Beach Boy 2



Good Golly, Miss Mollie

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I awoke the next morning with the visuals of last night’s man-on-man open-air fuck still re-running in my head; the one with the young blond male groupie, Nick, who surprisingly followed me to the beach. I hadn’t been with men that much, but I have to say that, this little dirty tryst under the naked moonlight made me definitely want more. At least with him.

Nick was gentle yet masculine, submissive enough yet strong-willed, and his body… well, it was just fucking right. Sleek from youth and yoga, tight ass, flexible stretch and a perfectly-sized cock that was good enough to eat.

Even better for me was, his continual mention of his girlfriend Mollie, who he held in great esteem, a freckled tall girl of some wicked wit, substance and naughty beauty, he said. I was dying to meet her and hoping to get in the middle of everything with them both. The very idea of having her right alongside of him, all three of us tangled and messy-fucking, made my cock rise up instantly. I hoped only that Mollie was on board for that kind of three-way playtime.

She clearly knew of Nick’s wandering bisexuality and didn’t discourage it. But this kind of unannounced breach might be something less than welcome for her. My afternoon shift at the bar would tell the tale. I told Nick to bring her by,  or send her over, so she could check me out and grill me for her own comfort. If she showed at all, that would mean she was either interested, or needed to shut me down.

If she stayed and spent some time discovering who it was that dumped a hungry  load in her beau’s hot bottom, that meant she was vetting me for more, hopefully with herself included. And somehow, if we got that far, I figured I could open that door for us all. It was a feral untasted fantasy for me, one of me getting in deep with an open-minded couple and doing everything and then some with them both. Mollie held the key, as often women do. She would be the yea or nay in this wet daydream.

I seesawed through the morning hours, back and forth between praying for Mollie’s depraved desires to synch up with the already mated males, then sinking back into the visceral memory of Nick’s shaggy blonde mane waving in the breeze under the chair, as his head bobbed up and down on my swelling cock while it moved to breach deeper into his throat.

The scent of the forbidden deed in the open air, and the possibility of being caught in the act of man-fucking there, along with the sounds of Nick’s wanton grunts as I rode his perfect spread ass, underscored by the rhythmic thunder of the crashing waves, played over and over in my head. I brought myself right to the edge once again from the sheer muscle memory of it all and the ever-growing hunger for more. The taste of my cum on his tongue after I fed it to him is what made me explode all over my pelvis and chest this wicked morning.

I was trying not to imagine too much about Mollie before meeting her. But somehow, with a sense of Nick an what he’d shared, I was already heatedly wanting into their carnal mix. Time and Mollie would tell. For now, it was time to shower and put myself together for the afternoon’s shift, a shift which tended to be a quieter one. It would be the perfect setting for this little tete-a-tete.

The Arrival

There was only one table of folks left by 2PM, a few older ladies giggling and gabbing away in the far corner of the room, when Mollie arrived. I reminded myself not to assume that it was her. In fact, it could have been someone I’d been with the last season who I’d forgotten in a drunken stupor. But from her arched eyebrow and her eye’s lock on me, I was pretty sure it was her.

I peered over at the ladies to make sure they were taken care of, so I could concentrate on this lush vision who’d just sauntered in with a purpose. All was well in the gossip corner, so I smiled at the female approaching and welcomed her as I would anyone, again, trying not to assume, or mostly not to give too much away.

She walked right to the bar’s far corner where I stood and I could feel her trying to peer inside of me.

"Can I get you something?", I asked warmly.

There was an endless pause as we cased each others’ forms. She was tall, lightly freckled, curvy but somewhat athletic looking, and surprisingly dark haired, like a ‘Black Irish’ girl. I had somehow in my head concocted an Gaelic redhead from her name, but I wasn’t far off. Her pale skin had that same translucence, and I loved her darker hair framing those sky blue eyes. My gaze dropped to her long lush legs before re-meeting her at eye level.  She and Nick made quite the delectable couple was my last thought before the silence was broken.

"You’re the singer?", was her leading question.

"I am, when I do. Right now, I’m the bartender."

There was another long silence as our eyes quietly recognized the dirty minds lurking behind them.

"So, you’re the one who… met my boyfriend last night? On the beach?"

I couldn’t stop the body-memory smile that leaked out when I said gently “Guilty.”

I could see she was teetering on the edge of decision, but I had a feeling that her disapproving frown was more for show, or to avoid tipping her hand too soon.

I offered her a stool and a drink of her choice so we could talk. She wasn’t going to drink, then said, “Fuck it. Do you have a decent cabernet?”

