I wasn't prepared that night for the way this lascivious event or anything resembling it came to happen. And I certainly never expected it to erupt in a public place, of all things. I had always quietly imagined that, if and when this occurred, my first full-on sexual contact with another male would most likely be instigated by alluring and savory, open-minded couple. We'd begin, he and I, by slowly easing into some encouraged mutual masturbation, soon peppered with deep kissing and harder stroking as the wife or girlfriend cheered us on. Then she would lay back moaning and fingering herself to a string of orgasms from the very sight of this mounting man-on-man dirty collision before her, assuming she could keep herself from diving into the fray with us. Eventually there would be some cocksucking 101 lessons, and if all went well, I would experience my first hard, man-ass ride, with me as the top, at least the first time; maybe later trying out the bottom. God knows, my ass loved a good pegging, so why not be a bit of a switch with men as well.

I mean, this all took place unwittingly at my gym, and the guy was someone I thought to be straight, one I had chatted with now and then. Maybe it was the nighttime hour and the emptiness of the place that set the mood, and dared me to consider it. The two of us in question just happened to have odd schedules that day in our separate worlds, busy lives that kept us from earlier visits. And for a good part of the workout time that evening, the place was relatively empty, save for one worker at her desk, buried in her phone. 

His name was Rory, young, married, quiet. He was tall and a bit lanky, but well put together. In years past, I would have just nodded now and then, or just said "Hi" when appropriate and left it at that. But in the last two years or so, my dirty mind had been evolving into the lush idea of opening myself up to every carnal corner that I could find. And now, with more and more encouragement from the women that surrounded me, I let my fantasies about a tryst with the right man run a bit wild, never knowing if I'd really go there.

Yes, I had imagined numerous scenarios with men in recent days; even wrote little stories about a few of them, and yes, masturbated to the visuals in my head at times.  But it was usually a scene with a woman voyeur present, if didn't take place in a blatant MMF no-holds-barred trio. I also began to discover photos of men that aroused me; not many, but definitely ones that stirred my cock to rise up and say, "Yes please, I would try this one in the flesh!" As my inner sexuality was blossoming in newer directions, so was the way I looked at certain men who I would encounter in the everyday world.

My brief chats with Rory were pretty much free from any sexual references, save for the one time we saw this very hot girl working out, and he whispered how he'd better hit the shower lest his hard-on become too obvious. I'd even met his lovely, young wife one afternoon at the gym, as they were there together - he for a workout, she for a yoga class. She was an off-beat pretty, fair-haired, softly curved beauty, and there was something distinctly different about her look and feel, something which was ultimately stirring. With that in our shared background, Rory was the last guy I thought I'd find myself in a lip and cock lock with. But lock and tangle and more, we did. That night. In the gym. In the locker room. In the shower. And though I was hardly prepared for this, it turned out to be one of the more orgasmic adventures I'd had in ages. It was simply, fucking spectacular!

The locker room was, of course, as empty as the gym that night, save for us two and maybe one other. Rory and I hit the lockers in relatively similar timing. He, however, went right for the shower, and I tended to shower at home. I did a little wash-up in the sink and was tugging my jeans on in the main area, when Rory stepped out of the shower, toweling off. He tossed the towel and stood naked in front of his locker, hunting for a brush or God knows what. And for the first time in the flesh, I couldn't take my eyes away from his body. Not an Adonis, but in his way, beautifully attractive. He was not overly worked-out, but he was well formed top to toe; hairy enough to be masculine, but not a gorilla; a small and very taut, delicious ass begging for breach; and his cock - well, he must have been soaping it up for a while, because it was fairly full, and looked like it was just then coming down from a gorgeous erection.

I had no idea that I was staring in his direction, when I heard him speak quietly. "Like what you see?"

I'm sure I went red, and half-stuttered my reply, "Sorry, I was just... daydreaming, not staring."

There was a long crackling silence, during which he continued to fish in his locker for something, still stark naked, and if my side glance was not deceiving me, his cock was getting hard again.

