"Will you fuck him like you fuck me?" she asked her man in the purring dirty talk of their after-fuck-glow.

She was nudging him to further sift through the possible sexual litany of his newly awakened bi-male hungers. After the two had dared to orally grace another man’s cock together, the fever for more rose in them both exponentially.

"In what way, baby?" he asked as he kissed her forehead.

"You know, things like…" and she trailed off as her fingers unconsciously slipped into her already dripping cunt purse, and her other hand feather-petted his re-rising cock shaft.

"Things like…?" he pried.

"Like… making him beg for your cock the way you do me sometimes". She sighed softly as another of her slippery fingers stuffed her inner walls. 

"And…" she continued "..making him kneel; using his mouth, fucking his throat with your fist in his hair."  This one got to him and urged a bead of pre-cum to peak out of his swelling head’s slit as she stroked him steadily.

He knew the next suggestion was the one she was building up to and his body waited for the burning spark.

She nipped at his ear, painted his lips with his own pre-cum, kissed him, then whispered closely, “What I really want to see you do is fuck him off the ground the way you do me. Spread those amazing thighs of yours and lift and drop his tight little asshole onto your yummy cock. The two of you face to face, eye to eye, kissing and biting and grunting…would be So. Fucking. Hot. to see!”

With every word, she would stroke or nip or kiss him and he would return the groping, licking favors. By the end of the reveal, her own entire fist was trying to enter her ravenous cunt’s opening.

"I want to see you turn him into a rocking pile of begging jelly, like you do to me, then pound him against the wall until he claws at your back and sprays his built-up bucket of cum all over your tummy and chest.’

She was now straddling her man as they pawed one another, slipping her sopping, luscious cunt’s lips all along his shaft’s length, priming him for assault.

"If I could watch you do that, baby, I might never stop cumming." She moaned. "Do it to me now, please… and imagine you’re fucking him.”

She lubed his cock with the puddled insides of her pussy pool, then slid his vibrating cockhead to her tight little anal ring and began working down on him.

Once he was halfway into her stunning, wriggling rump, he needed no other goading.  He did just as she begged. levitating her off the ground on his spread thighs, lifting her and slamming her body all the way down to his cock’s breaching base. When she could manage words, she whispered more filthy suggestions like “You can feel his cock smearing precum all over your tummy. Fuck his asshole like you own it!! Cuz you fucking do!!”

He went wild, showing her in no uncertain terms that he would do just that. He would have no mercy on his first mancunt-breaching. When he pressed her to the wall, he slid his arms under her thighs to pry her apart, still imagining the man he would take just like this.

And once this ramped-up couple had both ripped into the whirlwind of shivering, slamming orgasms together, they soon found themselves crumpled in a panting, near-giggling, sticky heap on the floor.

The intensity was something that surprised them both, and there was no doubt that, when the male whose cock they had savored in unison, returned soon for a planned threesome night, he would indeed take him. Just. Like. That.

His greedy girl let his hot dirty cock slip from her rear’s sheath, then she slid down and licked its tip as she looked up at him. “One more thing.” she purred wickedly. “I get to clean you both up.”

And as she played show-and-tell on his messy meat, his eyes rolled back into his own carnal corner of heaven.

Nothing was going to stop this new dirty dream from cumming true. She had seen to that… brilliantly.


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