Perfect Response


Gareth and I were in a semi-public place when he unzipped to show me his latest jewelry without warning.

We were joking about how some rock stars and celebs must put salamis in their jeans to affect a bulge for photo shoots.

He said quietly, “I like to use a cock ring when I want to be noticed.”

I smiled half-jokingly and said, “I wondered.”

"I’m serious. See?"

Yes, we had already talked a few times about testing out those hidden bi urges with our girls in an all-out foursome. And knowing from the carnal baring of secrets that he and I were on the same page about how it might go, made this moment as comfortable as seeing your buddy’s cock for the first time could possibly be.

This was nearly in mix of passers-by, so part of me had an urge to say, “Zip the fuck up. You’ll get arrested.”

But the sight of his half-erect beautiful cock with that gold ring glistening at its base was too damned tempting and I just kept staring.

I was almost afraid to ask. “Was that for me?”

He nodded that it was.

"Fuck. It’s….ummmm…"

"I thought you’d like it."

I unconsciously licked my lips and surprised myself in the doing. “Well, I’m not blowing you on the street corner.” We both laughed, and he began to zip up.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I stopped his movement and grabbed his thickness. Part of me wanted to kiss him. This was so not me, or not the person I usually had been. This was new. And I rather liked it all of a sudden. I liked it more and more with every nervous, shameless moment that passed.

I tugged him by the cock into a nearby parking structure and to an out of the way corner where no security cams could be focused.

"Ring need polishing?" I asked.

He moaned. I’d had no idea how much he’d wanted to do this with me. I thought to myself, ‘Well, just cuz the girls aren’t here… why wait? We can take pics for them, vids..’, and the thoughts vanished as did any sense of my prior propriety.

Before I knew it, he was full-on hard and dripping into my palm, and he’d unleashed my cock for his hands to study and ramp up. In no time, we dared the first kisses, slow and easy, then hot and deep, and that set fire to the pumping fists on the growing cock flesh.

We stopped to see what our surroundings would allow. It was clear we both wanted cocks in mouths. I moved first, and as I descended, I whispered to Gareth that he’ll owe me one, and to keep his phone handy. “The girls will want to see this.”

By some miracle, we both managed to devour and sate each other’s cock lust, sucking and stroking one another to muffled orgasms in a very public, albeit shaded corner of the garage, both swallowing what we’d never dared even taste before from another male. And in the mix, I made sure we had at least one final photo of Gareth and I trading my cum from his mouth in dirty kisses.

Best of all, we escaped without anyone’s notice, though the public display of man to man filth did add to the lewd heat between us.

There was a little of the telltale seed gloss on both sets of scruffy-faced lips as we wandered out of the structure and into a coffee shop to see if we could make sense of what we had just dared on a dirty whim.

We turned our attention to the pics, which were incredibly hot, a bit blurry here and there and just dark enough to not be sure who was in them. We plotted our reveal to our respective mates, and as we headed back to our cars in the lot, I couldn’t help but cup a firm hand on Gareth’s tight butt.

He turned to me as I raised an eyebrow and whispered “Yeah, I could fuck that.”

He looked about swiftly, then surprised me with another very public kiss, after which he quietly said, “We can fight over who fucks whose ass first.”

I smiled, thinking that that was the perfect response.

"The girls might have a say on the order of things", he added.

I laughed. “Are you fucking kidding me.  First they have to get over us doing this without them, though I know Meg will cream herself imagining this. Then, they’ll take bets on who pins who down first.”

This time, without even an outward lookabout, I pushed Gareth to his car, kissed him hard and took the reins, “I am dying to fuck your ass. And I get first dibs, since I sucked you off first. You tell Laurie that Meg and I are coming over tomorrow night for fucking sleepover playtime. And your ass is mine for all to see.”

I squeezed his ringed cock through his denims and heard him say in a startled gasp, “Mmmm, fuck. Okay.”

Once again, I thought, ‘Perfect response.”



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