He finally broke the ice gently. "It's okay... the staring. I recognize that look. I've done that a few times myself... especially when I was considering trying men... sexually, that is."

Another very thick silence hummed in the dank air. "Have you?" I asked, those two words the only ones I could manage.

"I have. Not often, but... I liked it. One time, I liked it a lot. The others, just the wrong guys, I guess."

Part of me was relieved that I hadn't pissed off a good guy with my perverse fantasies. The other part of me was incredibly turned on by the possibility dangling before me, both literally and figuratively, but I quickly reined that back in as I reminded myself,  "That doesn't mean he necessarily wants you."

"Is it secret?" I asked softly, "Or does your wife..."

He smiled at me. "No, Alice and I have shared partners. Girls and guys. Mostly girls though. I'm telling you, that is fucking hot!"

"And... why not more guys? She's less into that?" I queried cautiously.

"No, God, she LOVES the idea. So far, it was just the wrong ones, as I said. The only one that held some promise moved out of the area."

"Nice that you both are into that, and so open to both sexes." I tried to toss off casually.

"It is, Rob. We don't think of ourselves as bi. Labels are useless. We're just adventurous. You wouldn't believe some of the crazy shit we've tried."

Another electric pause burned the air as my mind raced to imagine what those things could possibly be. I was about to ask Rory what kinks they were into, but I retreated into myself a bit, if nothing else just to calm down. All I could think was - Damn, a hot kinky couple, and a guy who's more straight, but has guys now and then; a male I actually find attractive, naked and in front of me, and not an asshole. I was silently checking off the  "Yes, please" mental list in my greedy, horny mind. 

"Let me guess" Rory said. "You've been considering men for some time now, but don't know how to get there, right?"

I was startled by his highly accurate read of me. All I could do is nod my assent.

"Mmmmm" went the hum from his throat, as he considered his next words. "Been there. Exactly where you are, Rob. Wished someone would have opened the door for me."

I had no retort as I looked at him, both at his fit form and his obvious revamped erection. He locked eyes with me for a short study of my balance on the sexual perch, then peered at the door, and back to me, saying quietly,

"Just try it. With me, if you like. My cock doesn't stand up this way for just anyone."

Then he quickly added, "If it doesn't feel right to go there, no problem. I'm just opening a door for you... like I wanted when I was in your space about it. And honestly, I'd like to try it again too.. with you."

I was assuredly beet red anew, and I could tell that his was not the only cock now reaching full tilt.

He smiled again, with a mouth that I had the sudden urge to taste, and said calmly, "No is an okay answer. And if you say yes, and don't like it, we don't have to go there again. You're a very attractive man, Rob. Even Alice thought you had a really good, enticing energy about you... as well as as 'yummy body', I think she said."

My cock was straining at my jeans. I thought if he invited me to his house to join he and Alice next, I might just cum right there in my pants. And to think they'd already discussed me, I could only wonder in what kink-laced terms. I wanted it all to happen yesterday!

Rory's voice shifted in tone to something deeply inviting. "If you want a taste, I'm right here."

I wasn't prepared for that. "Here... now?" 

"No one's around. And if we go into the shower area, we'll hear if someone enters, and we can just jump into the water. Wanna?"

He could see clearly that I did. He walked towards me, his cock's tip touching my jeans. 

"If we're hitting the shower, you should take those off", he hummed as he undid my top button.

He stopped to be sure I was okay going forward, and softly said "Shall we?"

In that moment, I realized that this was what I had been dreaming of for some time. It was the right man with the right sensibilities, a hot body and aware enough of the newness to let me take it at my own pace. The location scared me, but at the same time, it added some extra kerosene to the fire. If I was doing this, I was not going to hold back

All I said, was a very clear, "Yes." And as he tugged at my zipper, I pulled his face in and tasted that full-lipped, scruffy mouth of his. My fingers unconsciously laced into his wet hair and his hands tugged hard at my waist, baring my all.  His fist wrapped around my near full cockrise, and I then grabbed his in a mirrored grip, as I kicked my jeans to the bench.