"A great one. On the house, of course."

I let her sip and simmer and breathe. I could tell she wasn’t sure where to start.

"Does Nick do this kind of thing often?", I asked gently.

"No" she said in a sweeter tone. "Once or twice. And I only ask him to be careful, and let me be a part of it if possible."

"First", I assured her, "I’ve had all my shots." I grinned, she chuckled. "I promise you, I’m healthy as they cum. And honestly, it was just one of those things that happened in the moment. Thinking wasn’t really an option. He completely took me by surprise."

"Hmmmmm" was her purred response. She looked like she was trying not to let on how much she wished she had been there to at least witness it in the flesh.

"So", she perked up, "You. Do you seduce and fuck lots of men?"

I couldn’t help but laugh a little too loudly for the room.

"Not really. I’ve only been with a couple of guys, and not always all the way. I’m mostly into women, but I’m not afraid of some good cock, you know?" Something in her eyebrows told me she liked that. 

I continued, “I can say now, that I’ve been with a few, after Nick. And I didn’t seduce him. He followed me. All I did was say yes to what was in front of me. Did he tell you much?”

"Some. He liked your singing. And obviously, your fucking." Then her eyes sparkled with a sudden fever.

Her voice lowered conspiratorially.”Tell me. Everything. Details. All the dirty fucking details.”

I could see that she was already hooked, and I could feel that this fantasy of mine was more likely to happen now. I saw to the table’s bill before I came back to her, and then I began to slowly recount the filthy goings-on with her hot beau under the moonlight.

I told her how we first crossed paths after the club closed. How I’d not seen him there, but he’d obviously heard me sing. Then, I told her of how we crossed paths near the beach, before he decided to tail me straight to the lifeguard’s chair, where I was quietly drinking in the night.

"That’s where you two…?"

"Un huh. By, and under the chair, right down from Fourth Street. And we  finished our sticky goodbyes on top of it."

The hissed “Fuuuck” she let out was a deliciously dirty one, rife with envy and arousal.

I took my time painting the rest of the picture, watching her every reaction to the story of those first hot kisses with her boy Nick, followed by the mutual cock rubbing, both through jeans and then unzipped, with hard flesh in hands.

I spent some time describing every moment of me having him kneel while I fucked his throat, and fisted his blond mane; how just yanking his jeans from his ass made me decide in the heat of the moment that I really needed to fuck him. She had one hand on her glass and one unseen. I wondered, but didn’t ask.

I told her how we slipped underneath the chair for safety, and ended up in a 69 with him on top before I took his hot butt for a wild, penetrating ride.

She half-panted one word “Stop.” Then, “Tell me again. The 69.” After which she closed her eyes, took a long sip with a shivering hand on the wine glass, and drank in the visuals I was feeding her.

She made some quiet sex noises that had me wondering again. This time, I knew. Her other hand was under her denim skirt and no doubt her panties were soaked.

Finally, I recounted the flip-over I did with her beau, how I cut his underwear off of him with my wine opener, and how I placed his face in the sand, raised his hips, and spit-lubed his willing anal ring for an all out balls-deep ass fucking, knowing that our time was short with the patrols in public. I made sure she knew how his long, tight ass’ canal felt wrapped about my cock, how deeply I drove into him as he opened to me, how he grunted and begged to be fucked harder, and how I jerked him off into the sand so that his orgasm would trip mine and we’d both cum hard and heavy.

I tried to describe how it felt to dump my whipped-up load that deep inside of Nick’s body, and I heard her actually whimper. When I told her of how he cleaned up my cock and lapped my cum from his asshole off of my fingers, and then kissed me with his filthy mouth, she shuddered visibly. She was on the edge right there at the bar.

I slid out from the side of the bar, and knowing that her body was sheltered from others’ peering eyes, I looked down, gently pulled her digging hand from between her thighs, and sucked her own cum from her fingers, letting her know it was the way Nick sucked my cock. “Just like that”, I punctuated.

"Holy fuck" she hissed again.

"Can I help?"


"They’re lost in their own world over there. Don’t worry." She peered over, as I swiftly knelt, pulled her hips to the edge of the chair and removed her panties.

"Besides, I owe you. I made your boyfriend cum last night. It’s only right that I even things up. Then you can decide if you want me for anything else."

I handed her her own panties and whispered that she could stuff them in her mouth if needed. The look on her face was incredulous, but she didn’t stop me as I parted her white thighs and moved in.

