up against her clit. 

“Ughhh fuck...untie me...” you plead.  Hearing you beg makes my clit throb.

“Not yet slave, I’m not done with you yet.”  With that I nod at our guest and pick up my pace, angling my cock upwards towards your prostate.

“Oh fuckkkkk!!!” you grind out between clenched teeth as you feel her hot pee splash all over your straining, sensitive cock.  

“Please baby girl..,” you grunt out, pushing your ass into my cock now.  Seeing you this desperate brings me to the edge.

I reach down and pull the binding from around your cock and balls.  “Cum for us...shoot your cum all over her lovely cunt slave!”  I pound you as she grinds her pussy against your cock, giving it just the stimulation you need.  You only last seconds before letting loose a guttural cry and shooting jet after jet of hot cum, drenching her pussy.  Hearing and seeing this sends me over the edge and I cum hard, driving my cock in deep.  “Ooooohhh god, fuck baby...yess!!!”

After the initial spasms I still my movements and bend over to lick your cum from her sensitive folds and she sighs and slides off of you to collapse on the floor.  I continue my way up your body and find your mouth.  You are breathless but respond instantly, sucking my tongue into your mouth.  I moan and show you with my kiss what you mean to me, how connected I feel to you after what we have just done. 

Guest forgotten I pull away to look down into your eyes.  “That was..”

“Incredible,” you cut me off with a quiet smile that melts my heart.

I nod and lean down to kiss you again, already lost in the passion I feel for you.  Kissing down to your ear I capture it between my teeth and whisper “I love you.”


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