There was a shivering heat that took us both in that moment, and he was as surprised as I was at my determination not to hold back at all. I even pushed him to the wall and we ground our hips against one another, as we kissed and bit at mouths and lips, and fingered and grabbed at each other's flexing asses. Then there was a noise just outside the door, and we nodded that it was time to go pretend that we were showering.

We quietly walked in and I turned on one shower, but did not enter it, as Rory placed some towels and his phone out of reach of the spray. This time, he gently pushed me to the tiled wall and began kissing down my chest. I knew where he was going, and my eyes closed as I unconsciously let out a sweet dirty hum. He didn't have to ask me if I wanted it. In no time, his lush lips were wrapped around and suckling my cockhead, and his strong hand was easily stroking me while letting his fingers pulse along the shaft like he was playing scales on a piano. Without a thought, my hand was back in his wet hair, and my hips were arching into his face with a plea for him to just fucking swallow me whole. 

At one point, I looked down as he was looking up at me with a mouthful of my thickened meat in his face. We locked gazes for a moment, and I breathily said "That is so fucking....Yes, please!" And with that, he shoved the back of his throat to my balls, and I helped to push him there. It's a miracle I didn't just explode in his mouth right then, but when he could feel me nearing release, he pulled off of me, yet continued the finessed fondling of my shaft and balls. He slid up an kissed me with his warm lips smeared in my precum, and seductively said,

"Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"No, I promise you." I answered as we shared more dirty kissing. "I guess I'm just really fucking ready for this, and not interested in being tentative about it."

Rory grabbed my cock hard and said, "That's what's been missing for me before. The guys I've met and tried this with were all such pussies about it. I fucking love that you're not...already!! Jesus, Rob, I can already imagine you fucking my brains out through my ass, the way I've wanted someone to do it!  God, Alice would cum so hard watching us!!"

I was waiting for the invitation to his house as I bit his ear and said, 

"I can't wait to take your tight ass for a ride. I can just imagine watching Alice watch us go at it." And to punctuate my greed, I pushed a wet finger into his tight hole. 

"Do it. Here. Now. In the shower. I'd fucking love it!!", he said, not flinching for even a moment.

Once again, I was stunned. Not only was I about to possibly have at a hot, like-minded male, but in a place where we could be caught at any moment. And the vision of my cock buried deep in his ass, in public, suddenly sent me into furious hunger for it. All I could think was a phrase I had written once before in a story, "In for a penny, in for a pounding."

He saw my thoughts splash across my face and I heard a quiet "Fuck" uttered from under my own breath. He knew exactly what it meant. He'd been me before.

He pushed me into the hot spray, took a moment to do something on his phone, then moved into the wet heat with me. We dove tongue-first into one another's throats, as both of us instinctively held our rock and flesh cocks together, hands wrapped, riding the other's shaft. I reached back to toy with his ass again, then I stopped. "Wait. No lube. Don't we need...?"

He didn't miss a beat. "Soap. Trust me. Do it."

Had my adrenaline not been on overdrive, I might have given his ass a tongue lashing first, but Rory seemed to love the soap-slickened, triple finger fuck he was getting in the filthy steam. I finally turned him to face the wall, pulled his hips back, and kicked his legs apart, like I have done with women I've taken in this position. I could hear him under his breath grunting, "Fucking perfect."

I barely noticed that the shower curtain was open as I knelt and sucked lavishly on his balls, while my fingers pushed towards knuckles-deep to ready his ass for my now ravenous cock. We both froze suddenly, as we heard the patter of feet near the sinks, but Rory impatiently reached one arm back to open his ass cheeks and nodded the go-ahead. I was too ready to stop anyway and he fucking well knew it.