I buried my face and fingers in the sweetest sopping cunt I’d tasted in forever, and with her already near an edge, and the taboo of cumming in public like this, she was over the top in no time, and god did she gush all over my face. It was sooo fucking luscious and juicy. I didn’t stop until she’d ridden a few peaks and she did ball her panties up like a hanky in her hand and bite down on them until I was done.

I let her watch me lick up every last drop I could capture of her wet honey, then I mouthed the words “Be right back” as I scrambled behind the bar’s back wall to the sink in the kitchen, so I could wash the sex from my face. After all, I had an hour or two of my shift still to go, and anyone could wander in at any second. It had been a bit of a miracle that we got away with what I did.

As I returned to my perch behind the bar, I grinned wickedly at her and nodded to the balled-up panties in her fist. “You can put those back on now, if you’d like.” She blushed so very red and wiggled herself to get them back in place.

I teased her further. “I really wanted to kiss you with my face full of your sex, but that might have shocked the patrons. And possibly you.”

I heard an unmistakable “Unf” escape her throat. I had done what I could. The rest was now up to her.

I poured her another fresh glass and she sipped and eyed me as her mind went into some hungry places.

"Do you want to fuck Nick again?"

"More than you know.", I said honestly, "I definitely do, with your permission of course. Especially if you’re there, and/or in on it with us."

"Mmmm, good answer", she smirked. "How much do you want him? Enough to let me call the shots?"


She pondered that for another sip or three, then she whispered, “If you fuck as good as you eat pussy…”

I jumped in “Ask Nick”

"I did", she paused to drink that in. "You really have to… join us."

My cock nearly unzipped my jeans for me.

She added this proviso: “This first time, I need to call the shots. Until I tell you otherwise.  Nick is kinda in the shithouse for doing this without me. Again. I want to devise some “punishment” for the boy. Not sure just what yet. But you’d have to play along. And I have a feeling you’ll fucking love it.”

She knew me too well already. Then something else occurred to her. “Are you only a top or will you be taken too?”

All I said was, “I”m very… flexible.”

"Good," she purred. "I bought a new strap-on and I’m dying to give it a test drive. And since I told Nick he and I are not fucking until he makes this up to me…."

My grin told her I was game for almost anything.

Very quickly she made her first terms certain: “Not your place, mine. I know where the…toys are there, should I decide to use them. Tonight, you said to Nick?”

I nodded my yes.

She wrote her address down and handed to me with these word. “Nine sharp, please. Mollie’s rules tonight. We can negotiate the rest later.”

She rose to go, then she stopped and asked where that sink was behind the bar’s wall. I walked her back, and as soon as we were out of sight of the customers, she stopped me, dipped a finger into her still wet pussy, painted my lips with her juices and kissed me deeply.

"Thank you for the hot fucking orgasm in public. Damn, I can’t believe you did that right here. Mmfff, I loved that. That was a first." She smiled a very naughty smile that made my cock drip, then added,  "Wanna follow me down to the lifeguard’s chair?" She laughed.

She rubbed my crotch then stepped back and said with a teasing demand, “Show me. C’mon, show me what you put inside of my boyfriend’s hot little asshole.”

Already halfway hard, I unzipped and untucked, cock in hand.

"Fucking fuck, that’s perfect. Gimme."  She grabbed and stroked me to full tilt as she laid down the rules for the evening. 

"This and your ass are mine tonight to demand, whether it’s to use with me or Nick or both.  If you’re not okay with that, don’t show."

Once more, I smiled gently and said, “Trust me, I will be there.”

"Good answer", and she kissed me once more.

She knew that she needed to let go of my cock and leave, but she kept her grip on it and whispered. “I have half a mind to make you fuck my ass right here so I can go home and make Nick suck your load out of me for his first punishment.”

"I wish…" Is all I managed.

"Then again, we can do that later. He may have to watch.. or just listen. Hmmmm. Yes, later", she said as she pushed my hard-on back into my briefs and jeans. "Right after you do a little re-enactment with Nick of your night on the fucking beach!"

We re-entered the bar area very prim and proper-like. Mollie shook my hand and politely said “Nice to meet you…”  “Rob”, I filled in the blank. “Very nice to meet you, Rob. See you later then.”

"It was very nice to eat you too, Mollie", which made her knees almost buckle. 

"Fuck" she whispered, "Damn you, you’re just the right kind of dirty. But remember, I own your ass tonight! And this…" - she peered around, and then squeezed my balls hard through my jeans to give them a bit of an ache.

She had no idea how much I would ache for the rest of the day, knowing there was some filthy three-way bi bliss waiting for me tonight. I was so ready to be singing some new wicked tunes just for the three of us.