My email to you read:

"Darling Tess, 

I have to tell you about this stunning, hot, dirty dream I had last night. And yes, you were in it with me, big time. No doubt it came out of our talk about being free to do anything and everything we want, so that we could finally realize some of our deepest desires. Yeah, you know what those are.  I'm in town for the day, as you know. No doubt that's why I was dreaming of you. Can you meet me at the Villa Rosa Inn for coffee? You're not going to want to be at work when I tell you all of this."

With you arriving earlier than expected, as soon as we got settled, you begged me for every naked detail. I happily launched into my dream's filthy saga, trying not to leave anything out. And it was all I could do not to get lost in my own arousal, while watching every obscene pleasure register on your gorgeous face:

The first thing I remember was running to you, and grabbing your hands, looking around to see that we were alone. 

"Tess, I found it!" I said. 

 "Found what?", you asked.

"The portal!" 

Your eyes widened. You knew exactly what I meant.

"Are you sure?" you asked, before getting too excited.

"Oh, yes, I'm sure. It's the portal to a parallel universe, where you and I are both single, and we can do anything and everything we want. We can try on and test drive any filthy fantasy under the naked sun."

Next thing I knew I was grabbing your hand and pulling you through the portal into our new wanton wonderland. You must have had something special going on at work that day, because you were dressed incredibly sexy, black dress with a floral pattern, luscious pumps and sassy stockings. You looked good enough to eat. Once we got through to the other side, part of me wanted to push you immediately to the ground or against a tree, and just take you right there. 

But, we both knew what this was about. We didn't even have to talk about it. We were in synch on what we were there for, more than anything else; that thing we'd talked about again and again; the one scenario that excited us both relentlessly, and the one, it seemed , few if any of our friends or lovers ever wanted as much as we did. It was that unabashed, unbridled, full-on MMF fuckfest, where 'Yes, do it!' was the only answer. 

We walked down the pretty city street of this new dreamscape in mid-to-late afternoon. It looked and felt a bit like Santa Barbara or Aspen, or a mix of the two. 

No words had been spoken at this point, but as we neared a series of outdoor cafes, we took hands, and our pace quickened. We were quietly giddy, like we had decided to go window shopping together for a very special, very secret gift. And indeed we were doing just that. We were on the hunt for our third, for our other man: one delicious enough, open enough and horny enough to join us in every triple-bodied depravity we could concoct. As we eased into the busy block of eateries, our hands unconsciously cupped each other's anxious asses.

Then we saw him, and it was a miracle that he didn't notice us staring at him like two deer in the headlights. One look at each other, and we knew we were in total agreement. He was perfect for us. A bit younger, well dressed, but askew, rumpled, like he'd come from a big interview and was winding down while he hunted for other job possibilities. There was that other certain question that was lingering in the air, but somehow, we both instinctively knew the answer would be 'Yes'.

We grabbed a table near him, and watched for a bit, whispering to each other about things we wanted to do with him... and to him.  And just as we were planning our first contact, he stood up, as if to go. He smiled at us and asked if we'd watch his things while he went  inside to grab another coffee. We nodded, and savored the sight of him as he sauntered inside. You leaned in to me and commented that his loose clothing was masking a delicious body. I had kind of thought the same thing, but was less sure about what I saw. Of course, I completely trusted your take on him, because you'd been watching men a lot longer than I had.

When he returned, he thanked us, and we had a little exchange at our table. We could both feel the warmth that radiated from his full-lipped smile and his gray-blue eyes. He went back to his job search , and at the right moment, you went over to his table, had a quiet little chat with him, and left him a note to read. It was an invitation to join us for coffee... and a whole lot more, should he be interested. You left the details of the "whole lot more" on the other side of the paper, and we both grinned happily, when he took the bait and flipped the paper over to read its opposite leaf. Penned on the back was a simple invitation to a sexual threesome with us. It was followed by the question that, if he was interested in sex, would it be with one of us, or both?

When he looked over, you held up one finger, then two, with a quizzical look on your face, clearly awaiting his answer. He held up two fingers, and in no time, he was at our table. We'd found our heavenly erotic treasure, and his name was David.

The dream flashed forward to the hotel lobby we chose for our tryst. We waited quietly for the elevator door to close, and once it did, all three of us were slowly, but feverishly tasting each other's mouths, while grabbing and pawing at the others' hungry crotches and asses. This was clearly going to be a collision on wet fucking wildfire.

Inside the room, once the door shut, you took no time in letting us two men know that you wanted to watch us first, which came as no surprise to me. I pressed David to the nearest wall, and he and I began kissing, slowly at first, but deeply and with unflinching intensity. As kissing turned to nipping and taunting, we were soon pawing at each other, grinding hips, letting our cocks rise and rub one another through out clothing, and grabbing any intimate place we could reach. You settled yourself quietly, leaning against the wall next to us, your skirt partly up, your hands blatantly in your panties.

David and I began undressing each other,and in no time shirts were yanked open and hands were reaching in through belts and open flies and boxers, as we vied for handmade erections and nipple biting rights. As things heated up, you would now and then toss a piece of your clothing to the floor, with one hand digging into your soaking slit, as your other one would reach out to fondle and caress one of us wherever you could.