Rory's ass was one of the tightest small butts I'd seen on a guy, and when he was spread like that, with his beautiful glistening cock dripping with running water and steaming lust, all I wanted was to be buried balls deep inside of that taut little perfect pucker. I lathered up my shaft, applying some extra slippery soaping to my intruder's  mushroomed head, and nuzzled right up to his anal ring. Before the first push, I reached down and teased him, squeezing his balls and giving his shaft a royal stroking. Then, without warning, I grabbed his hips and popped my cockhead into his welcoming hole, and shoved my completely rigid shaft almost a third of the way in with one thrust.

Rory growled loudly as I righted my carnal equilibrium, registering that I was inside another man's ass for the first time, and it felt fucking amazing. I began to rock until we heard a voice call in "Are you okay in there?"

We held our collective breaths again, until Rory hollered out "Oh yeah, feeling great. This water feels amazing after a workout!!"

"Sure does..." was the fading reply, as the would-be voyeur left the locker room, but not before hearing Rory masking his ass-fucked grunts as showering bliss. There was something wonderfully vulgar and incredibly arousing about having a stranger hear our lewd sex noises as I was ramming my determined cock past halfway into Rory's stellar gripping bottom.

I noticed now and then, that Rory's face would turn to the outside as he took more and more of my cock inside of him. And he continued to let me know how much he was loving it with all of the virile sounds he made; the ones that also ramped up my man-fuck fever, At one point, just as I rocketed myself full length into his ass and rolled my hips on his rump, he growled, "Oh my fucking god yes, don't stop!!" And his look to the towels made me realize his phone was most likely on video mode.

I stopped and vise gripped his balls. "Are you video-ing this?"

"NO NO....! It's not video."

"What then?" and as pissed as I was in the moment, I could not stop rolling my hips and shoving my cock even deeper into his ass.

"I put it on private Face Time to Alice. I don't even know if she's there. I just know she would give her left nipple to be here watching us."

I pulled out of him, and walked out to look at his phone. There I stood naked, hard and dripping in the shower's hallway, my cock covered in soap and luscious ass. He was telling the truth about the Face Time, which suddenly felt like a very hot idea. And I decided in the moment to leave it on for her, knowing that the steam would mostly blot out any identities, should he ever dare to share this elsewhere.

I walked back in and rubbed my entire length on his ass crack, and quietly said "You and Alice owe me now."

Rory, still bent over and panting, said, "Anything you want, Rob. It's yours."

"I want you both for starters."

"Are you fucking kidding me? If you don't come over and join us, we'll kidnap you anyway."

"And what do you want, Rory? What shall we show your hot little wife?"

"Please just fuck me and finish!", he cried in a half-whimper.

There was something delicious about having one up on them both. I stepped back and smirked, 

"I wonder if she'd like to see this?" and I spanked his ass hard, then moved to his balls and cock. His body was arching and silently pleading to be fucked.

I pulled him up and swung him around to face me, then smiled at him. "Well, if we're going to give Alice a show, how about this?"

Without warning, I slid down, pushed my arms between his thighs and lifted him up off the shower floor, pinning him to the wet tiles as I spread him wider than he'd ever been. "Holy fuck" he gasped, having never been manhandled like this. 

"Shut up, I was a dancer, I know how. Now guide me in, babe. I want to show Alice how I like to fuck. Maybe she'll want some of this too".

As I pushed upward, re-filling Rory's hungry ass, he moaned, "Are you kidding, she'd fucking pay you for this!"

As I anchored my feet in the right stance, and lowered the suckling canal of Rory's anus around my near to bursting cock, my rhythms for a rise to explosion began, and I leaned forward and bit his nipples both, as I began to fuck him with ramrod savagery.

He was moaning and tugging at my hair and shoulders, losing himself in something that neither of us had ever done.

"Alice likes men kissing right??" I growled.  Rory nodded vigorously.

"Kiss me, my wall fuck boy!" and we dove into each other's faces with the same ferocity that my sperm was mounting for a fathoms deep release into his rear. The idea of his wife watching in real time fueled us both, and soon the fuse was lit, and my final trigger tripped. 

I leaned back and roared, with nary a thought to listeners or watchers, as I unloaded a gallon of pumpseed into this willing man, and our roaring groans soon matched in pace and heat and intensity.

As we both caught our breaths in the cooling waters, Rory kissed me once more and smiled. "You sure you've never done this?"

"With a woman only, Rory" I purred. "But now I can say I have tasted and mounted man." I took a studied pause. "And I fucking loved it."

I slid out from inside him, more because of holding his weight up, though I would have loved to stay buried in there for a brief eternity. We also agreed it was time to get out of the soon to be very cold water. As we stepped out, his cock was so swollen, I thought one touch could set him off. I put a soft hand around it and said, 

"Storing up for the winter??" His eyes rolling back was all he need say.

I whispered as I looked at his phone, "Looks like your battery died. Don't move."

I returned with my phone and clicked on the Vine app. 

"Let's just give Alice a tease. And you can tell your hot wife that she will have to bargain with me to see it.

Rory hissed a long "Fuck, Yessssss..."

He was so right on the edge, that it wasn't going to take much. I knelt right there outside the shower, wrapped my lips around his tender, overfilled shaft, and began to play with his cock, shallow to deep and back; licking the undervein, tasting the precum, then shoving my novice throat down on him as deep as I could. And every now and then I'd let the Vine app catch a snippet of filthy action.

When his hand met the back of my head, I knew he was about to erupt. I tightened my lips on him, in an effort to take as much as I could, and when he unloaded across my tongue, it seemed like it might go on for fucking ever. No doubt the Vine clips shook, but who the fuck cared at this point? I was being filled with Rory's still spurting seed and he was half crying, rocking into me and whispering my name like any female lover I'd just graced with a monstrous orgasm.

I finally stood up in front of him, and with my phone perched for the capture, I licked the circumference of his opened, panting mouth with a very gooey, cum-washed tongue tip. Then I intently bared my open, cum-filled mouth to the cam, just before shoving my creamed tongue deep into Rory's face.

I put the phone down and savored the last of our dirty kissing, just he and I, wrapped body to body. hands grappling asses, while our cocks nuzzled. It was one of the more scintillating, erotic moments I had experienced to date.

When we both could breathe again, Rory said, 

"Alice is going to be cumming all night from this, you know."

I reminded him, "She'll have to call me and beg for that last bit, just remember."

He laughed. "I LOVE IT!"

We kissed and shared his cum a little longer, and when another pair of feet stepped into the locker room, we silently nodded to each other it was time to go. He took my phone and punched his number into it. I whispered that I'd call him soon, and was looking forward to hearing back from both he and Alice.

We parted ways under suspicious eyes, but I couldn't help stopping him in the parking lot to kiss him once more, especially with my mouth still coated in his sex.

"More soon?" I asked

"Very!" he smiled, as he stroked my crotch once more.

Next day I got a text from Alice:

"Heard you have something for me. Will give ANYTHING to see it. Think about what you want."

I texted back. "Well I want you both, but..."

Her reply, "That's a done deal already. Think about what else. Then send me the Vine, pretty fucking please with a cum soaked cherry on top."

Then she texted a shot of her naked and straddling Rory's face, with her gorgeous, post-orgasm, sopping wet cunt smothering him.

I was drooling already, from my mouth and my cockhead, from the idea of having them both together. I shot her back a text that said I was thinking about what I wanted and would tell her when I saw her next. Then I sent her a link to the private page I had set up that housed the dirty Vine snippets I took of her husband and I.

Soon, came a brief series of texts to me, all from Alice's phone, within 20 minutes of the snippet sharing:

"Holy. Fucking. Fuck!!!!"

"Came twice to that already. More when Rory described it."

"Get your hot ass here Saturday night, Rob. Address to follow. We'll all be fucking each other until the cows come home. And trust me, there are no cows. - R & A"



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