I spied a hook above the door, yanked David's necktie from his open dress shirt. I bound his wrists together and hooked them above his head there. I kissed him hard and then began to ease my tasting southward, nipping and licking him along the way. When I got to my knees, I yanked the rest of his clothes to his ankles, and his big, beautiful cock was in my face, firm and pulsing and already dripping. I looked over at you, as I held his cock up, and licked the entire length under his shaft, from base to tip. I took his cockhead and painted my lips with his pre-cum, then turned to kiss you. You lapped away at my mouth until I moved back to slather more of his pre-drip onto my lips, and before we kissed again, you smeared your own lips with your sweet cunt's honey flow. Once again, we feasted on each other's slippery mouths, then you nuzzled your cheek against his thigh, waiting for my cock-sucking show to begin.

And I gave you one. I shamelessly toyed with his thickened meat, popping the head in and out of my lips' grip, then pushing in to half-swallowed length, humming and licking, while stroking him tightly from the base. I could see you digging into your glistening pink folds, and pulling hard on one twisted nipple. I made sure your eyes were peeled on me, as I pushed my face onto his cock as far as my throat would allow, and you moaned right along with him, as I reached near full length. Then I felt your fingers lace into my hair, as I bobbed up and down on his cock, and soon I could feel you pushing me to go deeper, and take him past my gag reflex.

He nearly exploded into my face when I reached under to finger his ass, so I backed off a bit. We didn't want him to cum too soon, although we had no plans of letting him go for days, if we could help it. We let him settle a bit, then you slipped in front of me, offering me your perfect ass crack and your sopping wet, hot cunt to ride, while we shared the pleasures of devouring his ferocious cock. And God how I loved the feel of slow-fucking both of your luscious crevices, as we lapped and licked and sucked away, toying with him ever further. We looked at one another in a particular moment, and without words, we agreed it was time for more.

In no time, I had him bent over the bed's end, sliding my hungry cock up and down his taut ass cheeks, and dipping my fingers into your cunt alongside of yours, to slick them up. I needed some honeyed lube for his ass, and you were producing it in bucketfuls. I had three fingers spreading and fucking him, then I knelt to add my tongue to the mix. That sight alone had you opening your legs as far as you could, and as I looked up to watch you, I could see you trying your damnedest to fit your entire fist into your ravenous cunt walls.

When my fingers finally left his anal grip, and my cockhead pushed its way inside of him with a popping forceful drive, his head rose up towards you with a growl, and you grabbed his hair, then rolled your hips back in an attempt to get him to tongue-fuck your ass while your fist was still pressing inward. As his tongue began to lap away wherever it could reach, your fist exited your gushing insides and soon his face was buried there in its stead.

I rammed deeper and deeper into his ass, you were reining his hair and riding his scruffy face, and all three of us were on the cusp of a three way screaming eruption. I came hard and first, dumping a roaring load into his tight, rocking ass, and you followed swiftly after, drowning David in your wild rushing syrup.

The dream soon morphed (as they can) into an all day, all night, uninhibited trio romp. There was one sequence in which we were all fucking each other in that three-way pile up we've talked about, each taking turns being in the middle. I can still feel the echo of what it was like to be deep inside of you, fucking you furiously face to face, with him driving his thick cockrod  to balls deep, and emptying a gallon of warm seed into my willing asshole.

At one point I remember you slipping a plug into his ass after I had filled it with another huge load of cum, then we set to sucking his cock together, eventually fighting over his monster cumspray. We shared what we'd captured in hot kisses then we unplugged his ass, and took turns licking up my cum, as it leaked with a dirty promise from his deeply fucked rear. And of course we shared it with him as well, in the naked aftermath. And that led to a long, slow fondling shower, more hot play, then waking up with three sated bodies in a purring, morning tangle, only to launch into some new succulent savagery all over again.

"So....that was the dream. That's all I can remember. "

There was a long  silence when I was done with my dream's salacious narration, then I leaned into you.

"Tess, this was the hottest fucking dream I've have ever had. I was so hard and dripping when I woke, I had to masturbate right then and there... all over myself.... trying to remember and feel all of those things."

There was another paused, in which I could see you visibly flushed and rocking in your seat.

"So, what do you think? Tess?"

You leaned in close and whispered to me, "Fuck, Stephen, when I get up from here, I swear there will be a puddle on this seat."

Our eyes locked. We were both thinking the same thing, but were trying not to go there thoughtlessly. Finally you said softly, "You have a room here?"  I nodded. You grabbed my hand, just the way I had snagged yours in the dream, and you yanked me out of my chair.

"We need to go there", you insisted, "Now!".

We hit the elevator, but unlike the dream we were not alone. We moved behind the crowd, and you tried not to make a sound when I slipped a hand under your skirt and into your incredibly drenched panties.

When we got into the room, I closed the door, and turned to press you against the wall, just the way I did to David in the dream. We started tongue-fucking each other's throats, while grabbing at hips to rid them of anything that stood between us. My jeans were soon at my ankles, your skirt was up and your panties were shredded and tossed. I lifted you off the floor, pinning you to the wall, slipped my arms under your thighs, then drove my cock right to the back wall of your sweet raining cunt.

And just before I started pounding your pleading pussy to the I-beams, I bit your ear and whispered, "Now just imagine David fucking my ass while we do this."  You howled loudly, and drove your hips right back into mine. 

And as our rhythms started to jackhammer faster, you tried to answer back through the pummeling:

"We *slam* have to *thrust* find *slam* David..... "

Oh yes, we do. And we have to find that fucking portal.



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